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6 Jul 2005 @ 01:52, by Vaxen Var

Just as I select my ship when I am about to go on a voyage or my house when I propose to take a residence, so shall I choose my death when I am about to depart from life. Seneca

Many of the most beautiful and meaningful facets of life are the way they are because they are ephemeral. When I was a student in college, often before I went to bed I would listen to Beethoven’s Ninth. There was a chord in the final movement that for me lifted the entire piece to an ecstatic plane. Every time I listened, I anticipated that one chord. It lasted approximately seven seconds, and I always wished the feelings I was experiencing would never end. However, one evening I asked myself what it would be like to experience that chord forever. It was then I realized if the chord were made eternal I would develop a hatred for it. I wouldn’t be able to bear listening to that chord for a day, an hour, minute or even one more measure. The chord was beautiful and meaningful because of its brief but essential relation to the entire piece. It was beautiful and meaningful because of its finitude.
So many of us live our lives striving for the infinite, for our own immortality. We refuse to acknowledge our own passing placement in the web of life, and in doing so we fail to see our own beauty. It has become our mission to forestall death. Everyday we exercise, eat right, take our vitamins in an attempt to suspend the inevitable. However, the fact remains that in the final analysis there is always death. Even people who have accepted this fact often forget their death can be controlled. We can rightfully be concerned with how and when we die. Today we have a responsibility to reconstruct our understandings of death which have been vitiated by denial and fear. To live full, meaningful lives we must embrace our mortality. We must learn to control our dying that we can die well.

Chad Clouse

Earth and Sky, you and I live and die forever. Earth and Sky, you and I live and die together. And even the stars die…but they twinkle first!

SECTION 8: DYING WELL NETWORK 8.01) History of Dying Well Network 8.02) The Use of Inert Gas to Hasten Death 8.03) Hemlock's Caring Friends program

8.01) History of Dying Well Network Dying Well Network was as no-fee, nonprofit organization which gave information and presence at deathings. Once Hemlock's Caring Friends started up, Dying Well Network no longer needed to continue. For historical purposes the following criteria were used to qualify a person for Dying Well Network's support:

1. The person must be an adult and mentally competent. Dying Well Network does not give information to minors or to persons who are incompetent.

2. The person must sign a Release of Information allowing the Dying Well Network volunteer to share information with the Dying Well Network and their consultant(s).

3. The person must sign Releases of Information so Dying Well Network personnel can receive information from the treating physician(s) and other past and present care-givers as appropriate, especially including Hospice.

4. The person must be diagnosed as terminally ill by a licensed physician or the person must have a condition that is incurable and associated with severe, unrelenting psychological agony or physical suffering even if not imminently terminal, for example, chronic, progressive multiple sclerosis.

5. The person must make his or her own decision and must not be coerced. Consultation with a certified or licensed professional mental health provider will be required if there is any doubt that the person’s request is voluntary, rational and enduring. The consulting mental health provider will review the supporting materials and may interview the person making the request for information.

6. The person must understand the condition, prognosis and the types of available treatments and comfort care as a part of informed consent. All reasonable treatment and comfort-oriented measures must have been tried or at least been considered.

7. When there is significant uncertainty about the person’s medical condition or prognosis, a second opinion shall be sought and the uncertainty clarified as much as possible before a final decision is made about the person’s request.

8. The person must sign an Informed Request form that acknowledges that he or she is aware of the current legal status of performing a suicide and of the jeopardy of those who are involved in the process in any way.

This form will inform the terminally ill person that in the State of Washington a 'civil commitment' law (RCW 71.05) states that a person who is imminently dangerous to himself or herself, as evidenced by intent or attempts to harm self as a result of a mental or emotional disorder, may receive involuntary psychiatric care.

In the absence of such a disorder, Washington law does not address, reference or adjudicate an individual’s attempt to die. More simply stated, if a person believes that a second person is attempting to kill himself or herself because of a mental illness, then the first person can request a Mental Health Professional to evaluate the second person for need of psychiatric treatment even if the second person does not want the evaluation or treatment.

