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7 Dec 2005 @ 14:56, by Shreepal Singh

New Civilization Global Movement – NCGM - Charter seeks to usher on Earth an Order of Human Institutions geared to accomplish five objectives of New Civilization: Common Survival of all life on Earth, Freedom of individuals from all kinds of oppression, Common Prosperity of all people, Global Unity among different subdivisions of Mankind and Enlightenment of human beings.

This document is divided into three sections:

Introduction to NCGM
Activities of NCGM
Charter of NCGM

NCGM is an initiative of people who feel concerned about the present condition of Earth and Mankind. Presently, it is web based and being facilitated by New Civilization Network.

NCGM holds that Mankind has arrived at the crossroads where the fate of Earth as a hospitable home for life and the fate of life in its evolutionary course would depend on Mankind selecting a correct path.

NCGM seeks to usher on Earth a New Order of Human Institutions geared to accomplish five noble objectives of New Civilization. Human Institutions are the institutions of interactive collective living of human beings and these include family, community, society, economy, culture, faith groups, politics, governments, nations and nations’ inter se living.

NCGM relies on people’s power, as contradistinguished from the power of political governments, for enabling Mankind to steer onto the correct path.

Charter of NCGM gives a call to peoples of all nations, faiths and cultures to IDENTIFY those individuals, organizations and governments who conduct themselves AGAINST the five noble objectives of New Civilization. It further calls peoples to win these adversaries with the WEAPON OF TRUTH, strategy of LOVE and NON-VIOLENCE and tactic of NON-COOPERATION in order to accomplish New Civilization’s objectives.

NCGM expects to grow in vigor, with the passage of time, enabling it initially to make an impact on world events and then finally to decisively control the course of those events that vitally affect the fate of Earth and of Mankind.

Presently, a Workgroup of NCN – akin to Secretariat of NCGM - is taking initiative to organize NCGM and the first Earth Summit of Peoples for New Civilization.

It is envisaged that there would be held at regular intervals Earth Summits of peoples for New Civilization for taking stock of the man-made events that adversely effect Earth and Mankind and for taking decisions on measures that are needed to correct the same. The first Earth Summit of Peoples for New Civilization is proposed to be held as early as possible to adopt a Charter of Action.

In the Workgroup the representatives of people belonging to one country have been allotted one vote and decisions therein are taken by a majority vote. People of one country may be represented by one or more than one individual. Any person who wishes to join and is willing to work may join the Workgroup.

Currently the Workgroup includes: 1. Ming (France) 2. Silviamar (Spain) 3. Judih (Israel) 4. Zimpen (Sweden) 5. Shreepal (India)

(1) NCGM is being facilitated by New Civilization Network and to join log on NCN.

(2) The first Earth Summit of Peoples for New Civilization and New Civilization Global Movement are being organized by a Workgroup. To join the Workgroup log on NCN.

(3) To find background material for Earth Summit and NCGM click Shreepal, a Concerned Global Citizen.

(4) It is envisaged that, as soon as possible, NCGM would enable people to post on its web site any man-made event happening anywhere on globe that adversely affects Earth and Mankind to get a helping hand from NCGM.

Charter of New Civilization Global Movement:

THAT planet earth is our common home and we human beings have inherited it from our forefathers, in trust for our own use and for the use of all other life-species dwelling on earth of the present and of the succeeding generations.

THAT all life-species are sacrosanct and deserve survival and preservation at our hands.

THAT all man-made disputes – whether social, cultural, economic, political or any other - arising from conflict of interests are capable of being resolved by human beings in peace and amity;

THAT mankind is an evolving species being at the apex of life-evolution on earth yet being at an intermediate stage only; and

THAT mankind is capable of exploring the unknown micro and macro universe, harnessing the unveiled secrets of nature and its forces, and is capable thereby to consciously shape her destiny and the destiny of earth and of universe;


THAT mankind is living under the threat of annihilation at her own hand by the use of weapons of mass destruction;

THAT a firm and sustainable human-unity is the only effective and workable guarantee to protect human race against such threat of self-annihilation; and

THAT such human-unity can only be established on the solid foundation of the commonality of human-interests, the commonality of purpose of life of human beings on earth and the commonality of the destiny of human race;


Identify those individuals, organizations and governments
Who conduct them against the five noble objectives of New Civilization, and

Win over them with

The weapon of

The strategy of

The tactic of

In common interest, these five noble objectives of New Civilization, namely:

