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picture 1 Mar 2005 @ 07:15, by Marissa A Spencer

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A Haunting for Rent

By Marissa A Spencer

The details of this ghost story are a bit hard to comprehend. It doesn’t fall under the typical haunting I have read about.

I will try my best to recount what my mother told me. If my memory is hazy on some things, but the events of the weird goings on are true.

The late 1930’s and early 1940’s were pretty tough times, so when my father and mother were looking for a place to rent they couldn’t pass up the great deal. It was a cute cottage in Southern California. My father was down there during WWII. He was a machinist and worked in the military factories down there. I can only assume to help train etc…weapon making of some kind. My father and mother’s brothers were all in uniform. My father served with his talents to aid the effort, but never was in military.

The house, my mother said was worth a great deal more than they were charged. What good fortune, they thought. I have a feeling though that my mother was sensitive enough to sense something was not quite right. For one thing there was a closet in their bedroom that behaved oddly. It had one of those single bulbs that lent light to it. She started to notice that the light would be on when she had thought she had turned it off. Most of us kind of ignore such things as being forgetfulness, or someone else’s error. The door might be open or closed, but she would not have recalled doing it herself. I can almost see her quizzical look as she looked about for signs of something amiss.

One night, she was sleeping and was awakened by something. No doubt a cold frisson washed over her as she gazed at the foot of her bed. Her Celtic roots were strong and her sense of the unworldly was quite active. If it is possible to feel evil, she felt it. The foreboding, the animosity of the energy was frightening. There at the foot of her bed it was. Sometimes it pressed her legs down so she couldn’t move. Always, it was inexplicable. Now, what do you suppose it was? Was it the figure of a man, or woman? Was it some hideous creature from hell’s depths? Perhaps it was. What can be more puzzling and mind bending than seeing a physician’s coat, glowing a ghostly white hovering at her feet?

My mother never was a heavy sleeper. Well, she never was when I knew her years later. Maybe this experience is why. The terror of being pinned down unable to move her legs by some disembodied medical coat is bound to make you a bit wary of going to sleep. Did she rouse my father? I get the feeling he was a deep sleeper. I think she did finally rouse him at least once, for I recall her saying that he also saw this shocking apparition. This was not an isolated incident. She saw it several times and she felt the malevolence. I have a feeling they started to wonder why it had to be them. She battled it with her will as long as she could, but I imagine she was quite happy to move to humbler, and less crowded quarters.

© February 28, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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1 Mar 2005 @ 12:52 by sprtskr : ghost stories
that was a cool ghost story. i bet alot of people have stories to tell on that subject. I even think you have more to tell...hmmmm  

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