9. The person will sign a form acknowledging that his or her physician(s) and/or treatment facility may choose to discontinue care when the person considers hastening death. If the physician(s) and/or facility discontinue(s) care then it is the person’s responsibility to reinstate the relationship or find alternate care. Dying Well Network can help the person find alternative sources of care which do not abandon or refer out a person who is planning to hasten death.

10. The person must be capable of understanding the nature of the information provided and its implications. The presence of depression is relevant if it affects the person’s ability to make rational decisions. Depression is different than grief. In both grief and depression a person is reacting to losses, but in grief, unlike in depression, a person still maintains self-esteem. A person who is seeking information to control death is not necessarily depressed.

11. The person will sign a form acknowledging that the science of gentle, nonviolent suicide by overdose is not failure proof. Experience gained by the Dying Well Network and Compassion in Dying, another organization dedicated to helping terminally ill persons die well, dictates protocols which must be followed to insure the highest probability of dying well in a timely manner. Contrary to popular belief, death by overdose, even huge overdoses, frequently fails. Dying Well Network warns that do-it-yourself overdosing frequently fails, leaving the dying person even worse off and in a more desperate situation. The recipes listed in the 'Drug Dosage Table' in Derek Humphry’s book, Final Exit, are not failure proof. There are known failures even though the protocols were suggested and supplied in good faith by physicians who were “certain” that the overdose they prescribed would result in a peaceful, timely death. Dying Well Network adamantly advises against a terminally or incurably ill person attempting suicide by following recipes available from hearsay, books, pamphlets or on the Internet. Dying Well Network will not provide presence at death unless a mutually satisfactory protocol is planned and followed.

12. Informing family members is strongly recommended. Ideally, close family members should be an integral part of the decision-making process and should understand and support the person’s decision. The dying person must be careful about disclosure both for the sake of self and others. Disclosure to a person vehemently opposed to hastening death may make it difficult or impossible to complete. Disclosure to a person who would not be able to live with it afterwards is also contraindicated. If there is a dispute between the family and the dying person about whether or how to proceed, it may require the involvement of a counselor to mediate the differences. If requested, Dying Well Network may help find resolution or mediation. Dying Well Network reserves the right to refuse to be present at death if a family member or significant loved one is opposed to hastening death. If Dying Well Network is asked to be present at the time of death, we request that only the spouse or a significant loved one be present unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to in advance.

13. Cremation will follow death unless waived by Dying Well Network. In case of a criminal investigation Dying Well Network does not want to risk having the body exhumed. It could be problematic for Dying Well Network and certainly would be difficult for the surviving loved ones. Once physician aid-in-dying is legal, this qualification will be dropped.

The Dying Well Network was the first to develop the use of inert gas as a means of self-deliverance. The use of helium or nitrogen has clear advantages over other means of hastening death:

A nitrogen death is non-violent. Guns, jumps from heights, hangings and other violent methods are not only disrespectful the to body but also disrespectful to the persons who have to deal with the carnage. Death by nitrogen does not cause seizures.

Some terminally or incurably persons can’t swallow so pills so pills can’t be used. But anyone who is alive is breathing and therefore can take in notrogen or helium. Pills sometimes don’t work. Helium is 100% fatal. Pills often take “too long.” Helium causes death in less than ten minutes.

Once a person takes an overdose, the only way to reverse the situation is to induce vomiting or get emergency medical help. If a person using helium wants to reverse the situation, he or she simply removes the mask or exit bag and within less than a minute is back to previous functioning.

Pills, even if reversed, may leave significant trauma, e.g., brain dysfunction and constipation. There are no known residual effects from stopping the helium process...not even a headache.

Pills require a prescription and therefore deathings are dependent on the cooperation or deceiving physicians and pharmacists. The use of helium “de-medicalizes” deathings since it does not require the involvement of a physician or a pharmacist. Pills are not only nearly impossible to procure, they are expensive.

