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picture22 Nov 2008 @ 23:39, by Unknown

Get rid of the Federal Department of Education! Aren't your children and their future worth the effort?

The onion couldn’t make up stuff like this, if it tried to.

Riveting article by "Devvy, The Dynamite Redhead," here:

The horror stories continue to abound regarding the state of America's public school system. We have heard it for almost four decades. It's a joke to even imply it's an education system. An education in civics has all but disappeared. America's children are not being taught our proper form of government. They are being brainwashed into believing America is a democracy. Nor are they being taught the history of this Republic. Instead, the time is consumed with classes preaching Islam and Allah.
The government's indoctrination centers have become nothing more than "mother state" instead of teacher. Dispensaries handing out psychotropic drugs (Ritalin, Prozac) and free advice on how to obtain an abortion without parental notification. Constant propaganda passed off as education to embrace communism, homosexuality and turn in your parents for killing a bug in the back yard. Feed 'em, medicate 'em and shove perversion down their throats from kindergarten on up.
America cannot survive one more generation (considered 30 years) of millions of dumbed down zombies coming out of the government school system. The people can get rid of the Federal Department of Education. Where there's a will, there is a way. People just have to want something bad enough to make the sacrifice to go after it. Aren't your children and their future worth the effort?

Devvy Kidd is the founder and director of POWER, Project On Winning Economic Reform. She ran for Congress in California’s 2nd congressional district in 1994 as an American Independent Party nominee, receiving 15,619 votes (7.27%), and in the1996 closed Republican primary, receiving 13,107 votes (15.50%). Kidd left the GOP after this primary. She supports the Constitution Party.

Both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party agree on the need for a federal government that operates strictly within constitutional limits. Additionally, the CP and the LP are very close on issues like foreign policy, Second Amendment rights, economic policy and health care. But they do differ on a number of issues, such as open borders and legalized drugs, both of which the Constitution Party strongly oppose.

Andrew Davis, from "The Party of Principles," here, tells us how they "often get emails at Libertarian Party headquarters asking what exactly are the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party."

"The confusion is understandable," Davis says, "On the surface, the LP and the CP appear to be quite similar."


Don’t be!

This is for you: Libertarian Party vs. Constitution Party.

Now, you know!

There, that ought to educate those who claim that a LP vs. CP definition simply doesn't matter and that things simply can’t change just so long as people keep casting their vote with the "Libertarian Party" or the "Constitution Party."

Is our children learning yet?

This article is part two and a half (baked) of an on-going investigation into the alternate dimension of the L World. The first article in the series, "The L Word," is accessible here.

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23 Nov 2008 @ 05:17 by vaxen : I guess...
I'd be classified as a libertarian leaning SOB. Devvy sides with the CP. Thus??? ;)  

23 Nov 2008 @ 05:17 by vaxen : I have...
no children nor do I want any...not ever! As for whether or not the lie that is, and was, America should survive? Or if the children of this country and their future are worth any effort at all? I no longer care, not one iota. There was a time, however, that I did care...

"All wars are fought over religious beliefs, inflaming the passions of the peoples belief systems; effectively creating the momentum to carry forth the hearts desire to die for cause without justification. Who bothers to look behind the veil of illusion? What and Who is behind the "religious wars?" In most cases, you can just follow the money trail. Fanaticism is DEPENDENT upon men and women who are either too stupid or too ignorant to see or hear anything other than the rhetoric that they are bombarded with. The groups such as The Taliban need these types of people in order to succeed in their plans for total domination. It is nothing so simple as "brainwashing," it is First Cause…establish a religious fervor based upon the survival of only the true believers. It is at that point that the "feeding frenzy," becomes a normal way of life. These true believers are most willing and able and sometimes beg for the "honor" of giving their physical lives up to protect and expand their religious beliefs. These people become "robotic," they are "only following orders." There is a vast "people pool" to draw from; an endless well of lunacy."  

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