Brand New 4th Dimensional 15 Chakra System 0 comments
pictureFriday, May 15th 2009
NEW 4D Spiritual Chakra System Explained

Just when we think we have our understanding of our 7 Chakra System down pat, humanity takes another giant leap in evolution in such a dramatic way that even our energetic chakra system had to shift, to adapt and multiply to handle the influx of high vibrational light we are taking into our physical bodies as we prepare for ascension and the final shift into 5th dimensional living.

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 5D Ascension Training with Ascended Master Jesus2 comments
pictureTuesday, April 21st 2009
Greetings from the Highest Light!

What an exciting time this is! Do you understand that ALL OF IT is because of YOU? With every breath you take and every moment you radiate the Light of God that you are, YOU CREATED THIS! It is YOU who raised your vibration a little higher, your heart that loved a little more and YOU who stood in your power with a little more authority. It is YOU who looked a little deeper for the guidance you have come to rely on and trust with your life. It is YOU who created all that you need and more. It is YOU who loved enough to desire the same for all in the oneness you have come to know as your very own reflection!

ESPAVO Beloved One!

Click Here to READ THE FULL MESSAGE from YaMa'EL and Ascended Master Jesus posted at my Spiritual Energy Healing website.  Read More

 Reconnect With Your Souls SACRED MISSION2 comments
pictureThursday, April 2nd 2009
Before you chose to come to Earth and inhabit the physical body you now possess, you were Spirit. You are as unique as each star in the sky, each breath as pure as a drop of rain. And within you, a very unique set of gifts and abilities.

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 4-22-09 Global Ascended Masters GALACTIC ACTIVATION Conference0 comments
pictureThursday, April 2nd 2009
Complete Cellular Structure Recoding & 12 Strand DNA Upgrade Activation

Greetings from the Highest Light to you Beloved One!!!

It is with great pleasure that Jacqui and I present you with another very powerful Activation Conference in our monthly series with the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light.

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 Activate Your Original Sacred Codes of Compassion and Forgiveness!0 comments
pictureMonday, February 16th 2009
Join Ascended Master Jesus and Mother Mary for the Re-Activation of your Original Sacred Codes of Christed Compassion and Forgiveness which includes the New DNA Coding for Opening your Multidimensional Heart!

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 2-22-09 Ascended Masters Galactic Activation of IMMORTALITY CODES1 comment
pictureSunday, January 18th 2009
2-22-09 Ascended Masters Galactic Core Lightbody Activation
LIVE Global Conference Call With The Ascended Masters of Light!

Reconnect with the Crystalline City of your birth and
(Immortality Chromosome & DNA Activation)

Greetings from the Highest Light to you Beloved One!!! Jacqui and I are so excited about the new February Galactic Core Activation! And there is much information that has been channeled in for this stupendous event. PLEASE take time to read down this page in full. There will be many activation occurring during this call along with much recoding of your current DNA structure. You will also be receiving new strands of coded DNA as well.

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 1-11 ASCENDED MASTERS Galactic Core Ascension Frequency Reconnection Conference1 comment
pictureThursday, January 1st 2009
Join Us For The 1-11-09 “Galactic Core Ascension Frequency Reconnection” Global Conference Call With The Ascended Masters PLUS receive a Special Divinity Code Economic Transformation DNA Recoding via YaMa’EL.

Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael WILL BE PRESENT!!

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 Chi Ball Healing and Energy Attunements with Spiritual Healer YaMa'EL0 comments
pictureThursday, January 1st 2009
Just what is a Chi Ball?

Universal Energy or “Chi” as it is known in many cultures, is the Life Force Energy that animates all life and forms of existence. A Chi Ball is simply a consciously created ball of contained Universal Chi Energy. Anyone adapt at working with energy can easily create Chi Balls with a bit of practice...

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 Receive FREE Energy Healing Right From Your Desktop!0 comments
pictureFriday, December 12th 2008
Introducing the Divinity Codes Energy Healing Screensaver!

You can now receive and enjoy the benefits of repeated Energy Healing right on your windows desktop absolutely free! I have been guided to create a home healing product that has been Divinely Attuned with Powerful Healing Energy from the Heavenly Realms that you can use anytime you feel a need for healing energy or an extra boost of chi energy to start your day. Each of the 24 Mandala Images in this powerful screensaver are Divinely Coded with Healing Energies that you receive each time you view the screensaver!

Not only is this a healing tool, but when it is not being viewed for healing, it becomes a Clearing Tool that clears the environment of all negative energy!! Can you imagine the healing affects on the planet if everyone were running the Energy Healing screensaver on their pc's?? WOW!!

Click Here Now To Get Your Free Energy Healing Screensaver!

