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5 Dec 2005 @ 04:07, by Gavin Bellis

We are on the dawn of a new Era, an era of Enlightenment, progressing into a world where Warrior no longer means something necessarily of War, but of the defence of our spirits, our rights, and our freedoms, which the empires of China and America breach.
We must defend these, for they are all that is true.

The truth is out there, brothers and sisters, but indeed the Truth is stranger than the artifice we have created for ourselves. It entitles power to the power-hungry and only they, and it is feeding their aspiration for more.
What this creates more of is inbalance, as I have noted before. An inbalance of power, of rights, and of general happiness.
The unemployment rate steadily climbs without any care for who comes next in power, as overpopulation and underhandedness become more and more an issue at hand, an issue which must be fast dealt with.
Worse: Against the will of the countries' slightly lesser majorities, war is brought about.
I'm talking about the Empire when I say, slightly lesser majority. They do not agree with Bush's actions, not in the slightest.
And I say, Empire...that is, an empire to be, does every empire begin? How did the Romans come to their Empire? Through a steadlily greed-building Republic, which held great control over all actions, rather than handing power to its deserving people.
But most of all, these Empires come to manifestation through a lack of action on the part of those who disagree.

Philosophising and exploring our spiritual sides is important, but may be futureless if we just let the Chinese and American empires just slide on without any real resistance.
We know it in our hearts that this is all wrong. They are imposing on our rights, our freedoms, and even our beliefs. And we are bottlenecked to only developing sciences which will benefit war, not something to be made strictly for civilian purposes.
Consider perpetual motion. What would it do?
Should it grow in economy (and it would), the American Empire would lose its number-one reason to expand: Oil, its precious resource...amongst Uranium, and Helium 3 (Bush's number-one reason for building a base on the moon before the Chinese Empire does).
It is sad...these two nations were once wonderful places, places where all was fair. Places where the plague of corruption did not exist (at least not in its current ferocity). And now look: They want everything. Everything that can be labelled as 'theirs'.
It's slipping from the fingers of the people, and it's slipping so bad that there's not much of a time margin to change it, before it really does all go donwhill, truly Imperial...and Earth sees what I forsee as the bloodiest war to ever be.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention, but unfortunately Laziness is its Father.
Perhaps this is a notion for us to start listening a little more to Mother? We need to revolutionize...everything, and we need to turn power into something more equalized across the planet...something we can agree upon, while still leaving religions to be their own (not seperate from society but not encroaching either). It is certain that Religion's the number one reason for wars, and number two is land/resources.
The 'Terrorists' are fighting for their gods. They have been poorly labelled as terrorists, but are moreso, Crusaders. Of course they're still wrong...they should be trying to convert the people, not kill them. What good are the dead to anyone?
I think it's ultimately going to be a showdown between China and America, once the tension builds up enough. People will have to choose sides, of course. Except for Switzerland and Sweden, everyone will be involved either for the land they have to war upon, or by the soldiers and troops they have to war with.
But I can guarantee, someone will push the button, and Pandora's Box will be opened up all over again.
And there is no winning if either side wins. China wins and we're all forced into a communism. Genocides likely.
If America wins, then this world will burn out, and its people with it. Our homeworld will become a wasteland.
Either way, we all lose big, and, if this Third World War doesn't put us into a Dark age already, the after math certainly will.
Neither of them can come to this. If we are to see a Spiritual Revolution...then no more standing by. We must begin to take greater action. We must collect ourselves and each other, Unify ourselves under some banner and make a point to these blinded nations.
My suggestion is something like, or exact to, mine. My banner. The New Enlightened World Alliance! In which all those who wish to defend their spiritual existence and individual rights, as well as see to this Spiritual revolution, you can side me as brother/sister and friend. I accept all from colours and from beliefs, as this is a Rainbow Banner. All colours of the spectrum, even those Extremists, are welcome.
I cannot suggest we be the only one to become collectively strong this way, as we need as many of these collectives as can be. And we must act!

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5 Dec 2005 @ 09:52 by vaxen : yah but...
the biggest terrorists in the world are russia, china and amerika. ever hear of fort bragg? know what the behaviorists do there? behavior modification. well what they learn there is applied to the civilian population. soft weapons have been deployed which are used against the citizens of this world to enslave, kill, maim, destroy them all in the name of progress. werner von braun, and others of his ilk, was a friggin nazi man! yet what was learned in the concentration camps through extreme and bizzare forms of torture of human beings was applied to ''our'' space program.

the hideous monsters which developed the nazi pograms, and i'm not referring to adolph the puppet boy, are still doing their ewen cameron, sri, well funded experiments on live human beings...

where the hell do you think all those missing children, and adults, go? check out the stats sometime on thier yearly numbers...

murder and death reign supreme on this planet of nightmares with its dormant well enslaved populae of ginny pigs. fit for naught but slaughter. useless eaters as kissinger, carter, bush, cheney, blair, putin, and their paramours everywhere believe...

oh yes revolution is so very necessary but that puts you in the same camp as the...list. ;) bravo for at least thinking. now let us organize chaotically...they love to bring order to chaos but chaos has something terribly weird in store for the robots who think they control us.

tata bro...  

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