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31 Mar 2005 @ 05:13, by swanny

This may itself be to late but there is no
way of knowing. Hang in there girl.
According to my research the removal of the tube
while solicited by the husband came as the result
of a judges determination that according to the
evidence, facts and witnesses, "he" ruled that
Terri would not want to live in her current state.
Yet "time" has shown otherwise.
There is such a thing as "will" and the will
to live. To live in spite of the probablity of death.
It has now been thirteen days since she has received
water. Now conventional wisdom says that people usually
die after three days without water. The doctors progronosis
was between 10 and 12 days but thirteen days. Is this not a
definitive and "clear" affirmation of Terri's "WILL TO LIVE".
It seems so to me even though "will" is not normally
measureable, generally there is only such will with
strong hope and passion. I must post now though so
may God have mercy and grace on us if she dies.

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