Helium or nitrogen delivery systems can be purchased inexpensively. The taste of “de-capsulated” pills is awful and has to be “covered up” with something like applesauce. Inhaling nitrogen is not at all different from normal breathing; it is not at all caustic.

Pills leave evidence after the “suicide.” Nitrogen inhalation decreases oxygen available to the person hastening death. Nitrogen is a gas that builds up naturally in a dying person. A forensic evaluation may not be able to detect the rapid onset of nitrogen because dying persons’ nitrogen levels increase during “natural” dying.

There have been more than 300 deaths due to the use of the inert gases nitrogen or helium. In all cases death occurred within a few minutes with no apparent discomfort. The deathings went as predicted.

This is a monumental step in the Right to Die movement! In the very beginning I tried the Expirator, the protype nitrogen delivery system, out on myself to near unconsciousness.

I have often risked grievous injury or death by flying gliders along ridges and in the wave above the Rocky Mountains, flying aerobatics in antique and experimental homebuilt airplanes, rock climbing, white-water kayaking, motorcycling, snowboarding and hiking solo through Grizzly territory in Montana’s Cabinet Wilderness Area.

I know what risks I take and I carefully calculate the risk/benefit ratios. Never have I risked my life for as worthy a cause as testing out the Expirator.

During every experiment developing the Expirator I wore a finger-cuff pulse-oxymeter, a device which indicates both oxygen level (02) in the blood and pulse rate…in twin LED displays with the O2 level numbers located just above the pulse rate.

I breathed nitrogen directly from a tank through a hose to a face mask with exhaled breaths exhausting through a one-way valve into the ambient air. My friend and colleague, Pat, a brave, compassionate, and very smart man, monitored me in case I were to loose consciousness or somehow else experience untoward side effects.

I wanted to be sure that breathing nitrogen would not be caustic to inhalation, not cause distressing shortness of breath, nausea, frightening sensations, especially vision, or, toward the end, seizures. I had read what was available about oxygen starvation and accidental nitrogen deaths.

The upper oxymeter LED display showed 99% oxygen saturation in my blood measured at my finger when we started each of the series of experiments. My resting pulse is usually in the low to middle fifties.

As the seconds blinked by Pat and I could watch my pulse rate increase a little with my anxiety and we could see my O2 level slide slowly at first, then quickly, down into the 80’s…70’s and submerge into the sixties when I’d begin to experience deterioration of my vision but no shortness of breath or other physiological distress!

It was a big improvement over other methods I’d tried in search of a humane and gentle means of death. As soon as I experienced changes in my visual sense I’d take the mask off and within less tan 10 seconds my O2 level would begin its rapid return to normal.

Then once it didn’t work right! I donned the mask, began breathing normally letting the nitrogen replace the oxygen in my lungs and blood. I was pretty relaxed until my O2 level descended into the “danger zone” below 70%.

My vision began to “tunnel” and blur so I went into “test-pilot mode” by deliberately “extinguishing” my feelings. I wanted to test the system to the point of unconsciousness to find out if untoward side effects might show up which would dismay loved ones accompanying a terminally ill person hastening death.

For a person to “die well” no one at the deathing should be subjected to unnecessary stress or grizzly “Kodak moments” which could return in post-traumatic, haunting mental images.

At 65% O2 blood level I took off the mask…but I saw the display continue to drop! It dropped into the 50’s! Pat stopped writing down the numbers: number of seconds, O2 level, and pulse rate. I couldn’t believe it was happening! I’d maybe “pushed the envelope too far!”

I feared my heart, deprived of oxygen too long, and might begin an attack. But, even worse, Pat wasn’t writing down the numbers! If I were about to die, I really wanted Pat to at least record the data of the event! He wasn’t writing!

Consciously continuing to suppress my emotions and thereby slowing my heart rate I admonished him, “Hey, if I’m on my way out, at least get the numbers!”

