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 The Jewel of Immeasurable Worth
picture 10 Jul 2010 @ 22:18, by anandavala. Spirituality

Let me relate to you a short story as an introduction to the real subject of this article – the mathematical / metaphysical foundations of a unified holistic science.

I was 21, working as a taxi driver and quite deeply 'absorbed' with what one might call the occult, in particular Western Esoteric (Kabbalistic) Ritual High Magick. However from surface appearances I was "just a taxi driver".

During this time somehow the thought entered my awareness that "I will descend into the swamp of modernity wherein I will find and retrieve a 'Jewel of Immeasurable Worth' that lies unnoticed."

I didn't know what it meant - but the idea grew – not just an intellectual idea, but an inspiring force. It hovered just beneath the conscious mind; floating on the 'surface' of the subconscious. Six months or so later another idea surfaced - "I will study physics and computer science at Uni next year." And I did - all up for about 5 years. ########  More >

 Tweet list re: the nature of reality, self, experience & the world
4 Jul 2010 @ 14:21, by anandavala. Spirituality
  • One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious (CarlJung)
  • Our present ego-feeling is a shrunken residue of a much more inclusive all-embracing-feeling, a more intimate bond (Freud)
  • Freud gave us insight/demonstration that the ordinary person is a shrivelled desiccated fragment of what a person can be (RDLaing)
  • For man has closed himself up, 'till he sees all things thro' the chinks of his cavern (WilliamBlake)
  • The 'I' that I think I am is a self image formed in the mind. I am not what I think I am. So what am I? That is THE question!
  • When a thought is born you are born. You think there's 'somebody' who feels your feelings; that's the illusion. (UGKrishnamurti)
  • Nothing keeps you from liberation except fear. You are afraid of being impersonal, of impersonal being. (Nisargadatta)
  • That which is the subtle essence, in it is the self of all that exists. It is the True. It is the Self & thou art it. (Chandogya Upanishad)
  • Imagine ur a sentient being within a VR, it would seem physical, you would seem separate, yet the true agent behind every action is the CPU.
  • In this VR scenario computation "is the self of all that exists. It is the True. It is the Self & thou art it. (Chandogya Upanishad)
  • RT @petervan Virtual Reality you can reach out and touch When virtual reality feels real
  • In tech VR we look from the outside in but in cosmic VR we are emergent from the information process, which animates every thought/action.
  • Quantum Mechanics also provides an information theoretic analogy for the nature of reality
  • The "physical universe" is analogous to a VR animated by "universal consciousness" and it evolves as a unified holistic process.
  • Hence - events happen, deeds are done but there is no individual doer of any deed (Buddha)
  • The objects we experience are objects-of-perception; the contents of awareness that are imagined to exist "out there" due to naive realism
  • Hence - "with our thoughts we make the world" (Buddha)
  • Signs of an emerging paradigmShift : quantum mechanics categorically proves naive realism is a false perspective.
  • For details of QM disproof of naive realism search for "Stern Gerlach" or see relevant chapter of
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 I wanted to share this moment with you. . .
18 Jun 2010 @ 17:10, by susannahbe. Spirituality

I was sitting quietly at my desk as the late afternoon Sun gently crept around the corner of the building ready to shed its slanted light into the sheltered part of the garden.

From out of nowhere the most intense golden beam of sunlight flooded in through the large window of my room, chasing away the gloom of the previous moment as it shone.

I looked up in awe as it pierced through the heart pendant in my window and refracted into thousands of shimmering diamonds of light that covered me and made me gasp with joy.

I was dazzled with the light, the beauty, the moment . . .

. . . as my heart was filled with sunshine.

"Once your awareness becomes a flame,
it burns up the whole slavery
that the mind has created."
- Osho

Photo: Heart - Susannah Bec


  It's All About Energy! (C)201011 comments
13 Jun 2010 @ 01:00, by energy. Spirituality

It's All About Energy!
And Then You Find "Synergy", which is really Feelings...
And Then All Else Follows....
Happiness, Passion, Joy, Excitement, Hope, Satisfaction, Love & Security.

Don't be fooled by,
Anger, Annoyance, Criticism, guilt, rush, worry, fear & Hate.

And then and only then you will know what the TRUTH is......


Within..... So Without.....
There has to be a opposite!

But it's up to us to make the right choices
We Create what is right now.
Weather it's True or Not.

But what if you can't Leave a Situation or the negative is all around you?

There is just one answer for that....

Change, Move, Leave, Re-born, New Life, adapt differently.
Create NO MORE PROBLEMS. (Because it's a choice)

If you have the pain, they have the pain. (or Source)


Just simply Change The Subject.

