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 Eulogy.. to a cat6 comments
picture 28 Nov 2005 @ 06:53, by Marissa A Spencer

Rascal succumbed to some unknown malady tonight. Nevertheless, his memory and the stories I write about him will continue on. Speaking of something odd...A true story for you...

I know we have all heard the stories of animals who have visited beyond the other side after they have passed. Even a few nights ago at my healing night meeting there was an account. A woman reported hearing her cat meowing and going to look for it without success. Later..her neighbor came to report that the cat had passed the night before from some mishap and he had buried it. Sounds impossible? Well, we are told that such things are not possible. Not sure who gave those people the all knowingness to be able to declare such a thing.

Now...on to my small story. My son Matthew is a very perceptive and sensitive young man of 13. His red hair and green eyes looked at me intently one afternoon. "Mom," he said,"We saw Skookum."

Skookum was a cat we had loved for many years before she passed from old age about five years ago. She was found in an empty field as a small kitten and brought to us half frozen and almost lifeless. I nursed her back to health and she lived many years after that. She was a distinctive looking cat. A manx with long soft fur. She was a lynx point, having coloring similar to a siamese. I do not know how such a fancy looking cat ended up in that field, but we were happy to have her.

Back to the story...One afternoon my son Matthew and a friend of his were playing video games in the living room. I have a stereo on the top of the entertainment center. They both looked up from their play and saw Skookum sitting up there. Just sitting, not doing anything in particular. Matthew figured his friend didn't see it so he said nothing. His friend didn't say anything because he thought it was just one of our cats. Later the neighbor boy mentioned the cat and described her. He decribed her distinctive appearance.

Yes Matthew... there is a Skookum!

So.. while I mourn my brave space-riding cat. I also celebrate his liberation into that great beyond. I expect...he will visit from time to time. Of that I have no doubt.

(c) 11-27-05 Marissa A Spencer

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28 Nov 2005 @ 13:01 by jmarc : Sorry about your cat
that's tough. We lost ours this summer, and it was a tough thing to experience. Cooincidentally, his name was Joe. Is this a new fad, naming ourselves after our cats? He did such a good job ridding the new place of meeces that the new girl has had to content herself with chasing a laser dot.  

28 Nov 2005 @ 17:56 by skookum : well..
it is an old Chinook word and I liked it..
She was still living when I took the moniker.

thanks for your kind thoughts.


2 Jan 2006 @ 10:07 by namakando : eulogy.......
That is very touching indeed.I have always loved pets meself but have since stopped because i tend to get too emotionally attached that when they make the crosSing to the other side leaving me i get devastated emotionally.My pets name was "Ginger",a mongrel bitch whose memories of which live on inside of me.Here's something i found out for you on cats,which i expect you already know as i gather from your Eulogy to SKOOKUM.


The domestic cat became highly regarded by Egyptian civilization as an animal of awe and wonder. Originating between five and six thousand years ago, domesticated cats came to be praised for their excellent mouse hunting abilities. The Egyptians found cats fascinating, even regarding them as godlike. Because cats were deeply respected, they were often mummified and even buried in great tombs with their owners. Finally, the Egyptian battle of Pelusium illustrates, better than any other example, the importance Egyptians placed on cats.
Indeed, so highly regarded were cats in Egyptian society that it was considered a high crime to kill a cat, punishable by death. Families owning cats took care that they received attention and respect.

Deep respect was given to cats even after they died. Whenever a household cat died, the entire family would go through a period of grief, shaving their eyebrows to mark their sadness. Deceased cats were very often mummified and entombed with fine jewelry and treasures; a custom usually reserved for only the most powerful and wealthy. Mummified rats and mice have even been found in cats' tombs, signaling the Egyptian belief in a cat afterlife.


3 Jan 2006 @ 07:06 by skookum : We are but poor
companions to our 'pets'. For they silently watch over us.  

8 Jan 2006 @ 01:52 by nemue : Always with you
....remember that your beautiful cat whilst departed from this earth will always be there to watch over you. I am thinking of you at this sad time..

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