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 cosmology-vedas-interlinks-and-knowledge-expansion-cosmological Index1 comment
picture28 Apr 2016 @ 17:25, by sreevatsa. Education
sub: Cosmology vedas Knowledge Expansion-Links up Cosmos- multi-universe
This Book covers two sections: Hinducosmolgy in Consonance with Modern Cosmology, key talk by author 2007,Tirupathi Conference,and Divine knowledge and knowledge Expansion Inter-links. Search beyond the present domains of knowledge for comprehension and function of the Universe as part of Cosmos. A neutral approach of Data in Nature helps to evolve new models that form interlinks Universe, mult-Universe and Cosmos with scale-up beyond 10^9 LY. projections and Divine images help Cosmologists, Astronomers, particle physics groups beyond milky-way. The origins are distinct to interpret Space Data and evolve new techniques.Cosmic universe is complete energy.out of the northern part emerged a lower Southern Cosmos and the present observational universe is an envelope emerged out of this southern cosmos.Cosmology- Myth or Science-knowledge base must be made self-evident to develop cosmos Quest- Rishi Vision with a spirit of dedication and respect ancient texts and revelations.Divine images carry energy and power.
Cosmology Definition, Divine Cosmic Function, cosmic Consciousness, cosmological index, Paradigm shift, Hindu Cosmology, Sristi Stithi Laya, Cause-Effect, Divine Vedic Knowledge, Ancient Texts, Cosmology Primer, Multi- Universe, Cosmos, Prime Concepts, Mahat Tatvam  More >

29 Jun 2010 @ 02:35, by erlefrayne. Education
While the rugs under our feet our changing, the old context of large classes (class sizes of 100-250) are still in vogue in many universities worldwide. Some other universities that may have abolished them in the past, are re-instituting the large class platform.  More >

 Spilling The Beans..8 comments
picture9 Jun 2010 @ 18:31, by jobrown. Education
I've explained how spirit manifests and so you're probably wondering why your life doesn't look the way you want it to. Simple - you've been creating in unconsciously and still are. There is so much misinformation in your subconscious programs imbedded since your conception and deepening with each year of your life.
Everything you were told was anything, everything presented to you for consideration has all been part of someone else's fantasy. Oh well, they didn't know either and operated their whole life the same way you have been - in the dark, mistaking shadows for the truth.  More >

 Third Week8 comments
picture22 Dec 2008 @ 05:55, by koravya. Education
We got a tight little group in our Tuesday night Comp One. There’s no place to hide.
We got eighteen seats for sixteen writers and one referee. I am enforcing the rules of good English usage and expression. I am also urging them to be creative.  More >

 The L Word – part two and a half (baked)14 comments
picture22 Nov 2008 @ 23:39, by Unknown. Education

Get rid of the Federal Department of Education! Aren't your children and their future worth the effort?

The onion couldn’t make up stuff like this, if it tried to.

 More >

 Catherine4 comments
picture28 Aug 2008 @ 05:12, by koravya. Education
August 27, 2008
Looking through the window into nothing but the absolute nighttime darkness.  More >

 Final Exams77 comments
picture22 Aug 2008 @ 05:21, by koravya. Education
Final exams week at the Ecole Technique.
These are the last two weeks of the summer quarter at school. The finals have to be given, so emotions are running high all over the school, as students are finalizing their knowledge into a coherent statement. I read composition essays. I read peoples’ stories. They talk about what they believe in, and what they think about what is right and what is wrong about a lot of things.  More >

4 Apr 2008 @ 13:12, by erlefrayne. Education

As articulated in earlier articles by me, institutions torment the ‘free spirits’ or souls with ‘individuated minds’. Institutions were designed for the ‘mass mind’ people, for the harbingers of the ‘folkspirit’ or folkgeist. I’d say from my own experience that current education is inadequate for the former, for gifted children and most especially for ‘star seed’ children.

As a young man of Age 22, Erle Frayne Argonza can be described as possessing a ‘conqueror’s psyche’. Barely starting in his work as a community development assistant, he was already very bullish in meteorically rising to top leadership and executive roles. At that age, he envisioned his entry to the presidential palace as an executive in the future, 25 years hence (at age 46 he did become a bureau director in the presidential palace).

Compare that young adult Erle to the boy Erle of preschool and school days. It was a stark contrast, to be sure. This tot was shy, melancholic, and was deeply communicating with his own inner self or detached from the crowd. He went through a traumatic childhood, and he with the ‘gifted mind’ and ‘star seed’ went through a process that, to his surprise, was undergone too by other ‘star seeds’.  More >

 Welcome to the ratrace.3 comments
3 Apr 2008 @ 20:25, by democritus. Education
I'm 17 now, just about to take my A-levels. I do well, I get into the university I want, get a degree, get a job. Welcome to the rest of my life.
I was at a party recently. Kids with dyed hair and catchy tshirt slogans. What are they going to be doing in 10 years? Most of them, I think, will be sat at a desk, thinking back to those good times, wondering where everything changed. And you say 'Well they have the choice to do something different.'  More >

 Horizon5 comments
picture13 Feb 2008 @ 08:36, by koravya. Education
Has it been nice to live with a cozy little live fireplace through a winter! Getting on to mid-February now, and at this latitude and elevation in a river valley flowing through a desert, there’s still some cold nights ahead, but fewer than are behind us. Midwinter is gone.  More >

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