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 What President Obama Means For Me1 comment
6 Nov 2008 @ 11:53, by vector8. Spirituality
"The more things change the more they stay the same." -- Quark

Times, they are changing. Today America voted its first black American president.

I see Obama's election from two perspectives, however: from the dream and from Reality.

What do I mean by the dream? I believe all forms and ideas are inherently empty i.e. they are free of concepts, beliefs and meanings. For instance if I hear a dog barking, I can either hear it as a dog barking, or I can make up reasons why the dog is barking. I experience that meaning in my own consciousness. Life is what I believe it means for me. In other words, I'm constantly making things up as I go along and joining with like-minds who share my meanings. When I'm making things out of nothing, I am dreaming.  More >

 How to Treat Others -- Specifically0 comments
5 Nov 2008 @ 15:06, by aldin. Spirituality
How to Treat Others – Specifically

The best way to relate to others – including oneself – is with love and compassion and to enjoy and have fun with them whenever possible. This is good *general* advice. If everyone followed it, our society and quality of life would take a quantum leap foreword. These words are not new. Over two millennia ago Jesus said, “Love one another,” and Buddha said that we should have compassion for those who suffer – which is pretty much everybody.

In addition to this general advice, we can treat others in *specific* ways. We can do this by attempting to *know their Soul Essence* and relating to them on that basis. This may sound easy, but it is not. The material world is one of appearances, something that most people identify with. But we are much more than just our physical appearance or how we act. We are multidimensional beings. That is, we exist in various forms simultaneously on many levels: the physical body exists on the material plane, the soul on the astral plane, spirit on the spiritual plane, and more.

For example, a person may appear to be a savvy business person. But if you were to see behind the façade, maybe you would see a little baby: Innocent. Simple. The “savvy businessman” role is simply a mask, something the ego built so he could adapt to a society that doesn’t value innocence or simplicity.

Once you can see the Soul Essence of a person, your relationship with him or her will change. You begin to address the essence instead of the mask: You would treat a baby differently than you would a business person. As you address his innocence and simplicity, the *tone* of the relationship changes.

While this practice may sound impractical (at best) to some, those who use it can increase their sensitivity and awareness. It can deepen and clarify relationships.

How do we find the Essence?  More >

 Vision Summit- corporate - social - cultural - ecological... RESPONSIBILITY !
picture picture picture 3 Nov 2008 @ 22:01, by feecor. Spirituality
last weekend - exhausting to the very end Berlin groofed around the 2nd VISION SUMMIT at the Berlin Free University.
The theme? Social corporate, corporate environmental, or cultural, economic, historic responsibility,... I lost track. pls. excuse....
Here we report about Mahammed Yunnus, but ALSO Genscher, Geissler, Alt, Spiegel,... (more] ? [link]  More >

3 Nov 2008 @ 08:00, by erlefrayne. Spirituality
I call upon our Fellows across the globe, to show our fellowship with the simple folks and mainstream middle class urbanites of the USA, by praying and meditating for peace and progress in the electoral contest. Furthermore, let us all pray and meditate that finally the road back to the Light will begin as a new set of leaders will commence with their noble mandates in a few weeks’ time.

[Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, economist, sociologist, and development consultant from Manila, is also a yogi-Mystic. He is an initiated Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood and is a Guru of self-realization. He is currently in touch with the souls of Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi, both of whom are Evolved souls, who urged him to do some focused peace concerns for America and encourage a reversal of disastrous economic policies of Reaganomics.]  More >

 Changing Our Ideas5 comments
28 Oct 2008 @ 18:40, by jewel. Spirituality
Obama talks a lot about a change in perspective, ending the illusion of duality. I loved this. It's not about bigger or smaller govt but better govt. It's about values, ethos, and changing our minds.

A miracle is a change in perception.

I was thinking the other day, 'what if I lost my drive?'... then I was thinking maybe I used it all up in the first half? third? of it! I was so full of energy!

Then I realized, the idea of drive is about the patriarchal mind. I need to prove something so I have drive to prove it. Yes I am still passionate, but feeling less like I want to prove I can do it! I know I can. I have proven it/ that... whatever IT is!