He started recording again and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I think I may have gone over the O2 cliff,” I answered, watching the display continue it’s descent into the mid 50’s. I was keeping my cool at least.

“I think you’re reading the wrong display,” Pat pointed out.

“My O2’s at 54,” I replied.

"That’s your pulse rate! Your O2 is back to 99%. You’re reading the wrong display,” he laughed, concerned and amused at the same time. “You’re sensing but not perceiving correctly…you’re showing some cognitive slippage!”

Sure enough, my O2 level was, once I could figure out which display to read, back to normal. I had not only “kept my cool” I had been able to decrease my heart rate as I thought I was about to die! Loss of consciousness, at least as far as I dared to go, was not at all physiologically unpleasant.

Oxygen deprivation by nitrogen inhalation is not physiologically uncomfortable, at least to near unconsciousness.

I will report the first deathing via Expirator after it happens.

Please do not contact me for more information or for assistance in hastening death. I no longer make myself available for deathings. After more than ten years of taking on responsibility of helping so many terminally and incurably ill persons die well I’m pretty tired.

I've been on the moving front line of the Death With Dignity movement for longer than a decade - that's “five tours of duty.” I'm recovering for a while.

My daughter told me that I’ve “gone from being Don Quixote to Captain Ahab” and she’s right. Lately I've been waving to others to follow, but, like Captain Ahab, my wave is from a man not known if he be live any more.

I need to recover. I need to “let go.” After all, “greedy attachment (even to a cause) is the root of all suffering.”

I gladly re-enter the "bow tie void" having great faith that Hope will carry me through another of many "deaths" in my life: "The soul afraid of dying...can never learn to live!"

I’m going to build a two-place, self-launching glider as a means of self-recovery. I guess I'll be taking people for glider rides, "taking them half way to heaven!"

I already built a two-place, very fast, experimental, homebuilt airplane, a VariEze, twenty-some years ago and had to sell it. I’ve had to sell a lot of stuff to keep doing what I’ve done. The price has been, pardon the pun, higher than I used to fly!

If you need help deathing, contact Hemlock's Caring Friends Program.

8.02) The Use of Inert Gas to Hasten Death Helium or nitrogen can be used to hasten death with certainty and without a prescription. It is easy to buy and set up what Dying Well Network used to call the "Expirator."

Here's how Derek Humphrey explains how to use helium in his book, Let Me Die Before I Wake.

To induce death quickly, some dying people insert helium gas into a plastic bag. From a toy store, they buy for about $20 a 'party balloon kit.' This contains a tank of 9 cubic feet of helium, sometimes more, carrying the printed warning: 'Inhaling can result in death.'

They also purchase from a hardware store, for about $2, four feet of small rubber tube to attach to the tank, running up to the bag. Ensure beforehand that the 19" x 24" bag has no leaks. Lying down does not work as well as remaining seated in a leaning-back position.

This method of self-deliverance from a terminal illness is fatal in 4-5 minutes. Afterwards, helium disperses easily and is difficult to trace in a corpse.

While it is advisable to have someone present, they need not be physically involved, thus clear of legal risk. Suicide and attempted suicide are not crime, nor is it a crime to passively observe a suicide; it can be a felony to physically assist a suicide. Until the law is reformed, the dying are obliged to cope for themselves.

Hemlock Society reports that using helium correctly results in a gentle, quick and certain death. "There may be a little twitching in the arms and legs which is of short duration. It does not indicate discomfort and the person is not aware of it" especially if a tranquilizer is taken beforehand.

Hemlock recommends having a second tank to provide a back-up in case of a problem. Because the nozzles on these tanks are not real sturdy, it is not a good idea to open the tank until it is ready to be used.

Hemlock suggests getting an "Exit Bag" from LR Publications / PO Box 39018 / Victoria BC V8V 4X8 / Canada. It comes with the necessary tubing to connect to a helium tank.

It has a neck band. If a store-bought roasting bag is used instead, a rubber band or panty hose can be used to seal off the neck area from in-coming oxygen.

