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19 Feb 2003 @ 13:47, by sindy

The ten vortices of the third chakra may have been indicated in the Spider Web formation that appeared next to Avebury in 1994. This can be a way that a clairvoyant sees the third chakra from the front, with the sub-elements forming the shape. In the middle is the Hara-Line centering the whole crop circle.


A more interesting and awesome formation appeared at Windmill Hill in 1996. It had 194 circles, aligned along three "arms" of a spiral. Figuring one circle for the Hara-Line, this gives just one circle "too many," to match the 192 vortices of the "double" sixth chakra. There are said to be three subtle forces in the sixth chakra that will be united.

Jens did not mention it, but the sixth chakra is depicted with a triangle inside a flower. Note that triangles are suggested in the above formation. If lines are drawn between the three circles near the central circle, a pattern is formed that is similar to the famous Barbury Castle formation of 1991. In the Windmill Hill triple spiral, more triangles can be drawn between sets of three same-sized circles, to form more triangles, all centered around the central circle.

A formation appeared in Washington State in 1996 that had seven circles in a curved line. The seventh circle was very special, having 12 segments of standing crop inside. It is said that the seventh chakra has 960 "white" vortices, and 12 "golden" vortices, for the sum of 972. The circles inside the rings of the formation may signify the Hara-Line, which runs through all the chakras. So, the formation may represent the chakra system of a human being.

In 1996, teardrop shapes appeared next to triangle formations at Roundway Hill (left picture) and Etchilhampton (right picture).

Jens theorizes that the 1990 Cheesefoot Head formation shows what the chakras are doing. There are seven parts to the formation. Chakra numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7 are the more structured ones. They are connected to mind and the matrices and grids which form the aura and the body. Chakras 2, 4 and 6 are connected to the feelings. In the crop formation, these chakras have circles, whereas the others have lines. The exception is the third chakra. According to clairvoyants, the third chakra takes the feelings in and processes them, so that the feelings can be understood by the mind.


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