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 Mother's Last Gift1 comment
19 Oct 2007 @ 05:59, by skookum. Death & Dying
true story...  More >

 The Sudden Death of Ken Ogger29 comments
picture31 May 2007 @ 11:00, by jhs. Death & Dying
On Memorial Day, May 28th, 2007, Ken Ogger, aka 'the Pilot', was found dead in the swimming pool of the house he lived in North Hollywood.

Ken had an extremely strong motivation to help others with his writings, some of which originated from his own thinking, and much of it from the thinking of others before him. At the same time, he engaged in a fierce fight against those who want to institutionalize the philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard.

His writings are accessible at many places, see for example at [link] . No entry (yet) in the new newagewiki.

Even though I lost contact to him in recent years, I will always remember his fascinating, vivid monologues about the creation of our Universe and wish him farewell.  More >

 Just One more LOA story...1 comment
16 Jul 2006 @ 06:52, by freo7. Death & Dying
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 Eulogy.. to a cat6 comments
picture 28 Nov 2005 @ 06:53, by skookum. Death & Dying
Rascal succumbed to some unknown malady tonight. Nevertheless, his memory and the stories I write about him will continue on. Speaking of something odd...A true story for you...  More >

 Rosa Parks!
picture25 Oct 2005 @ 04:56, by judih. Death & Dying
24/25 Rosa!

Rosa Parks
you, woman of simple strength
sitting when sitting was a crime
standing up for what you believe,
when what you believed was ignored
changing history in a single decision
inspiring a country with a one-track mind
freedom claimed
when freedom was denied
and here you've gone and died

i won't forget
i won't forget to remind others
i won't forget to do as you did and did again and again
the fight became your fight
the abstractions became facts

i won't forget
dear Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died Monday, October 24th at the age of 92. Thank you for living your life, dear lady.

judih haggai
oct 25, Israel time.

See Yahoo News:[link]  More >

 The Tragedy Of Entertainment2 comments
30 Sep 2005 @ 10:55, by poopac2222. Death & Dying
I went to a funeral today, my first funeral, but not the funeral of somebody of whom I was particularly close...  More >

 Dying With Dignity39 comments
6 Jul 2005 @ 01:52, by vaxen. Death & Dying
Just as I select my ship when I am about to go on a voyage or my house when I propose to take a residence, so shall I choose my death when I am about to depart from life. Seneca

Many of the most beautiful and meaningful facets of life are the way they are because they are ephemeral. When I was a student in college, often before I went to bed I would listen to Beethoven’s Ninth. There was a chord in the final movement that for me lifted the entire piece to an ecstatic plane. Every time I listened, I anticipated that one chord. It lasted approximately seven seconds, and I always wished the feelings I was experiencing would never end. However, one evening I asked myself what it would be like to experience that chord forever. It was then I realized if the chord were made eternal I would develop a hatred for it. I wouldn’t be able to bear listening to that chord for a day, an hour, minute or even one more measure. The chord was beautiful and meaningful because of its brief but essential relation to the entire piece. It was beautiful and meaningful because of its finitude.
So many of us live our lives striving for the infinite, for our own immortality. We refuse to acknowledge our own passing placement in the web of life, and in doing so we fail to see our own beauty. It has become our mission to forestall death. Everyday we exercise, eat right, take our vitamins in an attempt to suspend the inevitable. However, the fact remains that in the final analysis there is always death. Even people who have accepted this fact often forget their death can be controlled. We can rightfully be concerned with how and when we die. Today we have a responsibility to reconstruct our understandings of death which have been vitiated by denial and fear. To live full, meaningful lives we must embrace our mortality. We must learn to control our dying that we can die well.

Chad Clouse  More >

 Terri Shiavo0 comments
31 Mar 2005 @ 05:13, by swanny. Death & Dying
This may itself be to late but there is no
way of knowing. Hang in there girl.
According to my research the removal of the tube
while solicited by the husband came as the result
of a judges determination that according to the
evidence, facts and witnesses, "he" ruled that
Terri would not want to live in her current state.
Yet "time" has shown otherwise.
There is such a thing as "will" and the will
to live. To live in spite of the probablity of death.
It has now been thirteen days since she has received
water. Now conventional wisdom says that people usually
die after three days without water. The doctors progronosis
was between 10 and 12 days but thirteen days. Is this not a
definitive and "clear" affirmation of Terri's "WILL TO LIVE".
It seems so to me even though "will" is not normally
measureable, generally there is only such will with
strong hope and passion. I must post now though so
may God have mercy and grace on us if she dies.

 Passion Play
picture 22 Mar 2005 @ 16:15, by jmarc. Death & Dying
Cast of Characters
Body....played by Terry Schiavo
Cart Driver.....played by Judge George Greer
Large Man.......played by Michael Schiavo  More >

 The day the earth shook! Tsunami and Sumatran disaster.21 comments
28 Dec 2004 @ 19:40, by bri_outten. Death & Dying
It is somewhat wierd that the Tsunami / Sumatran earthquake should happen exactly one year to the day after the tragic earthquake in Bam (Iran)!
I dont believe it is some strange conspiracy or anything like that, but I wonder if anyone can hazard an explanation?

Furthermore, I hope you will join me in prayer for the dead and dispossessed at this awful of times.
God, give them strength.

Us, all we can do is continue to strive in order for the poor people of Southern Asia to have nearer the quality of life we have. Plus, the arrival of some early warning system of Earthquake / Tsunami monitoing-warning equipment, such as is in existance to the west coast of USA!  More >

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