COLLECTIVE SURVIVAL of all life-species on earth by observing peace, good order, complete and global disarmament and respect for and conservation of nature;

FREEDOM, from political, economic, cultural and social oppression, within national and international organizations of human society, by guarding the individuals’ human rights and the interests of organized society;

COMMON PROSPERITY of peoples by utilizing technological advancements and scientific management of global natural resources to avoid waste, unsustainable exploitation and natural imbalance, and to bring efficiency;

GLOBAL UNITY among different subdivisions of mankind by promoting mutual respect for diversity, understanding and harmony in diversity; and

ENLIGHTENMENT of human beings by encouraging them to imbibe the knowledge of science, from material science to psychic science, and encouraging them to remain always opened to change of convictions.

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7 Dec 2005 @ 16:33 by vaxen : Whew...
Boy, that's all we need... another NGO. Well...

"Process aesthetics and occlusions vanish and current life can be cleared in a few hours."---RAWL

"The electronic fields are ready to be run. They are in present time (PT). They contain heavy effort and emotions and they also contain an aesthetic band. The aesthetic bands alone pin these facsimiles to theta (4 to 7 cycles per/sec). You run out the aesthetic wave band and you have run the incident."---RAWL

"The running of "Black and White" is very simple: simple to do, easy to audit."---LRH

How's the ''implanting'' business going Shree? Been doing a little 'valence shifting' have we? Many electronic implants on the whole track.

"The object was slavery, a compulsion to be good and obedient, and to have a MEST body."---RH

"As one makes a dog tame by beating him, one has been made to obey by being beaten with force fields."--RH

Know a lot about the Reich do you? So do I! Oh, and I am NOT alone. Revenimus!

You need concept processing Shree? Re-do your links, they don't work. Be Do Have

"What do we mean by aesthetic? We mean solely, and only, BEAUTIFICATION. Beauty is theta."---LRH

8 Dec 2005 @ 04:36 by vibrani : Along with mindfucking
does Scientology also teach people to be rude, disrespectful and mean? I know it has no heart, so maybe that's the thing....Ah Bowfinger. Look at the big egos attracted to Scientology - Tom Cruise, John has what you wrote been at all helpful to Shreepal, Vax, aside from attempting to recruit him into the cult (something you'd probably see as being positive)? Seriously speaking, oh sabateur, of course.  

8 Dec 2005 @ 20:25 by vaxen : Bowfinger...
Hmmm, good one that. A little covert Behavior Modification never hurt anyone, right? A right, left, a right, left, a right, left...barum, barum, barum...

And we all shall march to the beat of the New Civilization Blues Band's mighty feet as they conquer worlds in the night of Pan, Io Pan, Io Pan, Io-Io Pan!

Mindlessly accept and you'll be born into a lovely new body, rich as a Pasha,, and cool as a Queen -- the next time around...

And all we need, for all our solutions, is another NGO...right?

"Light is an electromagnetic wave sent out by electrons."--

"Process aesthetics and occlusions vanish and current life can be cleared in a few hours."---Rebuttal


Sleeper, sleeper, whose hand do you hold,
when late at night you ooze,
out into that starcrossed void...

where dreams record your wonderings?

Heinrich Himmler's Liebensborn Project was the grandparent of Project Monarch. It wasn't Ghandi who got rid of the British!  

8 Dec 2005 @ 20:50 by vibrani : And who got rid of Ghandi?

8 Dec 2005 @ 21:03 by vaxen : HU210.
That's HU210. Know the blighter? Google it...quite a re-velation. Velate, velate, velate! That's what the Reicher troopers said when they got to Ribbentroppe's parade. What did it 'net' them? A whole lotta beef!

As one performing the pre-cursory function of editing the dross that floats to the surface from the void of jaded eloquence which unsubstantially processes the Homo Novis peremtory equations as they via through the ancient alchemy of making chicken soup taste good I must say that I re-cognize a kvetch when I see one.

Even though I do be one of the para-elite constructo/destructo synthesizer commandoes of the HMCO (Hubbard Mind Control Organization) I do respect a little Pan determinism in the adjudication of things and objects and beingnesses wherein they are representative of and operative of diabolos. Two minds are better than one?

Processing concepts valence in the trout stream and the trout stream empties into the sea and the sea stands alone... All hail the pre-eminent mistress of our chao: Diaboloca Entranceioris!

And the Nagas wept. And Krishna Danced with the spoon...

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