New Civilization News: The Sudden Death of Ken Ogger    
 The Sudden Death of Ken Ogger64 comments
picture31 May 2007 @ 11:00, by Max Sandor

On Memorial Day, May 28th, 2007, Ken Ogger, aka 'the Pilot', was found dead in the swimming pool of the house he lived in North Hollywood.

Ken had an extremely strong motivation to help others with his writings, some of which originated from his own thinking, and much of it from the thinking of others before him. At the same time, he engaged in a fierce fight against those who want to institutionalize the philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard.

His writings are accessible at many places, see for example at [link] . No entry (yet) in the new newagewiki.

Even though I lost contact to him in recent years, I will always remember his fascinating, vivid monologues about the creation of our Universe and wish him farewell.

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31 May 2007 @ 21:14 by Kathie @ : Ken
The thing I remember most about Ken was his sweet gentleness. He was always willing to please, especially when it came to his piano playing. And did Ken ever play the piano! I've never known anyone, personally, who could play that well.
We'll miss you, Ken. But I'm sure you have bigger and better games to play with beings who will acknowledge your knowingness and talents, instead of those who were too egotistical and ignorant to appreciate you. We love you, Dear Friend.  

31 May 2007 @ 21:34 by b : RIP
Ken Ogger  

1 Jun 2007 @ 10:13 by ashanti : Love you Ken
I know what you went through, I went through it myself. May your beautiful loving spirit guide you to saner realms, and may you be embraced, healed and protected by the frequency they cannot reach.

- ashanti  

2 Jun 2007 @ 07:47 by Merlin Silk @ : Makes no Sense
I guess that there is still data missing because none of the theories about his departure make sense.
Damn, all this just after we thought about inviting him to our next gettogether - guess he wouldn't come.

For his material, a better place to look is  

4 Jun 2007 @ 05:25 by vaxen : Simple...
He was murdered. For verification contact De Castro at homicide LAPD. Also the county coroner. If that won't do it for you. RV the whole scene.  

4 Jun 2007 @ 19:44 by thetagal : Ruled Suicide
Hard to believe, but that was the last offical statement from the coroner office.

I'm sure he will be with us again soon.:)

Love, Pat  

4 Jun 2007 @ 20:46 by vaxen : More disinfo...
Hi Pat, nice to see you here. Is this the most recent 'update' I wonder? That's what the LAPD said originally but I've been told, by someone I trust very much, that they have now sided with the LA County Coroners verdict that it was homicide and not suicide.

This whole thing has the 'airre' of spin about it. BTW are you familiar with any of Kens most recent posts? Post72.txt, for example? Be happy to ship it to you if not.  

5 Jun 2007 @ 14:44 by Ed Dawson @ : OFFSUBJECT: Gae Thornton
This is off-subject but several members of the original Los Angeles skywork research group read this blog...

Gae has been writing! Two books. Check this out! Here's one of them:

Gae was a member of the original skywork group.

5 Jun 2007 @ 14:46 by Ed Dawson @ : Question to Max about Ken
Archetype? Did you ever do da'fa im'ori for Ken?????

PS: he gives me the impression of Obatala, maybe an Orisha Grinyan?  

6 Jun 2007 @ 23:42 by b : and lotsa Mu's
to u 2  

7 Jun 2007 @ 21:37 by vaxen : MU? Dai Jobu!
Heya b. Ed needs to re-examine the meaning of the compound word Oba-Tala. Oba and Tala. ;) More Ori - ShaGrin - Yan? (An oblique on Kens fixation with the Christos as 'Oba Tala' is the Dahomeyan Christ)

Ancient psycho-spiritual traditions, modern psychology, education research, and the human potential movement have all generated an abundance of approaches and tools for individual development. There's a risk that people in individualistic cultures will believe that cultural transformation involves nothing more than widespread personal transformation. While personal development is absolutely vital, it needs to be integrated with a broader transformation of cultural beliefs, institutions, and stories. A hopeful sign is that, on the leading edge of spirituality, psychology and education, practitioners are finding that our engagement in human and natural communities lies at the heart of our nature. Such engagement provides a powerful means for personal development. In a complementary trend, more people are realizing that personal development enhances the "human resources" available to meet the needs of organizations, communities, and society at large. Both of these trends provide a healthy context for expanding human capacities.  

