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 New Civilizations24 comments
11 May 2007 @ 21:30, by b. Communities
Somewhere new civilizations will materialize. The ideas for new civilizations occur constanly to people all over the planet Earth.  More >

 Cob building
22 Apr 2007 @ 00:43, by a-d. Communities
Be amazed!The way the Money Mongers /,Mortgage companies are treating people -not least here in America, this new found inspiration of building in harmony with Nature will nothing but grow. (see this is the thing those Dorks can never really do anything about: The Bird Phoenix; a higher, more life - sustaining /life-loving consciousness always arises from even the worst of disasters!

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 What Is Self-Sufficient---And Are You? 16 comments
picture16 Apr 2007 @ 14:18, by jazzolog. Communities
Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.

---Claude Bernard

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

---Henry Miller

I have been reading all day, confined to my room, and feel tired. I raise the screen and face the broad daylight. I move the chair on the veranda and look at the blue mountains. I draw a long breath, fill my lungs with fresh air and feel entirely refreshed. I make tea and drink a cup or two of it. Who would say that I am not living in the light of eternity?

---D.T. Suzuki

The drawing illustrates an article in the current issue of In Character, for which Joannah Ralston is credited with design.

When I set about to look for an image to illustrate this entry, I typed the word "solitude" into the search engine. A number of paintings showed up, but surprisingly not many that were created before the Twentieth Century. A few landscapes from the late 1800's seemed to celebrate Wordsworthian romance, but in his poems too we witness the beginnings of modern isolation.

For some time I've been concerned about a gradual loss of community and neighborhood connection that has occured in my lifetime. This may not be the case everywhere or among people who have not lived the kind of life that I have. I've moved around a good deal---especially in the 1960s and 70s---and am not living in the town where I was born. I tend toward liberal ideals and am not a member of a "mega-church." More conservative folks, who can trace lineage in the same geography back several generations, may enjoy a different experience. But how many of those are there, and is their number dwindling? And what good is neighborhood anyway, if you don't want people meddling in your privacy?

Bill McKibben's article in the current issue of the journal referenced above got me wondering whether a reinvigoration of community may be a major ingredient in solving huge problems that face us planetary inhabitants today. Bill McKibben is teaching at Middlebury College currently I guess, but has lived in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York for some time. You may have read his essays in The New Yorker and other publications, usually devoted to spiritual aspects of environmental concern. He's also written a few books.

This article doesn't talk about TV, industrialization, and overpopulation, which are topics that fly to my mind immediately when I think of wanting to get away from it all and just live in the woods with a computer. Here he suggests the very goal of getting off the grid and living the life of the self-sufficient survivalist ultimately may lead nowhere.  More >

 The Lowdown18 comments
2 Apr 2007 @ 20:47, by swanny. Communities
so the industrial revolution is the cause
climate change the effect...
and quantum weirdness the sucker punch or red herring.

is that how anyone else reads it?

sir  More >

 Fences3 comments
picture11 Aug 2006 @ 05:41, by koravya. Communities
Fences: August 10, 2006
Imagine the day when there were no fences on the North American continent. Pick any continent you want, or pick ‘em all. We are all surrounded by fences, with corridors of asphalt threading our cities together. When someone wants to get-out-of-town, they follow one of those corridors to its remote end lost in the forest or the prairie, or the desert or wherever it leads to that is not another city. All of the cities are one city, attached to the wilderness through a few loose threads. No one goes through the wilderness from one city to another. One goes back and forth on the road between the city and the wilderness. The road within the city extends through corridors that have nothing to do with the wilderness except in so far as the latter is background scenery. When the horses are unhitched from the chariots, those chariots shall be essentially useless, likewise their asphalt corridors. Where will be the places that one will go, to and fro? As the corridors become meaningless, the fences will fall into disrepair and irrelevance. Communities finding each other and themselves through trusting relationships shall last forever, and the others are marking the path of mutually assured destruction. Keep a candle burning for your friend in the darkness.
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 Difficulties of practical realization of the civilization projects. Our actions11 comments
29 Jul 2006 @ 15:15, by armos. Communities
The following theme of our discussion - the certain passivity of members NCN and others potentially interested persons in relation to realization concrete of the civilization projects, and also a way of its overcoming. The ways supposing creation at NCN of a financial system of support of civilization innovations, first of all - of projects of members NCN  More >

picture 14 Jul 2006 @ 14:03, by feecor. Communities
First Virtual Congress on World Citizenship and Democratic Global Governance
This is my contribution for the WORLD UNITY DAYS - a discussion site open foe intense discussion for 4 weeks. The site is down, but I can offer my contribution: Dialogues and Conversations- Participation and Moderation/Mediation: Ways and Means towards Re-inventing Democracy and Good-Governance
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 GoldX12 comments
1 Jun 2006 @ 19:09, by b. Communities
This is the height of the mining season in Northern Nevada. Most of the scheduling of leased heavy equipment is over. The claims and properties for the Newciv gold project are centered in the area around the town of Winnemucca, Nevada. The Humboldt River runs through the town of about 8 thousand people.
The main industries in the area are cattle, agriculture and mining. Nevada, known as the Silver State because of the huge deposits found and mined in the 1800’s. Found too were large deposits of gold. Within a fifty mile radius of the town are probably 100 working gold mines which run from small claims working drk stream beds to hard rock digs with rock crushers. The last I heard, one of the biggest mines, the Baron Mine, made a 70 pound “button” of gold every week on its extensive properties.

