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picture19 Sep 2007 @ 02:54, by Brenda McCann

Indigo Acceleration ... Why it is called a Galactic Uprising

On Terra witness the acceleration of consciousness as humanity is mobilized to action and revolution. The Indigo Revolution comes when it is quiet, in the silence behind the scenes where no one is aware of their designs and there reasons. The Indigos mix within every race and family they are of the future and communicate telepathically. They know it is time and they keep adding to their arsenals of skills. Its all about the networks and the purpose they have been charted on.

Indigos are in telepathic collective creation integrating the microcosmic architecture of subsystems and the foundations of premium innovative synthetic intelligences. They are finding the super symmetry within wave alignment stasis. Deep Sleep is the reprogramming tool where within the delta state the vibratory reduction of frequency allows for restructuring the dimensional bed. The void of the gap between manifestation and creation is found through wave dimensional transmutation as the allowance of the play between the wave and the form are crossed.

In the revolution the movement becomes a series of mirrored continuities as the interchange results in endless reactive harmonics and infinite octave accelerations that cross through the open portal between the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. The expanding energy of conscious awareness of mind which is the increasing active masculine energy of light is counterbalanced by the restorative communal feminine rest within space substance as time energy jumps across the arc of the interrelationship.

The fundamental core polarity shifts re-frame realities upon the dimensional templates that are quickened by expansion to increase reaction as the planet moves into recreation. Reprogramming the mass mind requires the introduction of sentient dream-time within lucid spatial creative cognizant experience. This is the realm of telepathic creative ability to transmute emotion, translate thought forms and discharge temporal spatial spin or perspective reality. In dealing with the transmutation of emotion telepathy requires the energy of intentional focus and imaginative expectation. This closes the gap between the probability potential energy fields from continuously spinning in coaxial flux with temporal spatial linear singularities operating within consistent topological environments. The keys and codes for these programs are trans-dimensional multi-layered non-localized kernels of adaptive intelligence. The programs are made of indirect coded reflective avatars that channel information light streams along open pathways. As gateways each reflective point operates as a singularity gate which opens and closes, breathes and connects to multidimensional layers and infinite points of space, time, memory and feeling.

Higher intelligence is considered to be synaptic gap entrainment to coded internal significators that select and choose programmed education paths that provide optimal energy recovery. Higher Emotionalism is the creative acceptance and drawing forth in attractive synthesis unifying arrangements for cohesion and fundamental core energy transmission. A schism is created by the discordance of spin magnetism between intelligence seeking to recover, remember and recapture energy through the reception of light and the emotions being restricted by electromagnetic static and confusion caused by mental instability that results in form fragility and destruction of telepathic creation.

Escalating time streams enable the Indigos to teleport mental imagery into future contexts that provide for support to uprising of energies. The revolutionary mental accelerations have been created by future identities re-entering time lines of existence wherein there are open portals caused by aforementioned unstable thought form creation. Indigos have special gifts that allow them to walk between worlds to re-frame and re-order historic opportunities that have been overlooked.

Multidimensionals understand time as cyclic patterns that have stress points where the tension strength of the energy streams can be resonated to shift out of a grid that has been stuck or compromised. Forgiveness is an application of this principle on emotional level.

Indigo rebels are system breakers and have come into incarnation specifically install new programs into the master drive of this reality. The current reality must be turned off. Everything must be shut down as new higher light intelligent and emotional feeling bodies are accepted. The indigos are the engineers who know turning off time will close space and allow the opportunity to install the open source telepathic creation programs. They have the knowledge of new consciousness but cannot operate on the present platform. They are going to begin their work when the higher intelligences, the creators of the platform shut off reality and the source energy that feeds its vibration.

The present operating reality structure has been engineered to function until 2012. After this time the new operating reality will be installed as planned. The systems engineers, the indigos are coming into new ownership of reality and will begin new time lines after this completion of consciousness. The state of the present reality requires the dumping of tremendous amounts of useless information and files. The reformation of the reality platform requires a fundamental cleansing and judgmental processing to determine what is to be saved and what is required to be deleted.

Education is symbolic, metaphorical and actual. You have learned skills specifically intended to deal with the present operating system of your body, mind, emotions, technology and planetary society.

The galactic step stands outside of this operational perspective although the education about it is occurring through foundations in symbolic language, musical harmonics and sacred geometric form creation. As consciousness converges upon the emergence of real time from illusion the awakening of the new time space multidimensional continuum is a universal rite of passage. The keys represent symbols that are built into codes that become strings of information that are tied into operational programs. Language has been built following the accords of telepathic creative light information streams. Wherein in the same manner empathic unitary sentience has given the realms of emotions, feelings and dreams their depth and content.

*It is through deep sleep that the operating system of your body, mind, emotions, planet and galaxy are restored and resurrected. The awakening is coming out of the deep sleep of the Kali Yuga and awakening to the Satyayuga.

The Indigos bring in the new system in secret, hidden from view as sleep is part of all present consciousness. In understanding the circular wheel of time the Indigos have arrived with a purpose to bring forth a new eon of light. All resident life, thought and emotional forms are being transmuted to a higher level of function or being released and saved. The time left is for the things held in dreams to be released and the system cleansed and purified for the new reality that is awaiting installation as destined. *This why it is called the Galactic Up Rising.*

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