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20 Oct 2005 @ 19:00, by Gavin Bellis

Language is truly made up of three fundamentals: Spoken, Gesured and Thought. Without all three, language is made weak, and is often misunderstood. This would be a good thing to look into.

Language, I believe, is the primary reason for war.
Truthfully, language is the result of Spoken, Gestured and Thought. Because often, the Thought part of the language is not percieved, the message is never, truly, clear.
This is specially true in the case of one person speaking japanese to a person who knows only french.
An understandable message from person to person is Three-Dimensional, that is, it has VOLUME. Without all three fundamentals met, there is no volume and the message cannot be interpreted as desired.
This is why when an idiot leads a country, it often falls into bad relations with other nations. Someone who can talk smooth and make the right gestures but has nothing on the mind and is simply reading from a paper, cannot be interpreted as a person who believes, or even knows, what he is saying. Thus, Doubt brews. In the most extreme cases, this can spark a war. And it has, countless times.
Language can be made three-dimensional by adding thought to them...they can be made understood when we open our minds, even if only as a state of mind, and certainly as there are a number of telepaths rising from society.
Of course, this is a sword of both good and evil wills, and so, someone can use this to start wars on purpose. This has also happened.
I think capturing a leader for having something he doesn't, is a good example of this. Though not thought up by the leader himself, surely some advice behind the chair did, knowing fully well what trouble this would bring.
Naturally, I speak on the side of good. I wish to see fewer misunderstandings between people on small and large scales. So, what I am saying is that, perhaps we should halt narrowing our thoughts, open our minds to everything, so that we can truly translate the message to ourselves because, while spoken language is percieved well but hardly understood, thoughts, if percieved, are clear.

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20 Oct 2005 @ 19:05 by jstarrs : Hi Gavin...
..thanks for opening up your log.
I really like what you're saying and can relate to it, being English & having lived in France, the idea of communication, being able to communicate, fascinates me.
I'm especially interested in the idea of internet communication, which is unique in man's history & I'm sure we don't really understand all the implications here, either.
Your simple schema is a very good start...thanks.  

22 Oct 2005 @ 14:11 by Enocia @ : Communication
Well said.

I believe the best way to communicate is in silence. Nuff said.  

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