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 The Other Erwin Schrodinger4 comments
9 Sep 2008 @ 08:58, by johnjoseph. Spirituality

The Other Erwin Schrodinger

I was recently reading a small book by Physicist Erwin Schrodinger, noted for his Nobel prize and contributions to Quantum theory and the paradox of “Schrodinger’s Cat”. What is not well known is his mystical approach to certain things for example his concept of “negative entropy” to explain some unique characteristics of life itself. Writing over 50 years ago he states that classical physics has reached an impasse and has to change its ideas in some ways, in order to be able to advance further. The first way is to adopt what he calls the “Law of Identity”, which he borrows from the Hindu religion. This asserts that we all share in our consciousness in the consciousness of God. Schrodinger sees the question of whether this involves souls as an unnecessary complication, and seems not to believe in them. Linked to his view of consciousness is his profound belief that the split between Subject and Object, central to Classical Science, is an illusion. He believed that it is really a split in our minds, in our consciousness, that creates this illusion of a separation between observer and object. His views were remarkable at that time and are still cutting-edge today. I completely agree with his analysis and add here a few thoughts of my own. Recently I have been thinking and writing about “the Other” and it is clear to me that the split between Self and Other, which is the cause of so much trouble in the world, is a split in consciousness similar to what he describes. Self/Other is a false dichotomy, an illusion, on a par with that between Observer and Observed. It is caused by a split in our consciousness, our way of looking at things, and I will now elaborate why.
Schrodinger’s “Law of Identity” says that we all share, in our individual consciousness, in the consciousness of God. This is the Hindu view and that of many mystics. But most world religions resolutely deny that we are part of the Godhead and consider it blasphemy to say this. Yet it is this very same denial, I believe, that is the cause of this split in our consciousness that leads us to create “the Other” and “the Object”. First we deny that we are like God, then we start to perceive God as the Other, then we perceive parts of ourselves as other, then Nature, Woman, Gays, Blacks, Muslims and so on. This condition is called Alienation. In these circumstances the alienated Self, the Ego, itself splits into countless inner others. To the alienated, everything is other, nothing is self. In reality everything is God, but alienated people cannot see that. One consequence of this estrangement from God, and ourselves, is that we try to destroy everything we see as other. But this is impossible. The other is everywhere. It is like our shadow. In attempting to destroy the other all we do is destroy ourselves. All the environmental problems we have, such as climate change, come from this unconscious desire to destroy the other, and Nature is a huge other. The remedy for this malaise and all such, is to accept that there is no Other; Everything is Self, Everything is God.  More >

 Divinity's Ten in One: 9:8:08 - Frying Pans of DOOM (doom, doom)!!
9 Sep 2008 @ 03:11, by divinityr. Spirituality

SURRENDER ...SURRENDER... SURRENDER.... Over the last couple weeks, circumstances have been pounding against me as I mentally dug my heels in and vowed, “I refuse to surrender to anything external trying to draw me into hurting myself or others.”
And what a battle that has been. It seemed the harder I tried to react in love, the more trying and frustrating my surroundings became. I'd start to get caught up: mentally beating myself up or reacting but then catch myself and say “Bless this” and “Praises for allowing me to experience what this is like!” The harder I felt the push externally, the more I tried to give and be resolute and ask for help in letting only blessings leave my mouth.

And although our strength comes from the ability to refrain from surrendering to our surroundings, surrender is exactly what we need: surrender to our souls. I swear an angel of great strength has been following me with the thickest frying pan available in heaven. I may have the dents in my head to prove it. LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!
It does make a lovely rhythm. I love percussion. I digress.
Read the rest here: [link]  More >

 "Pink Cloud" Syndrome 2 comments
8 Sep 2008 @ 10:54, by vector8. Spirituality
I have a BIG confession to make. I suffer from "Pink Cloud" Syndrome also known as people who live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land. Because of this syndrome, I tend to see everything with optimism or with Love's vision.

Once a week I attend the Pink Cloud Syndrome Anonymous group meeting where I get to meet with and share experiences with other sufferers. Here's what I shared in last night's meeting.

*************************************  More >

 Activating Love - Revisited 0 comments
30 Aug 2008 @ 15:27, by vector8. Spirituality
"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." -- Psalm 119: 18

"For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." --Philippians 2: 13


I know colours are everywhere, yet sometimes it feels like there are no colours at all. I find one way for me to notice colours is to activate them, i.e. I put out an intention that I want to notice colours. Sometimes I play a game of noticing particular colours and I spot them everywhere.  More >

picture29 Aug 2008 @ 06:15, by freo7. Spirituality
from what's up on Planet Earth

October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well. There will be so much going on for us in October, that we will barely be able to keep up!

