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 Be The Dream... Harmony Among People and Planet
4 Oct 2001 @ 16:36, by zendor. Communities
Obviously, there is a need for an integrated approach toward the 21st century and beyond. As vast as these needs may seem, they revolve around basic human and environmental considerations. For nearly two decades now, there has been talk of the global community yet, to date there has been no scale example, no working model of sustainable technologies that respect people and planet. Recognizing there are some efforts being made on the physical plane, we’ve globalized into cyberspace through the World Wide Web yet the physical example of infrastructure, physical plant facilities and working integrated programs has not been accomplished. It is time for us to create physical examples of what we hold so dear in our hearts: Unity – harmony of people and planet, demonstrated by the development of communities that put all our modern discoveries to work.  More >

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