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picture21 Jul 2005 @ 03:48, by Faith Paulele

I know, new NCN friend, it's an old story, but it's a good one! Let's just call it "a whale of a tale"

Dear Faith,
I just received my first copy of Angels Speak. My entire being is vibrating with the awesome emotions your stories elicited in me. What a wonderful e-zine/newsletter! I am so grateful I found it and subscribed. Such spectacular experiences with the dolphins and the whales! You are very blessed. I can understand your trepidation at swimming among something as huge as whales but if I were given such an invitation, I wouldn't ever forgive myself for not accepting it. I just felt moved to let you know what a wonderful, powerful publication, you offer to the world. I am overcome with gratitude for the gift from my angels who led me to find it.
Hugs and Blessings,


Dolphin and Whale Stories
February 1999 by Faith O'Neill

"Just Dolphins!" HAWAII IN FEBRUARY 1999!

We had only been in the water, long enough to paddle out on our boogie boards, when we were joined by a pod of about 200 Dolphins. You could only see about 5 to 12 on the surface, at one time, as is normal during morning rest. (Dolphins go way out to sea to eat, at night, coming in to the bays during the day, to rest and play)

The wonderful group of mostly women, who attended the first week, were following my directions of holding to 'our' family circle formation and floating quietly on the surface. If not a wee bit nervous seeing the guard Dolphins coming towards them on the surface, for the first time. (Most Dolphin watchers only see these surface wonders! Missing the real world of Dolphins directly under them, in the Ocean Mother of us all.)

As I turned and viewed each unique and special person in this retreat family --I again felt blessed that I have somehow been chosen to do this introduction between Human Angels and Dolphin Angels. As each person's eyes sought mine, I remembered how I felt my first time and I knew exactly how to make that bit of trepidation disappear and help those who's telepathy is not fine tuned yet. I was smiling, although I know you couldn't tell because my mouth was full of snorkel, as I simply pointed out what the Dolphins were saying to this precious retreat's- family circle... "LOOK DOWN!"

Beneath us, passing slowly in large groups, was the rare gift of the nursery section of the Dolphin Pod. Mothers and children and babies actually being suckled, fast asleep on their mothers. The guard females that travel along side the nursery --turning on their sides to look directly in our eyes. Gifting us, GIFTING US, with their peaceful gently vibrations. "You belong in the Mother of us all, you belong." The Dolphins whisper ethereally, not only telepathically, mind to mind, but with their hearts-- vibrationally! "You are welcome. Welcome to share-- Share in the belonging. We all belong!"

As many times as I have been in this position, I continue to be awestruck! I feel treasured and cherished, a member of the OHANA, (family). To be embraced by these extraordinary creatures is simply beyond imagination. To know they give of themselves where they choose to give. To also see how they can simply disappear from those who chase them, increases the honor they pay us.

He waiwai nui ke aloha; o ka'u no la e pulama nei!
('Love is a great treasure that I do cherish!')

This wonderful retreat group had the type of energy that the Dolphins love! And the Dolphins showed them, in one form or another, every day we swam.

We had an expectant mother on this trip, which is why (I am sure) we were given the nursery the first day. (I would use her name, but I realize now I didn't get her release form back. Typical of Faith to be more concerned with the moment, in the moment, lol : ) Perhaps she will read this and send it on? ps. can I get one for the pictures too? : )

This Mother and Child (Oh yes, he was there --as fully as if he swam at his Mothers side!) were blessed with Sea Turtles galore! Their last day on the retreat touching (with permission) and communicating with one, of the many, Turtles in our small bay off the resort. The Turtle is a powerful Aumakua to the Hawaiians! Of course, it turns out, this Mother to be -has had great experiences with ALL turtles, through out her life. The Native Americans would say Turtle is definitely one of her totems!

I would like to thank all the persons that attended the February 1999 Just Dolphins retreats, each of you very special , with special stories, too many to tell here! : (

Special thanks goes out to the Incredible Women who Fly us around the Friendly Skies! These remarkable women swam with the Dolphins in the mornings and then went off and climbed lava cliffs in the afternoons, and THEN ran a couple of miles, cause they... "Needed the exercise!"... whew! I do have my gifts, but I only run, if someone is chasing me! After meeting these women I would feel honored to be flown anywhere in those big jets by them! You are wonderful peoples!

Thanks again, to everyone and many blessings on your journeys!

