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picture9 Jun 2010 @ 18:31, by jobrown

I've explained how spirit manifests and so you're probably wondering why your life doesn't look the way you want it to. Simple - you've been creating in unconsciously and still are. There is so much misinformation in your subconscious programs imbedded since your conception and deepening with each year of your life.
Everything you were told was anything, everything presented to you for consideration has all been part of someone else's fantasy. Oh well, they didn't know either and operated their whole life the same way you have been - in the dark, mistaking shadows for the truth.

I didn't come here to be a role model but I did come to play a role, to define by analogy and metaphor how this whole creation is created, stepped down to physical plane manifestation. It's called being an avatar, a dirty job but some are called to do it. I did it by living my life without knowing what I was doing. Only during my awakening was I aware of this step by step process I'd played out symbolically. The details of my awakening don't matter here, this is for you.

I'll try to explain:
The world you currently are experiencing is your 'dinner plate'. It's full of what you've served up by past beliefs, actions and attitudes. You must first clean your plate before a different meal appears. You can start to manifest a more desirable meal while clearing what you have now. This takes understanding and focus on what you'd prefer. Now keep in mind you can never know all conditions involved in manifesting something new. And there are ALWAYS these attendant conditions with every new creation. Surprises! Because ultimately it's not about you having whatever you desire, it's about evolving a consciousness that is capable of co-creating a reality responsibly, willingly accepting all consequences of their creation.

So, start here, now. Look at where you are and embrace it all as what you have dished out for yourself. Even though done unconsciously, it's still yours and yours alone. Ask yourself what beliefs in you created your reality. If you're living in ways you don't like, find the root feelings, beliefs, and change them. Tell yourself a different story - one more to your liking. Also remember, this is about learning who you truly are thru the experience of being a body. Even as your change there will still be challenges. Some maybe even more difficult than what you're faced with now. You're used to the situation of your life now and these will be new and unfamiliar challenges. Many will wish to give up and go back to familiar difficulties rather than surmount the unknown. Some will think they are having a mental breakdown and this is some ways true. Because indeed your old mental tracks must be broken and new ones laid.

At some point you may even see your life as a personification of a greater myth. This is what happened to me. And it's how I understood the story of how we came to be here and what we are doing here and why. Why had been my lifelong question. What's the point of all this? Something as beautiful as a human life (or any other) had to have a reason more than just being for a time, then disappearing again.

Everyone has a profound reason for participating in life. I found mine, now go and find yours.

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9 Jun 2010 @ 18:42 by vaxen : .♥.
Short, sweet, to the point and ... so very right. Thx jo...  

9 Jun 2010 @ 19:37 by jobrown : My dear Vaxen
Right back at you.. ;)  

29 Jan 2015 @ 09:11 by Valeriy @ : plSGOEYkqVgeB
GerberIt is not true that the American System purposely eetlcs people who are less intelligent. The first President was an elite General from Virginia. The Second President was a Lawyer from Massachusetts. The Third and Fourth Presidents were intellectuals from Virginia. In the beginning we elected people based on intellect. Recently, President George W. Bush was insulted for being an idiot, President Barack Obama was elected with people thinking him to be an intellectual. It is not a purposeful occurrence to elect leaders who are not intelligent. In the beginning, leaders were both intelligent and seen to be so. Now, Leaders are just seen as intelligent. However, it is not an intent to elect dumb leaders. It is like the drunk who wakes up with the girl from last night. When he was in the drunkenness of the moment, she was beautiful and amazing, but when he sobers up, she is nothing more then an ugly drunk. The leaders we elect we like to believe are great, but, in the end, merely reflect ourselves. The beginning of this nation consisted of people who were politically intelligent, thus the representatives were likewise. Now, we THINK we are politically intelligent, but in truth, we are the drunk. We elect leaders whom we think are better, but turn out to reflect ourselves. And yet, we do not even think to change who WE are.  

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