New Civilization News: 5. REVELATION, the Wrong Reality, AUTOMATIC CONTROLS.    
 5. REVELATION, the Wrong Reality, AUTOMATIC CONTROLS.6 comments
8 Dec 2005 @ 19:57, by John Oates

Our institutions, especially those of law and order, finance and politics, do not exist for the prime purpose of benefitting humanity according to moral truth. They are there both to permit and control instinctive behaviour according to Machine reality.

By the Institution; Nation; byLeadership, Authority and Government; Politics and Law; Military Force – International Armed Conflict; Upbringing and Education)

The formation of institutions is made necessary as a means of controlling the disparate, contradictory aims and interests of a society that is given to pursuing the competitive drives of instinct.

It is not the purpose of humanity’s institutions to change society for the better by conducting itself with intelligence, instead of instinct. The institution is borne of our competitive-instinctive Machine reality, with its own narrow, highly specialised version of conscience and its own limited set of rules.

Individuals serve the Machine by serving the institutions that both reward them for successfully pursuing the drives of instinct and punish them for going to such extremes that they contravene even its limited version of conscience. Individuals who rise high in the Machine’s hierarchies are those who manage the acquisition of power and money combined with skill at avoiding censure.

People are separated into Nations formed by boundaries, either natural or resulting from past conquests. Disagreements between nations are commonly settled peaceably by contrived diplomacy or violently by war, but seldom by complete agreement.

Within nations, the many and varied competitive interests pursued by different groups of people make decision-making and concerted action difficult, so responsibility is given to strong individual leaders or, more recently, governments which settle differences by way of politics.

Leaders, officials and politicians generally identify with the Machine-reality that employs them and tend not to reflect the true interests of the people because set apart from them. Once they are given positions of authority, officials cling to that power and defend their position.

Politics is a means of debating and voting on realistic issues and thereby making decisions, often by compromise. In an ideal, humantrue society all major and minor issues would already be agreed as a matter of moral truth. There would then be no need of permanent professional politicians, any more than there would be need for nations or leading authorities.

Laws would be replaced by these universally known agreements that would be held in place by the true morality of all supraconscious individuals, self-compelled to open to and be guided by their own postconscious mind’s moral truth.

The concept of military force has no place in a humantrue society. It is a concept favoured by the Machine and can be attractive to those willing to put patriotism before true morality. Wars occur when diplomacy fails to settle conflicts of national interest. Armies are maintained for defence or attack, or to discourage competitors.

The surest deterrent against war is moral awareness whereby world humanity would never consent to take up arms, but such awareness is not generally supported by our upbringing and education. Schools encourage competitiveness and reward winners and, overtly or covertly, are obliged to support, if not to encourage patriotism, and religion that is also a frequent cause of intolerance and often of war.

Education tries to impart morality, but at the same time as it conditions pupils’ minds by accustoming them to the principles practised by the amoral Machine and reflected in the often immoral affairs and history of our false reality.

This article stems from The Wrong Reality
Part V – REVELATION – the Automatic Controls

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8 Dec 2005 @ 20:14 by vaxen : Education,
by definition, comes from within. The madhouses that go by the name of ''educational systems'' such as Universities, High Schools, Colleges, etc., are simply ''mind control'' devices with which to remake into their own images the wholesome natural clay of an implanted (with ideas and structures benefitting the exploiters and enslavers and implanters) and enslaved planet.

This whole illusion is ending. Fraud is fraud and its' use connotes an agenda which denies any kind of real agreement from ever taking place...

"When you see the buddha, on the road, kill him."--old 'Chan' proverb

"When you see one of this 'societie's' leaders, on the road, kill him."---contemporary 'Chan' proverb

The lie has really ended as long as even one of us, who see through the bankrupt institution's fraud, remains alive.

Good show mate. Thanks.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 20:48 by freo7 : Hi John, Brenda here, I agree_w_vaxen!!
"This whole illusion is ending. Fraud is fraud and its' use connotes an agenda which *denies any kind of real agreement* from ever taking place..." This is a BRILLIANT COMMENT vaxen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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29 Dec 2005 @ 21:26 by vaxen : Yah...
"When the American People wake up and find out what the Federal Government has done to them; I would not want to be a Congressman. I would not want to be a Senator. I would not want to be a Judge on the Bench or even in Law Enforcement. I would not want to be a Governor or a member of the state governments, or even down to the local city governments. I would not want to be even a dog catcher; Because when the American People wake up and find out what they have done; They will hunt them down like dogs and give them a fair trial, then hang the bastards on the Capitol Steps."
Russell Herman Herrman - November 17th. 1993  

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30 Jan 2015 @ 07:54 by Narya @ : wkyKJtxztbY
Gail - It counted my vote twice?? It told me there was an error and to try again so I did now it is there twice. Please count my vote once. Thank you.  

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