Hemlock Society suggests that since using helium or nitrogen is not a one-step process, having a Caring Friend attend the deathing may be a good idea.

8.03) Hemlock’s Caring Friends Program.

Hemlock Society has more than a hundred trained Caring Friends who will provide personal information and support to Hemlock members anywhere in the USA when they choose to hasten death.

Persons asking for information and presence at deathing must be a Hemlock member and suffering from an irreversible physical condition that seriously compromises their quality of life, physically and mentally able to end their own lives, and willing to submit medical records to be considered by the Senior Committee.

No fees are required. If there isn’t a volunteer nearby then Hemlock will send a volunteer or train someone in the area to be a volunteer. Contact Hemlock toll-free at 1-800-247-7421 to become a volunteer, to make a donation or to request information.

Hemlock can be reached via the Internet at [link] Caring Friends will insure that a person considering hastening death considers all alternatives, does not die alone, and does not fail in the attempt.

Persons who attempt self-deliverance by pills often fail even if they have the “right” medications in "sufficient" quantities still fresh within their effective date.

Don’t attempt to hasten death without adequate information and the presence of a knowledgeable person with you at your deathing…too many things can and do go wrong.

Caring Friends will not provide the means by which to hasten death or physical assistance. Although it is not against the law to “commit suicide” it is against the law to assist someone to do so.

That’s why no Caring Friend can give physical assistance in dying. So, you, yourself must be physically and mentally capable of hastening your own death – someone else can’t and shouldn’t do it for you. (See Section 4.13 “Is physician aid-in-dying mercy killing?" which explains why no one else but you should cause your death.)

Caring Friends is an excellent program and is highly recommended for consideration.

Death With Dignity FAQs:


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6 Jul 2005 @ 06:27 by astrid : I couldn't dis-agree
with 'you' (the article writer and the Dying Well Network) more! To die is NOT mandatory, nor IN-evitable,It is so ONLY IF we so CHOOSE - for whatever reason.
I do appreciate the DWN's Group's compassionate work in assisting people, WHO OBVIOUSLY HAVE CHOSEN to die, (because the lived their whole lives brainwashing themselves into believing/accepting this as something in-evitable)
But Time has come for Humankind to add this final dimension of Cosmic TRUTH into our AWARENESS, which is that LIFE/"GOD"/"Universe" did NOT create death AS A MANDATORY condition for Life ! It is so WITHIN (A) CERTAIN CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL/S. I will leave this subject with just a few inputs, because it would be a little too lengthy -at least take too much of my time -to write my LOGIC argument against this Death- MYTH! Just know now: It is a Myth and if "YOU" (whoever "you" are ) feel that death feels weird and not RIGHT to you, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!...
DEATH IS AS "NATURAL" AND "MADE BY GOD" AS DIS-EASE > Illness or TAXES, for that matter ( does that make a bell ring???...Hmmm could it be that same .... hm... yes.... )
WHEN dis-ease BECOMES TOO BIG, TOO MUCH ENERGY IS REQUIERED, FOR THE SOUL to handle, THEN death becomes the inevitable. And it is OK!!! It might take a SOUL five more Lifetimes to learn that dying is manmade! ... and consequently "how not to die" and no, that won't happen by popping pharmceutical vitamines etc!..... No!... In fact; it has very little to do with what goes in our mouth. It has MUCH MORE TO DO WITH WHAT COMES OUT OUR MOUTH!.... our WORDS!
More later if you like to -or you can read it all in my book and thus easier follow my IRONCLAD LOGIC there. : )
BTW there's plenty of IMMORTAL HUMANS ON THE PLANET EVEN TODAY!... This very truth that GOD did NOT create Death and certainly not as something inevitable is what Humans have ALWAYS THROUGH THE MILLENIAS OF ABUSE senced despite never seeing any proof of it, but they sensed it so strongly so they refused to accept Death, hence the "fear" of death!... Yet THIS UN-explainable "feeling' is THE VERY THING THAT KEPT ALL HUMANKIND GOING DESPITE THE ABUSE FROM THOSE WHO CAN'T EVEN LIVE A DAY WITHOUT STEALING LIFE ENERGY FROM OTHERS!!!.... SOooo.... Read my commnet of today in Craiglangs Blog. It touches this whole subject: Humans as COSMIC BEINGS!  

