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16 Jul 2006 @ 06:52, by Brenda McCann


"hmmmmmmm. Could this be what heaven is really like? Could we all just be an energy source manifesting Earth right now with everything on it?" Then I thought, "if this is heaven then it is no wonder WHY Humankind prefers it's own versions with golden streets, Gods, saints and hierarchies of masters and such because THIS is just TOO Simple!" --------------------------------------------------------------

When I was 27 practicing yoga, reading the Power of Universal Mind, and proving Christianity, I called it...

I created a practice that intrigued me: Sit in the lotus position, picturing all my 7 major energy chakras, doing the yoga breath in rhythm with with my custom chant, "Thank you for my life Jesus." The chant was a way I could generate the emotional feeling of Thank Full Ness. And... I rocked. I used to do that because IT MADE ME FEEL SO GOOD.

Also I read in the bible that "Blessed are they who have a pure heart for they shall see God" or something like that. Also, another scripture said to "Gird thy loins and make thine eye single and YOU shall see God" So I was playing with my own interpretations of those 2 scriptures, kind of contemplating them mentally & simultaneously with my practice above...

One day doing all of the above I suddenly "forgot my self" and found my awareness flying up through the top of my head through what they call the silver cord that connects us with source and is commonly called our 'life line'.

From the inside of that energy tube I was going up at the speed of light. An amazing rush. It was so interesting to me that I did not even think of thinking about anything. I was in for the RIDE and it was amazing.

By and by (no time awareness either in the platinum white light energy tube) I saw a huge inner space SUN - up and softly curved to my right as I ascended up up and up... inside my own platinum white light energy tube. Soon I was at the very edge of the shining sun and saw that my tube was the same energy & extending out from it and I thrilled as I said, "WOW, I AM THAT!"

As soon as I merged into the shining sun I began to hear every voice tone on Earth in every language all singing praises to God. "We Love him because he made us, he loves us because we are him, we love each other 4 the sake of loving." Is what I got from all that *all at once-ness* of sounds along with a most marvelous LOVE feeling.

I thought, "hmmmmmmm. Could this be what heaven is really like? Could we all just be an energy source manifesting Earth right now with everything on it?" Then I thought, "if this is heaven then it is no wonder WHY mankind prefers it's own versions with golden streets, Gods, saints and hierarchies of masters and such because THIS is just TOO Simple!

Not to bust your bippy but GUESS WHAT FOLKS?

We are ALL ALREADY THERE while simultaneously, we are also incarnating down here as the denser forms versions of us & everything else here on Earth. There was NO GOD saying, " I AM GOD bow down before me." Nor a GOD saying, "Welcome my child..." even.

There was JUST US and every atom of Earth as we know it right this second.

I stayed there for about 10 minutes before I started getting bored. That's the other thing about heaven....all peace and love and perfection. Picture it, and just imagine an eternity of THAT?!

Well, not me and not then when I was 27. LOA!!!!!

But...that was then & this is now and I am 63 and I am glad that this Earth consciousness has people like you all in it now. People who are learning about ascension as just another aspect of life, no death - no severance from our physical bodies necessary.

YA`All (K) N O W????

B Freo` Idaho USA Earth & Beyond.... "As you have seen, Earth is "heating up" and is getting ready for her own ascension and rebirth. Climate changes are evident everywhere. Our world is changing and we are to change with it." ----------------------------------------------------------- MOTTO:"Learn By Doing" There is a thread of being that never changes. Currently living the life-style of her childhood dreams. She is totally committed to grounding the energies from the center of The Great Central Sun into the center of this Earth. She is co-creative partner DP mouse and editor of a weekly email service providing Front Edge personal & global updates on the Earth's vibrational shifts and what co-creative lightworkers are manifesting between now and July 17, 2007.

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1 comment

30 Sep 2006 @ 13:29 by Michael Ellegion @ : 'Just One More LOA Story'
That was a very interesting and wonderful experience for you, Brenda, that God and the Spiritual Hierarchy obiously influenced you to have, to help you 'broaden your horizons' about the many mult-dimensions or higher paralel dimensions of Light that exist in this multi-dimensional Universe. The Elohim, or Higher Christed Cosmic Beings. like Ashtar, who I have been channeling most of this life, and many of his Command, who I have also had physical contact with when I was taken aboard the Merkabah Light Ships, traverse these many similar realms of Light, like one on earth does here on the 3-D in their mundane earth vehicles, cars, and it appears that as more of your "cosmic amnesia" or Veils lift, and your original 12 stand DNA/RNA is fully restored, so that the 24 stands will soon manifest, the easier these journeys become for you and fellow Lightworkers/Volunteers. And the Transformational Channeling sessions I do, help to enhance this process for you, as the very powerful. positive Cosmic Subliminals or Higher Light Encodements placed upon the tape during the session helps to more quickly "Activate, Protect and Empower" one into fulfilling their mission while here in earth embodiment, so that experiences like yours can be utilized specifically in helping the rest of earth humanity open up to accepting this multidimensional existence that Elohim and all Cosmic Beings of Light 'take for granted' within this and all Universes--and of the great Fellowship of Light, of Brotherhood and Sisterhood that exists thruout the many worlds, which actually are key members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and members of the Intergalactic Confederation or Univeral Federation. These Beings, among which many great Goddesses, Ladies or Commandresses of the Merkabah Light Ships I know want to communicate with you, Brenda, since you had been a fellow Commandress/Goddess and a member of the Ashtar Command. If you would be interested in finding out more, or any other fellow Lightworker who is interested in not only having their own 'natural awakening' process SPEEDED UP CONSIDERABLY by this "Cosmic Accelerated Learning Technique" thru the Cosmic Subliminal Light Encodements, check my website,, and I would enjoy--as does our "Friends Upstairs"--enjoy Empowering fellow Lightworkers more quickly here on earth, of doing a session for you. And thanks for sharing this wonderful experience you shared with me and others. I would love to INCREASE your ability and joy in becoming MORE ABLE to do it, as I said, so that others on this planet will become more enlightened to WHAT IS TRULY ALL ABOUT US ON THESE OTHER BEAUTIFUL REALMS AND DIMENSIONS OF LIGHT, which will help speed up the Ascension of this planet and manifest the Golden Age at long last! Looking forward to connecting more. Blessings!

Michael Ellegion  

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