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7 Apr 2007 @ 11:49, by Enocia Joseph

While I was taking a walk, I noticed a fair at the other side of the park. I stopped and watched people on the fair rides. One ride was shaped like a boat that swung round until it turned upside down. It reminded me of a ride I went on years ago at Margate called "Mary Rose." I could hear people screeching inside.

Another ride swung from side to side then went as high as the top of the trees. I noticed a boy was eating a sandwich during the ride. What a cool cat!

Before I ever went on a roller coaster ride, the thought of going on one used to make me quake with fear. I gradually worked my way up to them. I started off with the carousels, then the Giant Ferris Wheel, the mini-roller coasters and then the actual roller coasters. Each ride felt like I was on an evolutionary path of fear. Once I'd conquered one ride I would progress to another more terrifying ride, or so it felt like at the time. I would always swear to never go on another ride until the next time. I remember when I first went on the "Mary Rose" at Margate, which is based on the ship of the same name. When the ship turned upside down I was screeching my head off. I soon got bored of it and looked forward to a more thrilling ride.

Of all the rides I've been on, one ride that gave me the willies was Nemesis at Alton Towers, which is a kind of roller coaster with your feet hanging out. It felt like the longest minute of my life. I'm sure I had a near death experience and even went through a life-review during that ride. When the ride finished I vowed I would never put myself through such terror. For once I stuck to my vow. Besides, the queue for that ride was way too long for me to have another go anyway.

As I watched the rides at the fair I could see that the reason why the boy was eating his sandwich while being tossed about on the ride was because he was now immune to it. He has evolved to a new species that needs more thrills.

This message goes out to designers of roller coasters. Modern humans need more challenging rides. Dare you rise to the challenge?


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7 Apr 2007 @ 20:03 by bushman : lol,
Ya, we had taken my daughter to 6 flags magic mountain, cause they put in this new coaster called Viper, my kid was so scared, but we decided to make her go on the scaryest ride first, she was tall for her age of 4, after that, all the other rides were boring to her. But man you could see the terror in her eyes, on the way up to the top she was trying to get out, and then they have cams all around so you can buy your pic on the ride, we had to buy all 8 pics, lol. Now my kid has no fear. She had fallen into this raging river once, and stayed in control, and saved herself. What was really cool is I never had to worry about her when she was out and about, so its true, kids need an E ticket ride, or they become whimps.  

10 Apr 2007 @ 09:52 by vector8 : Haha, I love your daughter!
Yeah kids have no fear, it's all a game anyway. I reckon your daughter will love {link:|The London Dungeon}. There is a sign outside that reads: "Enter at your peril!" The London Dungeon staff, probably actors, have their faces painted up to look gruesome. Eeeek!


Love EJ  

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