New Civilization News: Now, here's a Challenge for us!... : )    
 Now, here's a Challenge for us!... : )
14 Dec 2007 @ 02:55, by Astrid Ware


At least it presents a growing challenge for me... and most likely for many of us... and for those, who already are doing all that can be done; please, tell us, who still are working on it as the saying goes, and let us know step by step how and what you did, eh? Can't wait to get some Hands-On tips!

It really is astruggle, a daily struggle to even do a liiiiitle change for the Better For All everyday. But I do as much and as consciously as I ever can. For instance; when I go to Grocery Store, I take my own Canvas bags... no more plastic bags from the Store!...
I look for BULK food more & more....
I make thing I never had dreamt of making... Next thing will be to make my own Ketchup, so I don't need to buy these ridiculously small ans expensive (read wasteful) Reay Made...even if they are "Organic"... I decided I can make organic Ketchup...and at least as yummy as the ones from the Store.
After that, I will get more & more into baking GOOD, HEALTHY bread!....Why pay six bucks per bread that only my hubby likes but not me?!?... No... Done!

I want people to start to hang out and chat and share here too, so...I will create that space & time to do so...

Most likely the first Chat will be about our need to Drama. I want to know how attached each person is to Drama (in their lives)... Those whom I deem to be too much attached to Drama are OUT!...because our level of need for Drama, be it active in our own lives or just be there vicariously through uuuhing and aaaahing too much about this 'n' that with no end in sight, are still too far into Adversity thinking/
Poverty /Struggle Life styles to even contemplate to change their Life styles and any sort of transformation for themselves.

I will also make this coming year to theee Money Transformation Year to the MILLENIAS!... and certainly for myself!

Yuppp... the list goes on like this.... I'll keep you posted -if you wish! ; )

OK, your turn! : )


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