There is no guarantee, so why not live in the NOW that you chose?

Peace, Love & Care.
Flow with Ease,
by Douglas A. Rohloff
It's A Sign (C) 2010  More >

 The Weather of My Dreams 4 comments
7 Jan 2009 @ 12:31, by vector8. Spirituality
When weather forecasters predict cold weather, which I believe is nothing but mind control, and the masses collectively create it with their beliefs, we're all expected to keel over from the cold or feel the same way. Not me.

I believe all realities already exist, which also include all kinds of weather conditions and ways of experiencing the weather. Every day I have two choices: I can tune into the human collective beliefs about the weather and suffer like everyone; or I can experience the weather of my dreams.  More >

 Reality ?
picture 4 Jan 2009 @ 23:16, by susannahbe. Spirituality

Image: The Light of Understanding
by Susannah Bec

Be the change you want to see in the world. ~Gandhi

If we want peace
We must be peace

We are all cells in the same body of humanity
and by fighting others we are only damaging ourselves.

War does not determine who is right - only who is left. ~Bertrand Russell


There is no one objective reality...there are many "realities." Everyones reality is so different, both physically, mentally and emotionally. You can never completely share a "reality" with anyone, because everything we see, observe, hear or experience is filtered through us. And because of this fact, is coloured by our expectation and our total life experience up to that point. Which will always add subtle overtones to our view.

For example, if two people are asked to view and describe the same room, one, if having been bought up in a large house with spacious rooms, will view the room as small, while another having been used to small cosy cottage rooms will view the same room as a large room, who is correct? which is "reality."

One person could hear the sound of a marching band and be reminded of dear old uncle Harold, who played the bass drum in one for thirty years, and all the fun and ice creams a visit to hear him entailed. Whilst another could think of a wartime friend who died tragically, trombone still at his lips, do you get my point?

You could spend 24 hours a day with someone, share your life, a life you had "built" together. But still that person would always be looking at you, while you would always be looking at them, even if you were looking at the same object, you would never be observing it from exactly the same space, at exactly the same time.

Reality is personal, one person loves dogs and has always had one as best friend, another is frightened by dogs, terrified, feeling that they will harm him. They come across a stray dog in the street, what is the reality of the situation? is there one? the men, the dog, or us, as observers will all see the situation differently.

People tend to feel, that if other people do not experience or see things in the same way that they do, that in some way the other person is judging their experience as wrong. Or that if their personal experience of "reality" is correct...then other views of "reality" must be wrong.

So believing in "one reality" can cause disruptions, friction, hurt feelings and frequently causes wars.

For if you believe that there is only one reality...and all your beliefs and life experiences have backed up that you are right. Then obviously it must be very difficult to understand that the other person feels exactly the same as you do, because all of their beliefs and life experiences have led them to their conclusion in exactly the same way.

In each of these "Realities" each person is correct.

The familiar cry is "we can't both be right".

Understand the concept of realities and you will see "yes we can".


An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. ~Mahatma Gandhi

The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations. ~David Friedman

The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower


 Pray For George Bush44 comments
picture4 Jan 2009 @ 11:04, by jazzolog. Spirituality
One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

---Andre Gide

The philosopher asks himself, "What is your aim in philosophy?" and he answers, "To show the fly the way out of the bottle." And where is he when he has made his escape? He is, it appears, exactly where he started; for philosophy "leaves everything as it is."

---Ludwig Wittgenstein

With no bird singing, the mountain is yet more still.

---Zen saying

I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job.

---Statement made George Bush during campaign visit to Amish community, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Jul. 9, 2004

Some people don't pray of course. When called upon to do so one may screw up one's face into a frown of feigned concentration and just sit there until it's over. One may "pray" the wait's not too long.

Others have ritual words to say to fill the silence. When in doubt there's always the "Lord's Prayer" or a mantra, some chant or holy script. You can try meditation, which many distinguish from "talking to God" as listening to God. One can sit on one's chair, one's pillow, a mat...and train yourself to wait patiently through the silence. Maybe God will say something.

The silence is tough. Everyone says the brain chatters away anyway, whether it's prayer or meditation. Mostly it's Let's stop doing this and get on to something fun. If the mind can be quieted, then there's the leg problem or the ache in the knees. Maybe a mosquito whines in your ear and disrupts the Enlightenment.

So even if you can forgive George Bush or the American people, in the event you somehow believe we elected him---twice---the invitation to pray for him may not fit into your schedule. He has a "legacy project" going on now, possibly to spin a few pictures into the minds of columnists and historians who are attempting to collect ALL of the events of the past 8 years into some coherent narrative.