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 Lord Kuthumi 21-12 2ND ASCENSION WAVE0 comments
pictureFriday, December 12th 2008
Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Johannesburg, South Africa – 3 December 2008

Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

EXCERPT: "The Second Ascension Wave is a new lease on life, it is a step up the rung of the collective ladder of ascension and each of you find yourself redefining your life purpose, your perspectives and your understanding of self. This is where you experience the deeper dimensions of the broader world of your collective self, you move into the higher dimensions of your higher intelligence, the divine intellect, which is expressed through the divinity of your soul.

The Second Ascension Wave brings into your life a more tangible experience of and expression of the inner Father God and the Mother Goddess. Mary Magdalene has prepared your energy for this day and it is that we gather together within the sacred Heart Chamber of the Cosmic Temples of the Sixth Universe of Fluid Love and we embrace each of you, as you are, present within the divine mansion of our Creator.

Beloved ones you are now ready to observe the higher octave of the sacred sound of the voice of Mother/Father God. This is a time where the word of God is expressed on a higher level. By this I mean it is a voice inside of you that becomes louder, the eyes of God become clearer, the body of God becomes stronger and as you experience the greater understanding of what the expression of life is, you will come to realize that many of the destructive patterns and experiences you have had up until this point have been necessary in order for you to embark upon this next level of the journey." ...

Due to the length of this channeled meditation I have linked it to my website below:

Click to READ THE FULL ARTICLE and MEDITATION by Master Kuthumi posted at: http://www.lightsoflove.us/12-21.html  Read More

 NEW - Full Chakra System Reading, Clearing, Healing & Realignment!0 comments
pictureFriday, November 21st 2008
There are far more shifts and media driven stresses occurring at this time than ever before in history that has resulted in many people losing their focus, being taken out of center, loosing sight of the truth and diluting their inner guidance. People everywhere are more stressed out, anxious, and downright frazzled just trying to cope with the new energies and rapid changes manifesting in record numbers. However my Beloved One, it doesn’t have to be that way...

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 NEW - PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE Activation and Healing0 comments
pictureFriday, November 21st 2008
A NEW DIVINITY CODE IS IN! Activate Your Prosperity & Abundance Code PLUS Root Chakra Reading, Clearing, Healing & Reprogramming!

Prosperity and Abundance are your birthright! Yet far too many still struggle with the illusion of lack with little to no understanding of why the infamous “Secrets” of manifestation have not worked for them. The first misnomer to understand is that prosperity and abundance are not things one acquires, but rather, it is a state of mind, a way of being, a lifestyle one learns to master...

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 Important 11:11 Activation With Kuthumi - DO NOT MISS THIS0 comments
pictureSaturday, November 8th 2008
Sunday, 2 November, 2008 from South Africa via Michelle Eloff

In this channeling Kuthumi provides us with information that prepares us for one of the biggest shifts in energy to date and the opportunity to detach from some of our most paralyzing fears. He says "The entire Elohim will be focusing on this grand time of change, you will experience how the portals within yourself through which darkness accessed your greatest fears will close and you will find that the realization of what fear is all about coming to the fore. It is vital that you truly understand the illusion that lies within, beneath, above, before, behind and to each side of fear. There is a big difference between natural survival instinct and fabricated fears...

Click Here to Read the full channeled message  Read More

 UNIVERSAL BLUE STAR ENERGY Activation and Attunement0 comments
pictureSaturday, November 8th 2008

Written and Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

UNIVERSAL BLUE STAR ENERGY Activation and Attunement!

The Universal Blue Star Energy originates from the Sirian Star System and contains ALL of the healing energies that exist on earth at this time in ONE powerful high vibrational healing light energy that I use each day in my own life, in my planetary healing work and in nearly all of my Healing Sessions that many of my clients have experienced the power of first hand...

Click Here Now To Find Our More About Blue Star Energy and how to request your attunement.  Read More

 Kuthumi Speaks on Election 20080 comments
pictureSaturday, November 8th 2008
Kuthumi Speaks on Election 2008
via Ronna Prince

Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

NEW BEGINNINGS ~ Hope Is My Way ~ I Trust the Process of Life

I AM Master Kuthumi, World Teacher, in Presence with my Co-Equal Partner, Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena is the head of the karmic board of advisors for most of you in the western hemisphere. We are honored to address you on this beautiful day.

We welcome you on this day of New Beginnings. We, the Ascended Masters and the ex-carnate servers of The Way, the Truth and the Dark Whole-Eternal Light, have long held hope that incarnate humanity would move into the New Now, Only Love frequency. That day occurred with a resounding “YES WE CAN”, yesterday as the world and the One looked on and said “This is good”.

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