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picture26 Aug 2008 @ 05:29, by deepwater. Spirituality
Here is the fourth in the meditation series that is being shared here in the hope that it helps us come to a personal realisation of the nature of Reality.

The individual point of consciousness is unified and whole and can experience itself as such, so can come to realise the unified wholeness of that which we are a part.  More >

 Archangel Michael Update For August 0 comments
picture24 Aug 2008 @ 15:59, by freo7. Spirituality
As you unite with your spiritual brothers and sisters from around the world, we ask you to join in a great prayer together: "BELOVED (ALMIGHTY) FATHER/MOTHER GOD, I ASK FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD, THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE EARTH AND ALL HUMANITY." Breathe in the LIGHT, and breathe OUT the sacred Adamantine Particles of Creation activated by your unconditional loving energy. "BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE ** BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE." The Infinity Breath exercise will enhance your efforts and increase the personal benefits you will derive; however, it is not necessary for this powerful meditation and prayer to be effective. By doing so, you will radiate forth from your Sacred Heart core the Adamantine Particles of Life/Light that you have drawn forth from the Creator Source, and it will be gathered and magnified one thousand fold.  More >

 Only One Here! 0 comments
18 Aug 2008 @ 15:15, by vector8. Spirituality
It's a funny thing traffic lights. I've observed that when I'm waiting to cross the road, sometimes the lights change very quickly and sometimes they seem to take forever. What's going on there?

Hold that thought!

The other day I came out of the supermarket with two heavy bags of shopping. I intended to cross over the road to catch my bus home. As I was waiting for the lights to change, I noticed my bus turning round the corner. Oh no, hold that bus!

Then I thought to myself: "There's only One here!"  More >

 Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.5 comments
picture picture 14 Aug 2008 @ 19:26, by hyphenate. Spirituality
That's not some hackneyed cliché' that just wants to roll off the tongue because I don't have any real thought to add. It is my core belief, instilled in me in a perfect moment on a swingset as a kid (and probably much before that), and honed in 48 years of personal work on the planet. This is basically the ingrained knowledge I came in to share, and its time to be expressed seems to be now.

There is a balance to what I will say here, but I will swing the pendulum far enough beyond center, to the side opposite and of a measure equal to countering the doom-and-gloom that well-meaning "cause people" have swung it to the other.

I love cause people. I have been and continue to be one. But I feel a reframing of our outlook has been in order for quite a while. So here goes.

All of this is Illusion. All of it is material we have co-created, along with Spirit… to work with, in order to learn all the lessons we signed on for... most of which can be boiled down to... Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.

Yes we know we care. No we don't want the Earth to be trashed, species to be rendered extinct, people not honored fully for who they are, treated fairly, etc. No, I am not saying, "Stop the good work you are doing."

But I am saying-- if you continue to do this good work, and the things that good people do-- do it from perhaps a different perspective, that can be developed out of the following questions:
  • Do you trust God/dess, the Creative force of the Universe, so little... to think that all is not handled?
  • Do you think there is no Sacred Witness watching over others, such as has watched over you-- patiently holding the space for each of us to choose and act rightly in any given situation... working ourselves toward choosing rightly (my definition: choosing the thought or act that holds the most Light, highest Vibration, etc., as we all know deeply within ourselves how that looks and feels)?
  • Do you think that any well-intended word or action on anyone's part... could have caused us to act, think or choose differently... prior to our time of being ready to do so?
  • If we can pull back and truly witness Life as this Matrix or Star Trek Next Generation Holodeck or Stage Play or Virtual Reality Video Game, where the entirety of the experience is fabricated out of nothingness, and simply part of the program we choose to run each time out-- consenting to playing our part in this virtual creation... can't we then reframe some of our angst and urgency that all is not as it should be?  More >

 ET, You are Already Home! 0 comments
14 Aug 2008 @ 12:04, by vector8. Spirituality
"Who are you and why are you hiding?


What if the Aliens are already here,
And walking amongst us
In great numbers?

And have been
For a very long time.

The Pi philosophy has been kept secret from the multitudes for five thousand years. How is that possible? If that could be kept secret, so could the fact that Aliens are secretly amongst us, in great numbers. Maybe there is such a thing as magic. Maybe there are those who can manipulate matter as an act of will… those with their hearts in Atlantis." From Book of Daleth


I hear people talk about ETs and alien contacts. Some even believe these aliens or ETs communicate with us through the many crop circles that keep popping up around the world. Is it true that there are aliens circling the globe in their cloaked space ships, biding their time until the right moment when they will make first contact with humans?  More >

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