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 The Power of Music 3 comments
22 Dec 2008 @ 10:17, by vector8. Spirituality
I believe there's nothing like music.

While I was raised as a Christian, there was a lot that didn't ring true for me. As soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions, I rejected Christianity and the beliefs associated with it to explore what the meaning of life means for me. While I was searching I always had a foundation - music. Music was my personal saviour. There was a time when I couldn't go to sleep without listening to Michael Jackson's albums: "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" as I found them so comforting.  More >

 Changing Frequencies 5 comments
12 Dec 2008 @ 11:46, by vector8. Spirituality
While I was at my friend's music studio recently, he showed me how he mixes different sounds. He also showed me to adjust the frequency of particular sounds and create balance. He talked about rhythms and how different beats create different song genres giving rise to the equivalent lifestyle. I could very much relate to frequencies and rhythms which I see as feelings that give rise to the equivalent life experiences.  More >

 What Credit Crunch? 2 comments
8 Dec 2008 @ 14:53, by vector8. Spirituality
The other day, my mother went to visit a friend. She said when she got out of the train station, she couldn't remember how to get to the house so she asked for directions. She was given a long-winded direction. She reckoned she walked about 2 miles. Fortunately, she found a quicker route back to the station.

"Two miles, hey? I'm impressed," I said.

"I can't believe I walked that far," she said. "At least it was good exercise."

"Well, remember that was then and this is now," I said. "There's no reason why walking should have any effect on who you are now unless you believe it should."  More >

 Troubles in Paradise0 comments
28 Nov 2008 @ 12:15, by niphtrique. Spirituality

Troubles in paradise

Bart klein Ikink

Natural Wold Order

Is God perfect?

Buddha once said: "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." In this way you should read the text below.

If we look around us, we clearly see that the world around us is not perfect and that humans are not perfect. Still many people believe God is perfect. But reality compels us to say that God may not be perfect. In the story of the Creation you already can read why. In the previous text ( Paradise Found ) it became clear that Eve was created in the image of God. Adam was created as her sidekick. Therefore, we may assume that God is a woman.

The Fall

When we know this, it is immediately clear why Adam desired access to wisdom and knowledge of good and evil. He felt useless and pointless. Was his life not more than being the company of a woman? Something was gnawing Adam. He only did not know what.

Women often do not understand men and vice versa this is also true. If God is a woman, then what does She know of the man, his desires and his needs? That may not be much, as we can experience every day. A woman might try but she may never understand what it is to be a man.

Many people would like to blame someone, but that solves nothing. The tragedy of this story is that this probably could not have been avoided. That is the way things go. If we hate ourselves or others, then we hate God. If we hate God, then we hate ourselves. If God hates us, then She hates Herself. Nothing good can come from that. So it should not be this way.

The new Garden of Eden

The new Garden of Eden will not be completely the same as the old Garden of Eden. In any case, a man must have a meaningful existence, and he can be no slave to his wife. Mankind will be one with nature. Woman and man will be equivalent. Then the situation will become perfect and the love of God will overcome.

We humans cannot leave everything to God. We will have to do something ourselves. We therefore do not need churches, mosques and synagogues, but we need faith. We therefore do not need Torahs, Bibles and Qurans, but we need the will. We must therefore not pray and praise God, but we have to act.

 Meditation 5
23 Nov 2008 @ 02:07, by deepwater. Spirituality
"The reason for our erroneously believing that we are a part of some thing from which we are separate arises from the development of an individual point of consciousness."  More >

 Divinity Rising 11-17-08L Greatest Show on Earth
18 Nov 2008 @ 06:11, by divinityr. Spirituality
A spiritual journey through life is like being in a theater.  More >

 Paradise found0 comments
16 Nov 2008 @ 23:44, by niphtrique. Spirituality

Paradise found

Author: Bart klein Ikink

Natural World Order

The quest for wisdom

The quest for wisdom has always been a male affair. We need only to think of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Hume, Voltaire, Kant, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Marx, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Levinas and Quine. They were all men. The most important prophets in history, like Moses, Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were also all men.

From the above, you can conclude with a probability bordering on certainty that the desire for wisdom is purely a male affair. The few women who were involved in philosophy, such as Ayn Rand and Hannah Arend, were marked by their extreme difficult lives and therefore made unnatural choices.

The Fall

When we know this, and look again at the first book of the Bible, called Genesis, it is immediately clear what kind of plot was forged there. Someone has rewritten history. Someone has changed the word of God in a devilish way.

It was not that Eve lured Adam into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but it was Adam who seduced Eva. It must be, because the desire for wisdom is not in the nature of the woman but in the nature of the man.

The Fall was the beginning of 5,000 years of war and struggle that began with the murder of Abel by Kain. These 5,000 years are now coming to an end.

The indication

Recently I first read the Tao Te Ching. Since the discovery of the enormous power of the natural economic order made me feel very uneasy, i was looking for peace of mind and guidance. These texts spoke to me very clearly, and they can only be compared to the book Nobody's Boy, which i read when i was twelve years old.

In the Tao yin comes before yang. The woman comes before the man. The Tao is written as a guide for a leader. That leader probably is a man. The true leader can only submit himself to "The Way". The true leader has no desires and does not act. He sees himself not as an individual but as a part of the world.

The Garden of Eden

The woman did not come from the man, as has been written in Genesis, but the man was born from the woman. That corresponds to what we experience every day. So this must be true. The woman is therefore the primeval force of nature and the man must serve her with his practical insights, because a woman is more intuitive and less rational than a man. When she calls to him, he must fulfill her desire. This was also the case in the Garden of Eden. That is why Adam tempted Eve.