6 Jul 2005 @ 07:00 by vaxen : The spirit...
is eternal but the flesh is not. Of course when cloning is totally accepted and it is easy to 'upload' ones consciousness (Debatable) to the new tabula rasa it will be a different story. But the whole point is that it is an individual choice and should not be watched over by the 'STATE,' a fictitious entity. You own your body not the friggin banksters! If I opt to leave this insane planet and go somewhere is my choice. Not enforced or enforcible by any man made law or religious sanction. Making it easy and even pleasent is a big step forward. Who the hell wants to stick around a totally insane slave planet anyway if there is an easy and joyous way to get the hell off? The body is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. If the tool ceases to function then it is time for a change. Thanks A-d.  

6 Jul 2005 @ 08:09 by J0da @ : nice "How to ..."
the method looks handy. but first I must make sure I could handle the situation afterwards. guided beam trip to 'between lives area' would spoil the fun ;)
and I hope You're not leaving yet - I like to have You around, friends


6 Jul 2005 @ 16:14 by martha : Hell is in your own mind
just like Heaven. You are here to expand your spirit Vaxen and help others which you are doing. So why leave when you can continue to bring info forward to help others. You still have much work to do bro...LOL

I think many people in America kill themselves slowly through alcohol and drugs. One can always find a way to depart and not let Big Brother interfer. It's some doctors yo have to look out for since they just want to run tests and try drugs out to keep you alive but at what cost?

Keep the info coming....XO  

6 Jul 2005 @ 19:20 by hgoodgame : Good article
I already have the Humphrey book (Final Exit) so that’s even more good info. Our society has such hang-ups about death, it's the unspeakable subject - unfortunately, since we all seem to be heading there. I hadn’t thought about helium or nitrogen. One of those large helium tanks they use in flower shops to blow up balloons would probably work then! And the cool thing is you can die laughing because remember how it gives you that Mickey Mouse voice? I'm laughing already!
Death with dignity is a fine way to go, but, BUT.. But what's the guarantee you won't end up on an even more totally insane slave planet? I think I'll keep trying to make this one better as long as I'm here. ;)  

6 Jul 2005 @ 20:39 by melztripp : PASSin' gear PIGeons
my head hurts!!! it may take another 5 LITE years, to retrieve the Numbers...the Numbers, QQ!@*&^i gettit maybe with each passing hastening death we "quiccan" life!!! this is.h.mel, AAAha...a traveler in an antique little girl loves ya!!! Rock of Ages Captain Ahab, wherre's my Twisted Sista??she could bee "any" gate dane she is.....rrrrrr.7..8.zerozero to infinity, the  

6 Jul 2005 @ 22:21 by jstarrs : You jus' been..
...selfish wid anger, bro.
Ain't going nowhere else gonna solve nothin'...
...only you gonna repeat the whole damn loop...time again & time again.  