I thought it would be impossible. It's like coming home to an apartment that's been burglarized. Did that ever happen to you? The worst part of it is the sense of invasion and helplessness...because what cop really is going to doing anything about it? To really scare you into paralysis may be part of the strategy. Otherwise the mess everywhere could be from the furtive hurry a thief always must be in. The place is so ransacked it may take hours even to find out what's missing. Did you write down all those appliance serial numbers? Or maybe your house is just empty: they took everything.

I thought no one could sum up what's happened to my country. The review's too complex. They've put us through too much. Their carelessness has been thorough. I remember everything but I don't want to retrieve it, don't want to think about it. But slowly our major writers, right and left, are coming up with our summaries. The righties are saying it hasn't been that bad and maybe Obama will do OK. (Oh jeez, pray for Obama!) Lefties are pouring it on. Vengeance is sweet and they feel the proof of the Bush pudding is everywhere.

Yet no one is going to jail. Indictments are not on the table. Bush hasn't confessed yet...or even tried to put into words what he thinks the plunge in popularity might be about. The one thing the man is skilled at is denial. If he's going to pardon himself, doesn't he first have to admit to something? Cheney did...and he awaits that presidential pardon before leaving for Dubai. The rest of the neocon men and women are lined up for their pardons too. I hate this presidential pardon business. Why do we allow it?

OK, back to my prayers. We must forgive and all work together, and start to pick up the mess. Some stuff is broken and we'll have to get new. The inventories must be done, as surely as the new president and his family will begin unpacking some things today. The girls start in a new school tomorrow. We'll be spiritual today. Have a cup of coffee, read the Sunday paper, and then say a prayer. Or meditate. What's this? A new review is in, and it's Frank Rich.  More >

 Quiet Day5 comments
picture3 Jan 2009 @ 05:48, by koravya. Spirituality
Kind of a quiet day today. Almost next to nothing. First there is the morning newspaper at the nearest convenience store half a mile up the two lane asphalt road. Haven’t seen Fernando behind the counter for two weeks. Happy New Year, my friend.
What do we have to look forward to? Chaos and Destruction. Have a good one. See you again soon.  More >

 Out of the shadows.......
picture 28 Dec 2008 @ 20:22, by susannahbe. Spirituality

We project our own shadows onto suitable screens
and rage at the images and cry at the scenes
it's everything I'm not, It's unfair and untrue
whereas the shadow contains the un owned bits of you

To honestly face whats projected outside
and own it as ours, means nothing to hide
we take back our power and then can begin
to realise the truth, the control panel lies within

We don't see our shadow but others often do
and though hard to face up to, many times it is true
that often we're guilty of the behaviour we hate
our 'unconscious' projected, we take up as bait

Words and Image - Susannah Bec


"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others."
- Carl Jung


Projection is an unconscious psychological mechanism.

Whenever a person is convinced that the awful qualities seen in another person have nothing to do with him or herself, a projection is mostly likely being engaged. This does not mean, however, that these qualities are not present. It merely means that they probably exist, to some extent, in the person observing them.-

Link: What is projection - [link]

As with all unconscious contents, the shadow is first experienced in projection
This means that an unconscious quality of one's own is first recognized and reacted to when it is discovered in an outer object. So long as the shadow is projected, the individual can hate and condemn freely the weakness and evil seen in others while maintaining a sense of righteousness.

Link : - [link]

Projection and War: link - [link]



 Thoughts revisited....
picture 26 Dec 2008 @ 23:02, by susannahbe. Spirituality
Image : Love Frequency by Susannah Bec

Our Choice:

Any situation can be transformed by a shift in attitude or understanding. Anything can be resolved, evolved, transformed. Nothing is static, except for maybe a rigidly guarded viewpoint/standpoint.

We are part of an evolving universe/god/creator/energy, and hologram like, everything contains the reflection of the whole.

We are all participants in the universal play, and all have power to change the reflections that we see in our world, by examining our own beliefs, fears and programming. It is inside us that the control panel rests.

The world is our mirror, if we are unhappy with any reflection, we have a choice, we can continue to act it out externally, or we can adjust our reality from within.. it is our choices as individuals that will eventually decide our collective future.


We have the choice, of where, in the midst of everything, our attention will be placed and focused.


Psychic pollution is toxic and detrimental to our divinity. We are sensitive instruments and our vibrationary level/frequency is affected by our observations.

Like a tuning fork we tend to vibrationally attune to the object/subject of our observations.

It makes a difference where our attention is focused, it makes a difference how we "vibrate".

We hold the key to changing and helping to birth a new consciousness…

The control panel lies within.


When you are within it, you are attuned to it.


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