8 Jun 2007 @ 00:31 by Ed Dawson @ : Obatala
Before you go flapping your analytical mind at me, you should study the Yoruba language enough to know how they construct compound words. Obatala is fairly obviously a compound word. Oba means "king" obviously. But "tala" is not right. the Yoruba habit is that when two vowels are smushed together, either one vowel is removed, OR a consonant (l or n are most common) is inserted between.

In the case of obatala, permit me to place apostrophes where I think the likely breaks are between words:

'ta would have a vowel in front of it. So would 'la.

'la is likely to be short for ela or ala, the semetic name of God.

I leave you to reconstruct the remainder... got a Yoruba dictionary handy????? ;-)))

With cheery, yet obnoxious humor,

8 Jun 2007 @ 03:47 by a-d : Gee wee guys
you think your PSYCHE is some kind of funny chosen Ideological THEORY or Theoretical IDEOLOGY with as much Secret Lingo as possible -to really keep you, the Initiated, ABOVE the UN-initiated! Jeeesus help me! The one of 'you' who tells lies and behaves cocky, I can tell 'you' is a self doubting in-secure screwed -up "Little-Puppy-Who -Feels-Lost" -- no secrets there!
We all carry our PSYCHE on our sleeve, so to speak -and if you ask me; regular everyday words cover human behavior and actions = ("Cosmic -in-human-form") Energy Processes, really well!...
Ever given any deeper thought as to why 'you' have such a need to be in league of /your own/to float above and how does that differ from other more prosaic groups with the same Energy-process-need of being SPECIAL/CHOSEN/ etc etc.... In other words: How does this differ --in form of Archetypal Nine year old iddy-giddy'giggly "you're-my-Very- Best-Friend-Forever"-girl/y-behaviour? .... NOT AT ALL!.... or from the Illuminatis, Jesuites/RCC's, plus the rest of the Gangs of "SECRET SCHOOLS" etc???.... NOT AT ALL! ....
; ) LIFE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!.... On the other hand: Humans who have NOT done their HEALING do!

Intuition is intuition, Inspiration is inspiration, Discernment is discernment, indeed EVERY VERB is a viable "Cosmic Energy-Process" --and ARCHETYPAL to boot!
In my world no Secret-Only-Between-Us-Initiated- Lingo is needed to make these Archetype'al Energy Process to work!... Iiiii as Cosmic Loving Fellow Human need to choose to let them work (for me ) and they do!... NO Special Lingo Commands not known to others but only to some Initiated- needed!...
I wonder what "saved" or made guys like the Buddha,Yeshua of Nazareth etc MASTERS of a whole Octave of Light Sound, when they -obviously- were not Members of 'your' Secret Club???....

Imse Vimse Spindeln, klättra upp på trå'n / Ner störta regnet / Spola spindeln bort.../ Upp steg Solen / Torka bort allt regn / Imse vimse Spindeln klättra upp igen! : )hahhaahhahaha.... ; )  

8 Jun 2007 @ 08:15 by vaxen : I love that!
A tone 4, sort of. Thanks Ed. I was going to point out that Tala was a semiticism. A referenced oblique to the Hebrew Tala, meaning hanging, as something hanging from something, in this case The hanging 'Oba,' or 'King' (got another interpretation for that one as well), is Yeshua Ben Yoseph of Natzeret Otherwise called 'Jesus Christ' for whom the Yoruba 'Obatala' is a 'type' of.

Oh, I rather do like your obnoxious humor except when it gets you in trouble and you have to apologize to your superiors. ;)

Necessity can and does render inactive the entire reactive mind. Dramatization occurs most often in the absence of necessity or when the reactive mind has obscured the presence of necessity.

Dramatization is residual in the motor controls and can be allayed by the physical exaustian of the individual. The organism during dramatization tends to revivfy toward the moment of the engrams (implants) occurence---the engram containing, as one of its identity parts, the complete physical condition of the organism as at the moment of laying-in of the engram.

