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picture28 Aug 2008 @ 05:12, by John Ashbaugh

August 27, 2008
Looking through the window into nothing but the absolute nighttime darkness.

Working with Bernice at school today as she attempts to complete six weeks of accounting work in one week. She worked so hard on her composition course that she had no time for this one. Now that the composition is complete, she can spend all of her time on accounting. Only she needs help. Putting numbers down in front of this girl; you might as well put Chinese characters down. Yesterday was chapter five and today was chapter six and all thirteen chapters are due in four days, plus two projects. We worked a few problems out together but she’s got to be taking care of most of her assignments on her own.
Looking into the new textbook on money and banking, the text for next quarter’s course for my business class of seven. I’ve been teaching this class of seven for the last two years and we’ve been through a few courses together. I’ve had them for Accounting and Financial Analysis and now I am going to lead them into an exploration of the morass. It’s a ten week course, and with the last week reserved for the final, I’ve got nine weeks to help them get a grasp of the complexities described in the textbook, and throw in some additional reading material, and surely the relevant video, The Moneymasters, to provide additional perspective, somewhat alternative to the text, for their consideration.
Some people are shocked and angry by the story told in the film. Some are intellectually amused, another piece of info that doesn’t surprise them a bit. And then there are other thoughtful people who shake their heads in dismay, and say they have a hard time believing it, because it is so contradictory to what they have been led to believe. And some accept that challenge, and give it consideration and even look into it a little bit more because he or she wants to know the truth.
Never taught this course before and will never teach it again. Required material to be covered is extensive and I opened the tome for the first time today. First thing I need to figure out is what they will be required to know. The mid-term and final are written by the corporation. I have those tests right in front of me and I can find exactly which portions of the text need to be emphasized. “Teach to the Test.” There is no reason to expect anyone to learn everything in this book in nine weeks. The author has credentials that reach into the Federal Reserve System and other Wall Street and academic institutions. He’s one of the Advisors. Kinda wonder how a conversation between him and Catherine Austin Fitts would go.
The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008:
An Analysis by Catherine Austin Fitts
(in nine parts)
The Money Masters

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