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 Ron Lautenbach visits our Warrior Center7 comments
picture5 Aug 2008 @ 23:38, by jerryvest. Spirituality
Awakening the Awe by Ron Lautenbach, Ph.D.

Below is a poem by Ron Lautenbach, Ph.D. who wrote about his experience while meeting with the soldiers at Ft. Bliss in our William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center. I have invited Ron to be a guest blogger for me this month and we are grateful for his presentation and his service to our soldiers from the Warrior Battalion.

Dr. Lautenbach is a remarkable human being and a world class mountain climber and adventurer. I have known Ron for the past two years during our visits to Munson Senior Center where he and I volunteered our services with the elders enrolled in the senior programs. My friend has been on the Discovery Channel and is on the Kodak Mountain Climbing Team that has successfully climbed numerous mountains throughout the world. As part of my responsibilities for our Center, I serve as Coordinator for our Health Education Program. We introduce a variety of presenters and resources every Friday morning as a means for keeping our Warriors informed about health, education and family issues. [link]

Thank you very much, Ron. I know the soldiers enjoyed and appreciated your thoughtful and respectful message related to "Creating Lifestyle Changes." We look forward to a return presentation soon and hopefully a mountain retreat with you in September.

Jerry Vest, ACSW/LISW

Awakening The Awe

I did not visit you to view values of your valiant, voguish voyages, venomous ventures of vital valor, nor the vitality of your pledges.

I did not try to teach or tempt your mind with technical talk and tempered thinking of theology’s or philosophy’s tiring theorems that are so stinking.

I came naked to an unbalanced truth with dreams and vicissitude to new goals of simple nonsense’s subtle humor and freedom’s discipline of self controls.

I encountered a warm invitation to share souls seeking real serenity - not yet found; but with a passionate hope manifested from serendipity.

I felt your vast agony and anger; and acknowledged it; but I ignored it since I sensed an awesome algorithm of wonder that inspires fresh spirits.

It was reverence for awe that grabbed me as I shared the awful with the awe-struck; and I was challenged to metamorphose reality into awesome good luck.

I felt my mind melting into my soul as my heart appealed to karma’s pleasure to experience your unique program of R & R with positive leisure.

Groriter © 2008  More >

 The Cost of Enlightenment11 comments
28 May 2008 @ 17:34, by skookum. Spirituality
Just a few thoughts written by a not so enlightened person.  More >

12 May 2008 @ 10:56, by erlefrayne. Spirituality
Almost everyone experiences fear, among which is the fear of the Devil. Why not re-examine your behavior, and one time or another you’d be going through the rituals of demonizing people around you: neighbor, fellow officesmate, Saddam Hussein, or anybody outside of you who would exemplify the Demon-incarnate.

Fellows, the demon is right inside of you, so please don’t over-bother yourself with looking for demons outside of you. True, there are ‘devils’(fallen angels, negative aliens of the Reptilian type) and ‘demons’ (interdimensional demented beings) everywhere, but you failed to see this Inner Demon inside of you. Mind you, we all have this petty demon inside of us, and it matters how we manage to rise above its dictates on us—through the Primal Self, or desire-driven pursuits.

Inside of us too is an ‘etheric double’ that looks just like us. It is our doppelganger, and at times it can disengage from us, show up elsewhere and materialize right there, looking exactly just like us, and then moves back to be re-integrated into your physical body. The doppelganger is the repository of everything negative in us, becomes our ghost when our soul departs with the astral body, and disintegrates after around 500 years or so. Our Inner Demon necessarily nestles in the doppelganger, they are One.  More >

 Everything Always Works Out for the Best 0 comments
7 May 2008 @ 14:12, by vector8. Spirituality
My mother's friend passed away recently. When she found out when the funeral was, she wondered how she was going to get to the church and the cemetery.

As I was walking home a few nights ago, a car pulled up beside me and a passenger asked me if I knew where a particular road was. I knew the road was in our neighbourhood but I couldn't remember where exactly. So I apologised and told the man I didn't know where it was. When I arrived home, I asked my mother if she knew where the road was. She said she'd seen it but couldn't remember where.  More >

 Incommunicabilité des expériences extatiques !0 comments
1 May 2008 @ 09:54, by isidore. Spirituality
Réflexions autour des expériences extatiques.
Normalement nos travaux en et de méditation nous conduisent à ces expériences.
Mais il faut être conscient que nous ne pouvons pas échanger avec nos contemporains sur ce sujet.
Il faut être conscient que ce que nous appelons « expérience extatique » sont des expériences d’un état de conscience différent...  More >

 Going Green 0 comments
28 Apr 2008 @ 10:33, by vector8. Spirituality
"Mother," I asked, "why don't you teach others the method of living without food?"

My ambitious hopes for the world's starving millions were nipped in the bud.

"No." She shook her head. "I was strictly commanded by my guru not to divulge the secret. It is not his wish to tamper with God's drama of creation. The farmers would not thank me if I taught many people to live without eating! The luscious fruits would lie uselessly on the ground. It appears that misery, starvation, and disease are whips of our karma which ultimately drive us to seek the true meaning of life."

"Mother," I said slowly, "what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?"

"To prove that man is Spirit." Her face lit with wisdom. "To demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food." --- Autobiography of a Yogi


So my mother noticed that one of her many clocks had stopped working. Presumably, the battery had run out. She said she was going to check if she had any spares. The next morning I noticed she hadn't changed the batteries so I figured, why not charge the batteries?

I channelled energy to the batteries and the clock started ticking away. I then corrected the clock. When I showed mum her clock was working she asked me what I'd done.

"I charged the batteries," I said.

Mum gave me that "my daughter is mad" stare that' I've become accustomed to. At least the clock is now working.  More >

 Schools of Thought
23 Apr 2008 @ 05:48, by deepwater. Spirituality
It seems to be that there are many and various ways of approaching an understanding of the same thing. Within each of these ways there is a common language that helps the thinkers along that line to communicate effectively with each other and thereby evolve their understanding.

What if all these approaches were to come to some meta-level of understanding through a consensual clarification of the meaning of terms? Could we then begin to evolve an understanding that gives a holistic overview of that which we are all currently looking at from different angles?

This is the vision that I hold for humanity, a coherent, unified framework of understanding within which we can develop a clear overview and have rational dialogue, that transcends the current obstacles that arise due to lack of clarity and consensus on the meanings of terms.

I sincerely hope that other thinkers are willing to embrace this vision and that we can embark upon an amazing journey of conscious evolution.

 Why the Inner Critic is Now My Greatest Ally 1 comment
18 Apr 2008 @ 11:09, by vector8. Spirituality
The other night, my mother and I watched some documentary on television about kids who were geniuses, and they made a big deal about how special these kids were.

"We are all geniuses in our own right," I said.

"You're right," mum said.

"Take you, for example, you make the best stews in the whole world," I said. "In my opinion, that's pure genius."

Mum smiled.  More >

 The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow 0 comments
15 Apr 2008 @ 11:30, by vector8. Spirituality
When I arrived at the library, I was told the Internet was down. I decided I would take a bus ride to Richmond and go for a long walk in the park. At Richmond, I stopped off at the local library to use their Internet. I also browsed a friend’s website of a House she is running in Scotland, which is for backpackers and a Highland retreat. I noticed one of the rooms was called the "Rainbow Room." I started day-dreaming about what it would be like to spend time at the retreat.  More >

 The past sneaks up on one.11 comments
8 Apr 2008 @ 05:04, by skookum. Spirituality
It was rather odd, when I came to realize it. Part of us is aware of course, all the time. Apparently, I was walking around clueless.  More >

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