There is no folly or facet of human activity which cannot be dramatized. An immediate alleviation can be achieved when addressing an aberee who is in identity dramatization by acting upon the fact that the conditions of auditing, with no exception, already exist; i.e., the preclear returned to the moment of occurence. Affinity may be established and dianetic auditing begun at once. He can be persuaded to listen for the phrases he is uttering and they can be alleviated by exaustion on routine procedure.

The reactive mind thinks in identities.

The source of the individuals power is not derived from the reactive mind but from the Basic Dynamic and its eight divisions. Any auditor will establish this to his own satisfaction after he has run a few cases.

Engrams deal with identities where no identities exist. The sole and only content of the reactive mind are what exterior sources have done to the organism.

In the background of any individual exist many personalities contained in the reactive mind. Do you know what command is common to every engram?

Every engram contains and enforces the command on the analytical mind that IT HAS BEEN DISPERSED AND IS NOT OPERATING.

The discovery of the basic engram is the first problem of every auditor. A 'Clear' is one who has become the basic individual through auditing.

Intelligence is mental sensitivity and analytical ability. Dynamic is the persistence of the individual in obedience to the command, survive! What happened to Ken? Care for an in depth analysis?

Hi b san. Thanks Ed. Oba Te Allah. Allah O' Akbar. ;)  

8 Jun 2007 @ 21:26 by Ed Dawson @ : various minds
One objection I have to the Hubbardian arrangement of minds is that it ignores the Heart. There are three main minds in an incarnated composite:
Analytical mind -thinks in thoughts (differences) Prime urge: TRUTH
Heart Center -thinks in emotions (affinities) Prime urge: LOVE
Somatic mind -thinks in physical sensations (identities) Prime urge: SURVIVE

The reactive mind operates by linking the above three, and using the bottom one to overwhelm the other two by imposing identities and survival needs where they do not belong. So yes, if you impose an engramic MUST survive onto the analytical mind it sure does disperse... because that is not how it operates. Not disagreeing; adding more information. :)))

I'm not sure what happened to Ken. I am slightly acquainted with him, been to his house twice, met him three or four times total. You better ask someone who knows him.

10 Jun 2007 @ 09:12 by vaxen : Oh...
I believe that love is taken care of in 2 D. Analytical, Reactive, Primal (some call it the serpent brain.) Since the reactive mind is a false construct, an implant, by those determined that you be forever 'other determined,' by them, so with the 'con-cept' of love. As you can very ''clearly'' see in the world around you, also an illusion, if it is other-than the one you create, and destroy, for your self, love is nothing but a glorified member of a very global GPM.

Ruffles have ridges, too, you know.

If Ken would have had a good review audit, now and again, instead of spending so much time 'in SOLO,' he may have gone tone 4 on us all, instead of tone 0, but after the boys at OSA worked him over, thanks Ann, he went down tone very rapidly.

Cause? A few identities in that wonderous reactive mind simply clobbered his analytical (Analyzer) brain and sank his body doll to oblivion.

His GE? Pretending to be the pilot in the bodiless orgs under the direction of Commander Kiddo. Ken? Out hanging Oba-Tala off the starboard beam of my cloudship. ;)

Oh, I know a lot of people that knew Ken, including myself, and I've heard a lot from them in the recent past. Heard Tommy Thompsan had been doing Ops from Kens place, too.

One consolation is that there is no death. Obatala belongs to the reactive mind, as does IFA, but Oro refers to MESTaversal harmony.

Are you feeling at one with all?

BTW, Ed, I was meaning to ask you: Who do you carry? You rather favor Obatala but could probably get along quite well with Yemanja. In any case. Cheers, old soul, happy gaming. Oh, you know that after clear the levels OT 1 through OT 8 are considered preclear, yes? And that after OT 8 comes the real 'Operating' levels? Oh 8 in 1, 8 in 2, 8 in 3, 8 in 4 and so infinitum, a lesser degree.

When I was playing the VODU (Vieux Deus) game I used to carry Lazarus. No Ogun afflictions for me, though I can work him, and Chango, as well.

Erzulie Dantor I know, too, but only used her for war...

G'day mate.


