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picture 14 May 2006 @ 16:09, by Silvia M.S

The sunny weather today has driven me to go to the beach for the first time in the year, to enjoy this beautiful spring day close to the sea. I went to Perlora, a village on the Asturias coast, with green meadows and several small beaches.

Here are some photos to bring you the essence of this area in Northern Spain, and a bit of fresh breeze for those of you who live far from the sea :-)

A day at the beach

Sand caressing my feet,
gulls in the sky,
the rumour of the sea,
the smell of the grass.

Fresh breeze blowing around,
water reflecting the light,
waves come and leave...
A great day at the beach!

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14 May 2006 @ 16:19 by jstarrs : Thank you!
Somehow, I think the Atlantic sea is a little too cold to swim in this time of the year, right?

Cold in this time of the year?? Nahhhh...
It's ALWAYS cold! :-)
Anyway, here we have the Cantabric sea, that is not as freezing as the Atlantic ocean, but still pretty cold. I've enjoyed very much feeling the freshness of sea water on my feet, so revitalizing!! :-)  

14 May 2006 @ 16:59 by judih : ah, yeah
a very good friend just suggested i venture to the beach. What could be a more glorious cleanse to the mind and heart than the fresh sea air and the soothing sounds of waves and interspersed silence.

My beach is still in my mind - it's been a long time since i've walked the sandy shore.
so, thank you silvia!

beautiful photos and a wonderful poem celebrates the experience for us all.

I hope you will be able to go to a real beach soon! But at least now you have a virtual one ;-)
I came back home a few hours ago, but I'm still flowing with the breeze...  

14 May 2006 @ 17:04 by swanny : At the Park
Thanks Silvia....
Ah the Ocean air is "balm" to the soul...
Could use a pint or so of it now...

Park Pics Link = (be paitent with it or
return to it later... the sites a bit pokey.)

Yes I took refuge at the park yesterday...
My things are so alive and so "bright"
almost blinding though they say things
tend to get brighter as we age.
Something to do with the eyes or brain.

Your usage of "in" the beach is interesting
Here we say "at" or "on" the beach
but in? interesting?

Trying to determine how I can get "in" the beach myself
I was in the park or at the park or "on" the park?
"On the park" now that is strange too.

Oh probably a localism but I think I like it.

Nice pics in the park, Ed :-) It doesn't matter if it's a beach, a mountain, a park... every place where nature is shining is a place where we can feel great.

Regarding the 'in' the beach, I'm not sure if that's gramatically correct in english, maybe it should be 'at'. We in Spanish always use 'in' for everything (bus stop, sea, beach, room, party...).

In this case, I feel I've been 'in' the beach. To do that you have to go to the beach and feel surrounded by it: the view of the sea, the touch of the waves, the breeze around you, the sky over you, the sand below you, the smell of the sea inside you... the beach surrounds you... then you will be 'in' the beach! :-)  

14 May 2006 @ 17:13 by hgoodgame : Living close to the Pacific ocean
I can really understand the great energy one gets from the sea, the crashing waves release negative ions which are uplifting, like lightning!

I've been in the Atlantic, in Florida though, and the water was warm and very clear, much clearer and warmer than the Pacific, which really surprised me. Must have been the Gulf Stream. It was so clean that when one comes out of the water, it dries leaving little circles of salt on one's skin.

When I was living in California I tried to swim in the Pacific, but probably I was too North... I just placed my feet inside and almost lost them frozen! :-). Probably in southern California the water is much warmer. Here in Spain the water is very warm on the east coast, as it's the Mediterranean sea: no waves, hot water... Anyway, I prefer the freshness and roughness of the Cantabric sea.  

14 May 2006 @ 19:05 by swan : Having just return from the
Carribean and Pacific I can still hear the sound of the waves crashing as I look at your photos. Thank you for sharing your beach day. One can never get too much ocean or sea! Minnesota doesn't have oceans but we have ten thousand lakes. When I need a water fix I drive to Lake Superior which is three hours north of my house.

Yes, the sea is soo revitalizing! It has the power to remove any negative energy and bring freshness at all levels! I love it! :-)  

14 May 2006 @ 20:15 by hgoodgame : The Pacific Ocean in the Northwest
is too cold for me! Surfers and wind-surfers around here use wetsuits. Growing up in Santa Barbara, I didn't mind the coolness of the ocean, but as you said, the further south you go the warmer it becomes. Still, it was very murky water compared to what I found in the clean salty waters off the Florida Keys. Also swimming in the Pacific as a child, little oil blobs would stick to my swimsuit and a romp down the beach left a layer of 'tar' on my soles. This was even before off-shore oil drilling began. It seeps from the ocean floor and ends up on the beaches. (Something the travel brochures don't mention, lol).

Ahhh Santa Barbara, what a beautiful place! I love all the California area, especially Monterey and Santa Barbara.  

23 May 2006 @ 21:41 by jobrown : Silvia,
your pics are just Lovely - not to mention how sweet and true your Poem reads! THANKS, "little" Sweety! ; ) /// : )

Thank you for nice comment, blueboy. If this weekend the weather is nice I will go again there to spend a lovely day :-)  

1 Jun 2006 @ 20:41 by vaxen : Yah...
love your stuff. However it should be ''at'' the beach not ''in'' the beach. ;)

Fresh breeze blowing around,
water reflecting the light,
waves come and leave...
A great day ''AT'' the beach!

You could use ''on'' also...

" the beach!" makes it sound like you are actually maybe buried ''IN'' the sand or...

Please accept this as, hopefully, constructive criticism. Your work, overall, is very inspiring. Thanks silvia...

Thank you Vaxen :-). Ed also commented me that they use there "at" or "on", so it seems that it's the general english grammar and not something from a particular area. Then I will change it and take note in my mind for next time. Those english prepositions drive me crazy, we use "in" for everything, that's so much easier!! :-) I'm glad you liked my work.

I would appreciate any corrections in my other poems, sure that some prepositions and other things are not very correct, so anybody please feel free to tell me, it's the only way to improve the language skills.  

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