In the Garden of Eden sexual intercourse only existed when the woman desired this. She took the initiative. The man had to answer to her call. In this way, sexual intercourse was natural, and there was no rape.

Our current state

Women are turned into whores and men are turned into beasts. That is the situation where we are in now. Everywhere there is war and strife. The wars serve no purpose and have been started based on the lies of our leaders. Further away from our nature than this, we can not come. The situation can only improve.

I am not a feminist because i am a man. A man has to do what a man has to do. Pride and principles stand in the way of a better future. We must realize what is going on, because then we know how things should be.

The key and lock

As the power of the natural economic order will wipe away the existing economic order, there should be a hidden force in nature that will silence the weapons. This seems unlikely now. But it also seemed very unlikely that an economic system could exist that is many times more efficient than the current economic system. Now this system has already been described. Is it not strange that only just now was discovered what is the secret of the lost paradise was? Therefore it is only logical that there should be a force that is many times stronger than war and weapons. This force will come to consciousness and i expect to see her soon.

 I AM7 comments
picture15 Nov 2008 @ 16:23, by jerryvest. Spirituality
"If there is a difference between us human beings and all that is not human in nature, it is this: We are the only creatures who question their own identity. We must see immediately that identity means the development of a sense of separation (I am I, and you are you), a sense of establishing borders, making a kind of obstruction between ourselves and reality; identity is then a metaphysical proposition." (_Between Metaphysics and Protoanalysis - A Theory For Analyzing The Human Psyche_, Oscar Ichazo)

Alton, my friend, martial artist, acupuncturist and spiritual brother sent me this insightful note this morning and gave me approval to share his message with others who visit my logs. I have known Dr. Kanter for well over 35 years, almost half this life time. As a host to "Get Healthy with Dr. Alton Kanter," for many years for a Hawaii Radio Station, my friend interviewed me a few years ago about the development of our 15-Minute StressOut Program. About 40 years ago, along with several hundred other seekers, Alton and I participated in an Arica Advanced Training Program in NYC, numerous other spiritual training programs and we continue our Work as teachers and students in this School of Integral Practice and Philosophy. I am 73 years young and feel much like Alton, especially when I open my mind, body and spirit to 'all that is'--our true nature and our universal energy.

During the late 80's, I had the good fortune to have Dr. Kanter introduce acupuncture, tai chi chuan and other integrative health practices with our graduate students, New Mexico State University, School of Social Work and he was a great inspiration for our students and faculty. In fact, Patricia Callahan, L.Ac, attended our workshop with her partner/couple Bill Parmeter, LMSW and she has expressed to me, on several occasions, that Alton is her hero. Following his workshop, Pat enrolled in the School of Acupuncture-Oriental Medicine, Santa Fe, NM, completed their program in 2000 and now has a thriving practice in upstate New York.

It is a great honor for me to have a colleague who practices what he teaches and is an inspiration to all of us "growing young" (see, Montagu, A. "Growing Young," (1981, NY: McGraw-Hill). [link]

I hope others can draw inspiration from our elders who are engaged in advancing and improving lives, health and relationships in our society and beyond. Thank you Alton for 'staying in touch' and for all you have done to support Humanity as One Body, Mind and Spirit. I Am - God is One!

Best Wishes and may we continue to "Grow Young".....



Aloha Jerry,

What a treat to talk with you again!!

Attached is some of my recent stuff showing up on the radar screen



In Dependence

On the practice

Of a path

Which is

The indivisible union

Of wisdom and method

You can be transformed

from a state of suffering

into a state of attainment

of freedom and happiness;


God Is One
ToHam Kum Rah



I have met Some ONE

Hu is helping me write

A letter of resignation

To Sadness,



God Is ONE,
ToHam Kum Rah

Tadyatha Gate
Para Gate
Parasam Gate
Bodhi Svaha

My Divine Mind Transcend
Transcend Beyond
Beyond the Beyond
To Total Enlightenment
Be it the will of God

lets talk



I am now eighty years old. And yet I feel like I am an infant. I feel
clearly that in spite of all the changes, I am a child. My teacher tells me
that the child who is you even now is your real self. Go back to that state
of pure being where the "I am" is still in its purity, before it was
contaminated with "this I am" or "that I am."

Your burden is of false self identifications: abandon them all. My teacher
told me "Trust me, I tell you, you are divine; take it as the absolute
truth. Your joy is divine; your suffering is divine, too. All comes from
God. Remember it always, you are a manifestation of God; His will alone is

I did believe him, and soon realized how wonderfully true and accurate were
his words, I did not condition my mind with thoughts of pride and vanity
such as "I am wonderful; I am beyond." I simply followed his instruction,
which was to focus the mind on pure being. "I am," and "God is One," and
stay in it. I used to sit for hours with nothing but the "I am" in my mind.
Soon peace and joy and an all embracing love became my normal state.

In that state, all disappeared: my self; my teacher; the life I lived; the
world around me. Only peace remained and unfathomable silence.

Aloha nui loa

Alton  More >

 Full Moon in Taurus - November 14, 20084 comments
13 Nov 2008 @ 14:55, by joanaroma2. Spirituality
 More >

 Solitaire 0 comments
13 Nov 2008 @ 12:46, by vector8. Spirituality
While I was chatting to a friend he asked me if I wanted to see a trick.

"Go on then," I said, "I love tricks!"

He took an elastic band from the desk and then hid his hands under the desk to hide the elastic in one hand. I knew he was expecting me to guess which hand it was in. I was determined to win by influencing my friend's decision. I expected the elastic band to be in his right hand.  More >

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