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picture 15 Feb 2004 @ 23:11, by Marissa A Spencer

Brodgar's Ring

The moon above like hooded eye,
Doth gaze from darkly shrouded sky,
Like sated lover's resting face,
The stones aglow in light's embrace.
'Neath scrolling stars the earth doth sigh
As winged creature's banshee cry.
Daytime leaving naught but traces,
Moonlight illumines hidden places.

Mystic lights 'round Brodgar's Ring,
The faeries come to dance and sing.
Partaking of sweet nectar's boon,
As icy mist forms 'round the moon.
Tiny dancers spin to and fro
Sparkling 'neath the evening glow
Mortal's eyes have never seen
The elfin prince nor faerie queen

She'd dreamt of faeries in her sleep
They beckoned her from slumbers deep
Through the dark the lass wanders near,
Her curiosity transcending fear
She sees the distant leaping lights
And wants to see magic's delights
She nears the stones that loom around
And hears sounds drift from the ground

The place transforms before her eyes
To a sunny place with glowing skies
Colors too bright for rock or flower
Gem filled streets and crystal tower
Trembling in wonder she looks 'round a stone
They turn and see that she is alone
Suddenly shrinking to their actual size
She stands before him, so handsome and wise

He holds out his hands and begs her to dance
Taking his hand with a shy little glance
Dancing so giddy in his warm embrace
She never wants to leave this place
Merriment flows with laughter and singing
Drink was abundant, the music was ringing
Partaking the wine and the happiness there
So lost in the rapture she had not a care

So dizzy she sat and watched them all gladly
Jumping and bounding about almost madly
They toasted her, and praised her great beauty
All her fine graces of goodness and duty
The told her they loved her and kissed her brow fair
And gently brushed and caressed her light hair
Singing so softly she felt herself drifting
Like weightless clouds floating and lifting

Suddenly feeling the cold roughened stone
She woke up to find she was completely alone
Gone in a twinkling and magical shift
Gone to the twilight's ethereal drift
Left to be sung and whispered at night
Ne'er to be told in the brightness of light
She wanders the stones in search of her love
While the moon and the stars mock her above.

Neither man nor woman can comprehend,
How the threads 'tween the worlds do wend.

Marissa A Spencer
(c) May 3, 1999
revised April 1, 2002

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16 Feb 2004 @ 03:10 by jazzolog : So Glad
you started up a Log, skookum...and with what a poem to do it!  

16 Feb 2004 @ 04:10 by spectragon : Brodgar's Ring
Very beautiful, thank you!  

16 Feb 2004 @ 06:51 by swan : Beautiful
and expressive piece. I hope there is more. Welcome to the newslogs.  

16 Feb 2004 @ 06:59 by scotty : Wonderful Imagery !
I wonder if you've ever been lucky enough to visit it - I alas have not even although I lived in Scotland for most of my life !
Here's a {}  

16 Feb 2004 @ 10:07 by shawa : Hi!
Welcome and Thanks for a very beautiful moment! :-)  

16 Feb 2004 @ 10:45 by bushman : :}
I've known her for years, she's got some great stuff, looking forward to seeing more. :}  

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