I have spent a lot of time there in Pershing County in the nineteen eighties and I acquired the rights to a lot of properties in that time period. I promoted, developed various types of gold mines. Along the way I got a real good education in the gold mining business so I have kept my eye out for places that worked for the most production done in the easiest way. That way is to find placer gold deposits that are found in gravel or quartz rock in some dry or wet stream beds. This type of rock and earth can be separated by machine or by using water to screen and separate. After the mining process is over and the ores being milled away from the mining site, the mining site can be restored of reformed. The land is reclaimable. Even when doing chemical processes it is possible after the chemical and electric milling is complete the land can be made biodegradable again. So it is possible to take vast wealth from the land and restore it to its former pristine condition. If you know where it is, register your rights to it and know how to mine, mill, smelt the processed ores.

On one property that I favor a lot I have an old mining engineer report that states there are reserve deposits of a half a million ounces of gold in the ground. At five hundred dollars an ounce that is two hundred and fifty million dollars. It would probably take about five years to get all of that and then restore the land to an even better state then it was before. There is room enough and water there for a community of several thousand people. People who could create a model community of a new civilization way of life. Not a utopia but a productive community based on pragmatic actions based in wisdom. I have offered to fund the infrastructure and create pay for members. I must know who is interested in participating. Will you help?

.  More >

 Civilization seems an Illusion.5 comments
14 May 2006 @ 16:29, by swanny. Communities
May 14, 2006

Perhaps once there was a civlization called humanity but
alas no more. We pay lip service to the notion of civilization
but when it comes right down to it... the lines are drawn between "citizenry" and econmics. Mankind therebye has not created now a society or civilizaton but basically has turned the world into one big global "MARKETPLACE". Everything seems parceled and "measured" and "advertized" and sold, and has a value or price or notion of price. Damages. Yet some of the most precious things that defy price have not recieved the support of the materialists. Even though they may indeed be necessities of a sort. The market place does not recognize or pay for them because in a sense it doesn't have to. The value of nature, art, music, health have all been turned it to commodities of sorts and disected and anaylized and even faith seems at times to have become a commodity.

So this talk of a new civilization is moot.
What we need is a "NEW MARKET PLACE" ..... the dominant factor as even law can be bought it seems, witness celebrity justice or microsoft monopolyness with their deep pockets. It seems it is the depth of the pocket then that determines justice now.... and maybe thats the way it has to be or if not then it might be addressed by looking honestly at the market place and perhaps giving it some semblance of "conscience". A conscienscious and responsible market place has now to be formed.
The new "Green Market Place".... we cannot have a new civilization therefore with out first changing the market place. Because people despite what they say and do.... vote with their dollars. A store may be unethical it seems to its workers and the environment but no ones seems to care if at the end of the day it has the lowest price. Quality costs though and you do tend to get what you pay for and it you want to live in a junk yard then don't buy green because caring and peace, nature, true art and harmony costs. They have value though we tend to disregard that in favor of expediency and the short term.

I don't know ...

What have I said...

nothing you perhaps didn't already know.

but that if we want a new civ though we will have to pay for it and make it pay too and still to leave room for the priceless.

EdJonas  More >

 NCN: Should It Be Worker Owned? or is it already?12 comments
picture3 May 2006 @ 19:49, by jazzolog. Communities
The flowers in the breeze are swaying, swaying,
The whole world is out a-Maying.

---Genevieve Mary Irons

Somehow---I [Jakuso Kwong] didn't drop it---the teacup, a temple treasure, dropped itself. You know how those things go? You're positive you didn't drop it, but somehow the teacup left the table. And I missed it and it fell on the floor and broke! And I felt SO bad. And then Katagiri Roshi went, "Oh ooooooh." And the Suzuki Roshi went "ooooooh, ooooooh, ooooh, ooh, oh." Then my mind started working. I could glue it back together! But Suzuki Roshi came over and we picked up the pieces. And he took the pieces and he stuffed them into the garbage so deep that even my mind couldn't get to them.

---"Dropped" Zen

All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.

---James Thurber

Messenger photos by John Halley
Slicing and wrapping bread at Crumb’s Bakery in Athens are, from left, Jeroch Carlson, Jen Strecker and Lisa Trocchia- Balkits. The bakery is marking its 20th year as a worker- owned business.

Our Webmaster, Flemming Funch, tries to make clear that each Log is "owned" by the member who sets it up and writes here. I thought maybe this was some kind of legal device to divert libel lawsuits or something---which probably wouldn't hold up in court---but I think people here really are interested in ownership and money exchange and what that all means. The meaning and value of work, which is the root of it all, doesn't get discussed so much. I send Ming money at least once a year, which I consider a kind of rent...but actually is a contribution for the upkeep of the site. I pay other sites too for maintaining what I create there. Seems like a fair exchange---and there's no (visible) government intervention or regulation. But should NCN take the next step?  More >

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