(Don't forget, the Dolphins will remember you --just as fondly as you remember them! And they are able to be ethereally with you anywhere, anytime, and in any capacity! All you have to do is ask!)

My personal and private gift this trip, was whales!

Believe it or not, in all these years I have never seen whales. I have heard them plenty of times, I just have not sought them out, preferring to be gifted, when it would be their choice! This time was their choice, and OH how they gifted! I knew it was coming, and as all my Angels know and will tell you, I have a tendency to over-build the energy by not accepting the smaller invites, not out of preference for the 'larger-energy-sessions', but because Faith is just a human, and already thinks she is being given so much and ..."blah, blah, blah!" Interrupt her angel-guys, "She is really just a big chicken where humpbacks are concerned and has actually gotten out of the water rather than accept a 'gifting' from them!" LOAL! Lot's of Angel's Laughing!

I cop! That's true! lol! anyway...
I am sitting at the resort, alone after the first weeks retreat, just gazing out across our bay and I see a whale blow! (The plume of water that comes first -when a whale surfaces for a breath.) Then another one, and another and another! (Well, I know really nothing about the whales, but when two blow at the same time I figure there has to be at least two, right?) So then one breaches, jumps high out of the water! And then another one jumps, a smaller whale this time, and then another one jumps. (A whale expert tells me later, there had to have been alot of whales involved, with this much activity.) I really can't say, but I do know there were at least 3 that I saw, all at one time. Two humpbacked whales side by side with their pectoral fins waving in the air as they make love, while this younger whale --breaches --over and over--all around them!

An incredible 2 hour ballet of joy and love which even the dolphins had to race out to be a part of. So now we have whales jumping and dolphins jumping and occasionally Faith jumping! It was impossible not to feel this enormous, exciting energy deeply within my body. Telepathically, I was relieved to discover the dolphins were as unable to form words as I was. We were all swept away in the mind/feelings of this whale-stream of consciousness, not unlike the difference between communicating with a form of Godhead in relation to speaking with Angels. Angels go out of their way to make sense to us. The Godheads are so full of light and energy that words pale and are unnecessary. One simply becomes embraced by this light and information is transferred on a deep cellular level.

After this extraordinary experience, when we (me and the Whales and Dolphins!) had all calmed down. I again heard the call-- The whale invitation to 'come on over to the other side of the Island and swim with us!' They showed me the picture of the beach where they would be and us together in the water. And even more unbelievable --a picture of me actually touching a whale. This picture felt (to me) like I was a leaf being blown around a football field. Floating on the surface while these gentle giants surrounded me, so large you could not see the end of them while you were swimming next to them. And the communication of the whale eye, blended into the current moment as if there were no separation between the times of present and future!

Needless to say, as you, the faithful reader, have already guessed... I graciously declined! My angel-guys can say I "chickened-out" and that is true. What is also true is --I honor feelings, both mine and those who choose to swim with me, human feelings about feeling small and fragile. Our inability's to rise to the great heights that we are capable of. A non-judgmental position which allows all of us to be --whom we are at that moment, as we float from one end of the continuum of Love to the other end of that continuum which is Fear. It really is OK, just to be me, and to feel what I feel in that moment!

I am reminded though, of the new friend, (a Hawaiian who works for the State concerned with the ecological changes the Islands are suffering,) who in response to my revealing I have never been to Maui, because Maui is for lovers and I don't have one. He said, "You need to go! Perhaps he is there already--waiting for you!"

... and the Whales wait too... Perhaps --I will grow brave in time for the April retreats!

And my angel-guys laugh. (They always laugh!) "You just build the energy till you can barely stand it and the release of what you have built -- rises up --out of the ocean, like a Mac truck on fins and smites you!"

"Oh yes," replies Faith, laughing along...
"The holy smote, I know him well!"

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31 Jul 2005 @ 01:33 by astrid : Ahhh, sounds all so
wonderful!. At what resort did your Human Angels have their retreat? Was it at Kalani Honua on Big Island, next to the Black Sand Beach ,where Dolpins love to come and play with us, or did you have your experiencies at another Dolphin Bay?  

31 Jul 2005 @ 10:23 by scotty : WOW!
The Energy of this log is just bursting out of my comp !!

Thanks Faith !!


31 Jul 2005 @ 13:10 by silviamar : How beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your experiences with Dolphins and Whales. While reading your article I felt transported to the sea and danced in the crystalline waters with those beautiful animals.  

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