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16 Oct 2005 @ 13:58, by Enocia Joseph

Aren't we, humans, clever making up rules as we go along? You can't just receive all good, you have to make sure that what you are asking to receive is also for the good of everyone, or you won't receive it. This is part of the human guilt-trip; I'm afraid to have fun in case someone else isn't. As there is only the One Infinite Intelligence and Love in all, can the One be infinite love in you while being infinite misery in another? Of course not. Of course if you believe in different powers then it is understandable that one power would want joy for one and ignoring another's needs. I believe in the One Power, Intelligence, Love, and Wisdom in all.

Because I understand there is only the One in All who wants the best for all concerned, I don't have to think about how the process works, nor do I have to consciously ask for the One's will to be done. All I have to do is receive what is present.

Instead of focusing on the way Infinite Intelligence gives to all, we have got busy creating our own system of exchange: I give to you, you give me something in exchange. As no one knows exactly what an exchange is worth, we are playing guessing games, which is never consistent. There is even a belief that what you give to another is multiplied hundredfold (or whatever amount). This is a human construct, of course, and has nothing to do with Infinite Intelligence. Why would the Infinite impose a limit as to how much He can give?

There is no such thing as exchange in Infinite Intelligence. There is only the one Intelligence in all who always wants the best for everyone. He wants you to always be in health, be joyful, at peace, happy, successful and have whatever brings you joy.

Another way we distract ourselves from reality is the way we try to bargain with Infinite Intelligence. I'll do my part trying to understand truth and you do yours. If I tithe to you, I expect something in return.

Trying hard to get what I deserve in exchange for all my good work is meaningless. I know there is only One Infinite Intelligence in all that is infinite health, love, peace, joy, wisdom, and all good. I do not think about what I need to have done in preparation. I don't put any limits as to how much I should receive. I don't think about my poor suffering brothers and sisters who I should also pray for to receive. I know it is a done deal, that the Infinite Intelligence works for the good of all. All I have to do is receive all Good forever more.

Two weeks ago I met a friend I'd thought of the day before. She invited me to her calligraphy exhibition. On the brochure she gave me, I noticed a photographic exhibition about 1000 faces of people who work, live and visit the local town. A few days later while I was in the town's shopping centre, I saw some photographs being displayed for the same exhibition. I thought they were brilliant and stopped to admire the participants' faces.

A few days ago I said to a friend, I correspond with by email, that I would love to send him a picture but I don't usually take photographs. I said when I have one taken, I'll send him a copy.

Yesterday while I was in the same town, I went into the shopping centre to use their toilets. I noticed the photographs were still on display. A man approached me. He said I had striking features and he wanted to take my picture. He turned out to be the man behind the exhibition. He said he'd taken over 500 pictures and was still looking for more faces. After humming and ha-ing, I agreed to be part of the exhibition. He took about 15 shots and together we decided which one he should use. It came out really well. I can't wait to see my picture in full size, plus I'll have a nice professional picture I could send my friend.

By agreeing to participate in the photographer's exhibition, I was giving to myself by having a beautiful professional photograph; I was giving to the photographer to help fulfil his dream; and I was giving to the local residents and many others who are going to enjoy the exhibition. This is Infinite Intelligence in action; give to one and everyone benefits.

There is nothing I have to do in exchange for the Infinite Good that already exists. All I have to do is say "Yes!"




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