7 Jul 2005 @ 17:15 by astrid : Yes, vaxen,
the right to die with Dignity is important and has been denied in the US for so long!.... In the mid Sixties the battle for that right went on in Denmark, especially intensely in Aarhus, because the regional Hospital with the University of Aarhus were the provocateurs of the Debate wrapped into the format of Active vs PASSIVE Euthanasia. They, the truly humane and intelligent MD;s there, wanted to Laws changed, so that they would be able to be true to their Oath and provide as dignified and painless and protected and loving environment as ever possible for a person who was dying -as opposite what the Practice of Western Allopatic Medicine had become already by that time: You kept a person "alive" no matter what! matter how painfull, totally stripped of any privacy, dignity, right for the patient to have any say etc... all backed up by Medical Jurisdiction ( to support the Pharmaceutical and other Medical suppliers' Profit "needs" -at the cost of the private individuals; the patients right to die and their doctors' right to good consciense).
1967 in Aarhus that was finally changed. And then 1967-8 the Debate ran wild in Finland.... 1968 the Law was changed to give people the right to die with dignity without being the victims any longer of Medical-Corporate greed -even if it was seen as Passive Euthanasia! Now that was once again OK. ( If you want to know more about this particular.... you know..... don't you? Trust me, this debate is NOT new to me!...; ) there's a whole lot more to this.... but... Later. ; ) )))  

7 Jul 2005 @ 20:21 by vaxen : In Virginia...
there used to be a law to 'hang' all lawyers. My, my ... how times have changed. A people so damned totally enslaved that you need a law to be able to relieve your body of excess waste!

Well, I must say that there is a remedy within the beast system itself...but how can anything that comes from that 'commercial' monster really be a remedy? "It's them, or us..."

Personally, I like grenade launchers and AK 47's...they do the trick quite nicely. I don't mean that in the sense of self assisted suicide but in helping the enemy to suicide themselves. Helping them to a better life leaving me the &^*( alone!

There once was a yellow flag which represented us quite well thereupon was inscribed both the picture of a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike and a hearty "DON'T TREAD ON ME!" Banksters beware! We know what you've done. You do NOT own us! ;)

Thankyou for that little bit of enlightenment A-d. Thankyou all...  

8 Jul 2005 @ 04:25 by koravya : Excellente
Those opening paragraphs said a lot.

24 Sep 2005 @ 17:36 by Robert Kimball @ : helium
What evidence is there that helium bag suicides are painless. Thanks  

1 Apr 2006 @ 21:15 by Tomas @ : Thank you very much!
Thanks for this very valuable information! If I chose to quit living, I want to quit as gently as possible.  

22 Nov 2006 @ 22:56 by Jim Harris @ : How do I reach LR Publications??
I would like to reach LR Publications to purchase two bags. Is there a URL or a phone number?? How much money should I send for the bags????  

23 Dec 2006 @ 01:35 by Joe Szymanski @ : LR Publications
i would like ro reach LR Publicaitons to purchase the " Exit Bag" Is there a phone number or direct web site to purchase said bag


I think you might inquire into the whole shebang right here:  

23 Dec 2006 @ 10:19 by vaxen : Hmmm...
I really don't know the answers to your questions as I'm off into other areas of research now. But I think there are URLs/URL in the above and, then, there's your fav., search engine...if all else fails.  

22 Feb 2007 @ 19:55 by Bill Thomas @ : Exit Bag
Does anyone know the tele# or web address for LR Publications, or has anyone had sucess getting an exit brag from the address mentioned above, if so what is the process  

23 Feb 2007 @ 06:42 by vaxen : Exit Bag?
Well, I did leave a link and there are multiples of ways within which to get that info on the net. I suggest using your fav search engine as I simnply don't have the time to garner more than what I've given above. Well, I'll see if I can fit another search in just for you. No promises, though, Bill.

You may know that this is a very 'delicate' area of re-search and that it really behooves each and everyone of us who are absolutely opposed to the current situation where the 'gov' has, via 'hidden contracts' contracted (fraud) each and every so called American citizen into actually being owned lock stock and corpus by ye old wonderful private Corp other wise known as 'THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA' or THE UNITED STATES' or simply "BALONEY "to those 'in the know.'

I like 'exit brag' as it reminds me of my time at Fort Brag jumping off the 80 foot tower... at the 'crack' of dawn.

Abyss anyone? Of course, being a Babe in the Abyss has always given me a 'jump' start, Hell, be innovative, I know that's hard given the current level of 'behavior mod' being inflicted upon a knowledge starved populae but you are still the only one responsible for you. Know who you are?