So now what? It's about inside-out. Centering, aligning, breathing, becoming, expressing... flowing into a true embodiment of what IS, not 'it'. Subjective becomes shared, rather than objective games of proving 'it'....  More >

 Divinity Rising: Go with the Flow
17 Oct 2008 @ 02:05, by divinityr. Spirituality
At our very core, we are love, and the natural state of being is to let that love flow into the world around us. Instead, we allow fears and doubts to keep us from doing that as they present an illusion of lack, incompetence and need. The truth is that the love within us is abundance and when let loose, will flow into the world around us.  More >

 Touch-Typing and Trusting in Love 2 comments
26 Sep 2008 @ 14:00, by vector8. Spirituality
I was speaking to my mother about learning to touch-type. She said after she finished school she attended a technical college where she was taught to touch-type on a manual typewriter. She said their teacher made them master particular keys before they moved on to the next and the next.

"At least you had the luxury of time to learn," I said. "I actually learned to touch-type in about four hours."

"That's amazing! How?"

"I borrowed a friend's typing manual and learned from there."  More >

21 Sep 2008 @ 09:28, by vaxen. Spirituality
The following article was written by a friend of mine and does contain some very salient advice concerning the changes that many are experiencing. The changes are going to keep right on coming. The old order is dying and we are being born anew each day. Be prepared. You can see the "Paradigm Shift" as a blessing or a curse.
Or maybe you don't see it at all?

Message from Eric Pepin

May you live in interesting times. It seems to be the
message I am putting out lately.

No doubt many of you are concerned with the financial
markets and the change that it represents and how it
will affect you. Well I make no claims to being a financial
adviser but certainly I have a handle on other effecting
energies. I think it’s important for me to explain to
fellow Navigators what is happening on a global and
spiritual level at least to help put things into a greater
perspective.  More >

 Animal Spirit Guides50 comments
18 Sep 2008 @ 15:39, by skookum. Spirituality
Shamanism: Working with animal spirits.


I have in the last few weeks had unusually frequent contact with a high number of Praying Mantis...

[link]  More >

 Everyone is Allowed… One: a Rant for Those Who Missed the Point of 9/118 comments
picture 11 Sep 2008 @ 07:27, by hyphenate. Spirituality
[In attempts to provide a “fair and balanced” side to this eternally optimistic warehouse of writings, I take my first opportunity to really Rant! as the anniversary of 9/11 looms in the air, the heads of at least half of us continue to be stuck in the sand (or somewhere else where the sun doesn’t shine), we still consent to the ridiculous practice of having drinking water taken away from us at the airport in the name of “national security” and more. Consider this the equivalent of the old practice of taking your car out on the highway once in a while, “punching it” and really clearing/blowing out the carbeurator of all its caked-on gook. Upon completion of this we will return you to your regularly scheduled smiling "Cheerleader for Humanity"]

The approach to the anniversary of 9/11 is the time of year when, for the last eight years, people have traditionally stumbled upon the One World Flag, in the seeking out of “a bigger flag to fly”; that is-- some tangible representation of that higher ideal they embrace which, sadly, doesn’t seem to have yet taken hold in the majority.

The most impassioned heart-testimonials arrive from those brave enough to continue to entrain to this larger idea-- of the possibility within us all-- rather than get “sucked back” down to the lower vibration contracted unto by those who would give away their discernment and personal power, and those who gladly continue to take and use that. These higher-minded compassionate beings are the truly embattled and discriminated minority, more in alignment with the persecuted, right-minded indigenous ones throughout the history of the world, than their “Taker” oppressors (as defined by Daniel Quinn in his “Ishamel”-- please read it).

The “reality of what is”; the neverending wars with unseen enemies toward undefined objectives; the constant barefoot reminders of the color-coded need to “fear the faceless other”, relinquish all drinking water and any shampoo or lotion in excess of 3 fluid ounces, and continue to give personal power away to the benevolent institutional/ corporate/presidential/religious father figures of the day… is as lost on “us”…  More >

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