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25 Dec 2004 @ 21:11, by Lucas Gonzalez

Krystle of replied to an idea of mine which in turn had been sparked off by her latest (monthly) newsletter ... which sort of compells me to develop it further.

In her analysis, if we want to change things in the environmentalist direction, we might take
the integrationist approach (changing the system from within, primarily through political means) [...], the separationist approach (do our own thing. [...] start taking care of ourselves and stop waiting for them to come around.), and the transformationist approach (What if instead of doing the above, environmentalists focused instead on [gasp] getting rich?)

She does a good job of explaining the three aproaches, what she likes about each, and what she sees as not working too well.

It's quite clear that each bad point of each approach can be used as a starting point to improve it - right? Yeah, doing that means work but it may be useful, so let's try it ...

The "transformationist" approach may be a bit slow, most of us will not make it, and the system may change us before we can get to do anything useful. So we might focus on existing rich people and try to help them change their minds a bit. We may even have to marry them!

So what Krystle suggests is we could make a movie with that plot: an environmental good-looking person who believes that's a way to change things and ... develop the plot here. Any takers? Credit her for the idea, please! And make the movie real FAST! :-)

So let's see if it could be done ... There's this Daniel Quinn story about the effect of changing ONE mind. I don't know about Ray Anderson's marital status, but apparently he didn't have to marry Daniel Quinn at all: it took only a couple of books (one of them by DQ) to shift into doing things quite differently.

Notice I write "shift into". It's not a complete change of mind, I guess. There has to be some level of predisposition. Then that person "shifts gear" and all of a sudden starts moving really fast in some hopefully better direction.

Now, how do we "measure" that predisposition? We should focus on someone we know, or someone who is only a few "degrees of separation" away from us. We would then learn what their motivation is, really listen to what they don't say, and suggest better ways.

Mind you, it's not necessary that we approach VERY rich people. It may be our local shoe-shop owner. If many of us do it, tell each other, and learn from the action ... who knows?

Michael Moore would probably say "adopt a Republican". Where I live labels are different and I don't really know about politics or it's more like I don't believe it would take us extremely far, but, hey, let's "adopt an enterpreuner". Any links of someone who is close to this idea?

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25 Dec 2004 @ 21:42 by bushman : Hmm
Cool :} I fall under the transitionalist point of view, it's how I do my work. I only work for people who have money to burn. I take thier money and spend it with-in my local community. All the while showing them, that if they spend the money on good quality product, that they save resorces and the returns are greater in the long run, almost got my boss softened up to suplimenting the energy cost with the new solar equipment out. And the new small sized wind units are cool, quiet, and efficiant, easy to camofage into a landscape.  

25 Dec 2004 @ 22:23 by lugon @ : small sized wind units
Yes, I want to learn about "small sized wind units"! I believe they can ... play a good role. I was tempted to say "they are the solution", but clearly there's no ONE solution.

I'm no expert, but I tend to believe that "small sized units" may be less efficient but more adaptable and, so I think I read, waste less because energy doesn't have to travel too far.

Thanks for your link!  

25 Dec 2004 @ 22:49 by lugon @ : small sized wind units  

25 Dec 2004 @ 23:58 by jmarc : Trading places
I've mentioned to a couple around here my intention of taking down the (R) from in front of my name and replacing it with a (D) and have suggested that they do the same. Given the polarity of positions in USA, it may be a good way of assimilating each others views, and getting a chance of being taken more seriously, without being blindly attacked simply for The letter in front of it. Changing things from the inside. Yes. Imagine if we all did that, or simply removed the letters completely, we could maybe start to really see the people and not the demons we think they represent.  

26 Dec 2004 @ 14:45 by spiritseek : what about a C
C would stand for community,co-operation,co-intelligence etc.  

26 Dec 2004 @ 22:08 by lugon @ : marry - whom?
Don't waste time with people who want to argue. They'll keep you immobilized forever. Look for people who are already open to something new.

Beyond Civilization by Daniel Quinn {link:|} (reload the page several times for different quotes)  

26 Dec 2004 @ 23:30 by astrid : Great Idea....

Lugon, I know you are on to something BIG here!  

27 Dec 2004 @ 09:40 by lugon @ : film script writer?
Is there a film script writer at NCN or near? I'd love to try this idea out!  

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