9 Jan 2008 @ 11:53 by Jeff @ : exit bag
how do I purchase an exit bag  

27 Jun 2009 @ 00:19 by Vala @ : Day to start prometrium
Give please. Hello. I need your help. Help me! I find sites on the topic: Day to start prometrium. I found only this - stopping Prometrium menstruation. Order progesterone cream mg buy progesterone cream mg. Prometrium after months progesterone helped me get it back. Thank :mad: Vala from Serbia.  

29 Sep 2009 @ 18:28 by alex @ : availability of SECONAL

17 Nov 2009 @ 05:59 by Robert Dolan @ : The EXIT bag
Does LR Publications have a web site from which I can order? If so, please email me the URL at  

14 May 2011 @ 16:26 by Paul S Jr. @ : Dying With Dignity
I didn't write my last name because I don't want my family to know exactly how I feel for my father never let me be who I was I always had to be he he was!!.
I've heard herion is the type of high that if inject ( I know I have never injected drugs only smoked or snorted drugs only thats the only way to do drugs, I feel) But I've read if you OD on herion your body just shuts down and you just fall asleep, how utterly painless. That to me would be the way of dying with dignity. See I was in a vehicle accident and put into a wheelchair, although I can walk alittle but not that good but with a walker yet. I don't know the world is very different from looking at it from sitting in a wheelchair from once having walked on two legs independently before my accident.  

4 Aug 2011 @ 08:35 by gail @ : lr publications
is this organization still providing the ineert kit? august 2011  

11 Aug 2011 @ 03:20 by David J Dyer @ : final exit
How do I order an Exit Kit over the internet and where can I obtain a supply of Helium localy ( Delta, Tsawwassen )  

30 Oct 2011 @ 13:04 by varn @ : order
how can i get an exit bag? if u can mail me please the adress  

17 May 2012 @ 08:59 by James Irwin @ : Puchasing an Exit Bag
I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada  

17 May 2012 @ 09:20 by James Irwim @ : Purchasing an Exit bag
I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada  

17 May 2012 @ 09:33 by James Irwim @ : Where can I get Helium localy
I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada  

17 May 2012 @ 09:41 by James Irwin @ : Final Exit
How do I order an exit kit over the internet or mail & where can I obtain a supply of Helium localy (Toronto,Ontario,Canada)  

18 May 2012 @ 07:54 by J Irwin @ : Final Ext
How do I order a Exit Kit over the internet or mail & where do I obtain a supply of Helium localy(Toronto,Ont.,Can)  

19 May 2012 @ 06:51 by J Irwin @ : Final Exit
How do I order a exit kit over the internet or mail & where do I obtain a supply of Helium localy(Toronto,Ont.Canada)  

19 May 2012 @ 07:04 by J Irwin  @ : Final Exit
How do I order a Exit kit over the internet or mail & where do I obtain a supply of Helium localy(Toronto,Ontario,Canada)  

19 May 2012 @ 07:10 by J Irwin  @ : Exit Bag
Does L.R.Publications have a web site I can order a Exit kit,please E-mail me at  

23 Feb 2013 @ 09:07 by Ready @ : Exit Mask?
Does anyone know if LR Publications still makes the exit mask? Please contact me at Thanks.  

12 Feb 2014 @ 22:53 by Jul @ : Allowed to die with dignity
Who are we, to determine someone must remain in excruciating pain or other? I was introduced to the Hemlock Society through a family elder. She said her goodbyes, and we knew the agenda. I don't see our medical/judicial system changing any time? soon. So I offer this as an alternative: I am the President and only member of the "Coma Club". Don't want me to check out? Then let me sleep peacefully. Wake me up on Thurs if you must, the let me sleep. enet and only member of "C
oma Club". Don't want m  

17 Feb 2015 @ 06:42 by @ : Aim for a higher progress and developmen
Aim for a higher progress and development and work your way from those goals and plans. Interesting in here indeed. thanks for the share.  

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