11 Jun 2007 @ 06:13 by ashanti : Case analysis
BRILLIANT case analysis of Ken, vax, I am very, very impressed. That’s it exactly. I can verify validity from having been worked over by OSA myself. They just tweak a few things over a period of time, and then let you do the rest yourself. I tried to warn Ken about this, even taking the risk of posting publically. They require serious enemies to follow the command “If you attack Scn, you WILL cave yourself in.” This is so that they can parade a row of pictures of SPs’ at their next event, each of whom have either ended up in jail, or “caved themselves in”. And they get even the meatballs, like Keith and Grady.

In my case, after they worked me over, I was seriously messed up, like Ken. I proceeded to crash and burn through life from 1995 - 2001, until I realized a few things, spotted a few things, cut all comm lines in this whole area, retreated, did some serious R&D, while fixing up my wog life at the same time, and fixed most of it. It is why I am alive, and doing pretty well today. Although I am always on the lookout for more, constant review, because I don’t know just how deep their number went on me.

It stuns me that Ken, with all his knowledge, couldn’t see what was happening to him, and accept the help he needed.  

12 Jun 2007 @ 16:27 by vaxen : I've got...
some pretty intense revelations, on that front, ashanti san, but I think I'll share them 'privately' with you. Interestingly enough Ken mentions that the OSA 'boys' raped him. Homosexuals in OSA? Nah, how can that be? You know, too, of course, about the Bronfman takeover of ALL the orgs way back in 1981? Too bad I wasa fighting another war at the time...No big loss, eh wot? ;) Love ya girl.


12 Jun 2007 @ 17:46 by Ed Dawson @ : Me? Vaxen wants to know
Dominant in my body is Orisha Nla, the spirit of consciousness whose prime goal is "to aware".

No Hubbard did not have the Heart properly covered, and no it is not the reactive mind. There is a hell of a lot more to the Heart than 2D. And it is a MAJOR entity of the "epicenter" type which Hubbard and scientology neatly ignored. My friends and I our end of the freezone we do not ignore it. Using processes from the energetic therapies (TFT, EFT, TAT, PEAT) we resolve the Heart's difficulties. Probably the best of the bunch is PEAT, a process authored by ex-scientologist Zivorad Slavinski.

13 Jun 2007 @ 16:07 by vaxen : PEAT
is good. Keeps the house warm in the winter. As for heart? It would seem that you are using an analog for something other than the meat puppets' blood pump, yes? Well, Meat is meat. Breath is breath. The GE is the GE. And the GE loves what you are doing, for sure. ;) (GE Genetic entity but in the sense of Geneto not Genetic. Genesis not Genes unless, of course, the be blue jeans)

Eat beans, you'll get a whole lotta spirit.

"You are all right, you are all wrong," we hear the careless Sufi say, "For each beleives his little light to be the glorious light of day."

In my opinion, Mr Dawson, you and your friends in your end of the "freezone?" are heartless. Or maybe you could read to me, one more time, that famous "Freezone" decree? I think it has to do with a sector in this Galaxy (Milky Way?), and maybe even a whole planet (Earth?), and not a small band of misfits on the internet, or in Europa, or anywhere, really,and just why is it that you are all still using Hubbardisms instead of pure IFA De ORO which destroys most anything it touches (And deals with nothing other than GE fears and delusions)?

"Silver bells, silver bells, it's christmas time in the city." --- Bing  

13 Jun 2007 @ 18:20 by Ed Dawson @ : confused?
Hm... I do NOT limit the "freezone" to only Capt Bill's orgs, so your remark about a sector of the galaxy misses completely. That is a different part of the freezone.

As for the Heart (Heart center epicenter entity), it is there and processable as part of the body systems.

15 Jun 2007 @ 10:51 by vaxen : Good point...
OK. That's good to know, Ed, thanks for the clarification.

G'day, and cheers to you. I always enjoy reading your 'stuff' anyway.  

25 Apr 2008 @ 05:54 by mega @ : Official Police verdict?
Any word on the official LAPD/Coroner verdict on Ken's death? Homicide or suicide?  

20 Aug 2010 @ 13:50 by john boice @ : Scientology
The question still remains, does Scientology have the road to total freedom?  

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