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15 Oct 2004 @ 17:59, by Craig Lang

Over the last two years or so, we have had a running remote-viewong experiment (and general free discussion) going on in the group "PSI, Parapsychology and Field Consciousness". During that time, we have had people come and go from the group - basically in three waves: the original founders, those who came in during the first year, and a shift of members about 8 to 12 months ago. And during the two years the group has been in operation, I believe that we have learned some very interesting things.

Currently, the membership is at a minimum as several people have recently left the group, due to it's current quiescence. So I would like to ask past and present members of the PSI room about what they see as the future of the room. I would also like their views on how the results we have collected should be reported, etc.

Furthermore, I would like to put some questions out to the NCN populace at large, and get feedback on them. Specifically I would like to learn the degree of future interest, and what - if any - changes we should make in the direction we have taken.

In the last two years I have noted that the room has tended to go through periods of intensive activity, and periods of quiescence. This generally corresponds to the degree with which members (primarily myself) have had other time commitments. But we have pretty much kept the remote veiwing experiment going, which has been the core of the group.

In the last several months, I have had an increasing commitment in other areas of life:
- the day job is heating up, with a project approaching a critical milestome.
- Continuing work on several book projects
- Going to school - studying creative writing
- MUFON - the skies over Minnesota have been heating up...
- The addition of two new four-footed family members

As a result, the time I have had to dedicate to NCN in general, and the PSI room in particular has greatly decreased. The PSI room activity has thus settled to a minimum. The message I take from this is that the RV experiments may have reached a logical conclusion. Thus, I pose to the members (present, past and future) the question of what is the desired future of the room. Below, I suggest some options, but other ideas are very welcome as well.

Option 1) Allow the room to remain quiescent until the day-job project I am working on, and the school semester finish. I estimate that this aggregate of busy-ness should begin to slack off some time this winter. I can then resume as moderator if so desired.

Option 2) Continue the PSI room with a different moderator. I will remain a member, but step aside to allow others to be more active.

Option 3) Discontinue the PSI room altogether - and leave the room extant but dormant indefinitely. This would also imply that we would crunch the data (though it is quite subjective) into some results that we can publish on NCN.

Option 4) Shut down the PSI room completely (with possible data crunching before we do). Ming has indicated that he can close down a room if so requested.

Option 5) Other ideas that I haven't thought of but that others might have...

I am open to views, observatioins and suggestions - and to whatever options past and present (and future) members of the group might offer. You can reply by comment to this posting, by NCN message or by e-mail. I am very interested in your thoughts.


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15 Oct 2004 @ 22:02 by skookum : I remember doing a bit of
RV.. but was accused of seeing thru the eyes of the moderator lol

so he said I was cheating ahhahaha

and yes... I was pretty close  

15 Oct 2004 @ 23:17 by martha : Let me think about it craig
and I'll get back to you since I've been in the room since the beginning. My thoughts seem to be involved with the election presently. Sometimes I wish I didn't have such strong views on the issues and could just be a wallflower.

Yes, I know the feeling... :-)
My sense is that that is quite prevalent, as most of the PSI room members also have pretty strong political views.
Whenever you're ready, I'm all ears - oops, that was a different debate/electon... :-)

16 Oct 2004 @ 17:22 by bushman : Hmm
lol, right MM, a wallflower, is usualy the one, that one finds the best nectars in. I'll have to think about if there is some direction to take what I've learned so far with the group, so many to take. Maybe in a way I'd like to see if we could somehow use what we learned about the collective conciousness, I'd like to find out if we could find places not on the map, places that hold clues to our past, in an acheological way. Or use what we learned, to find solutions to world hunger problems etc..., by influancing decissions of world leaders, lol. I know the connections in the sea of conciousness, permiate the entire universe and maybe even every dimention. Like we know in the material way, we can rearange the living room, it dosnt fix a water leak in the pipes behind the walls. So I could see that what we have learned could be applyed to changing the reality, so that the problems solve them selve's, because if people see reality different even for a momment in time, just one word could change that persons entire reality as well as permanently affect that persons future. So maybe I would say we should work on trying to manifest something in a way that changes the future, but in such a way that it does no harm to anyone or any living thing. lol, skook, it is cheeting when you are RVing something material in a peticular place, and you look at it thru the persons eyes that placed the object there in the first place, it isn't however, cheeting if that person that placed the object is a criminal/murderer. :}  

16 Oct 2004 @ 17:24 by ming : PSI room
Is what happened in the PSI Room anything that can be summarized here? I mean, has it been discussion, did you do experiments, etc?  

16 Oct 2004 @ 17:38 by martha : Yes Ming
we did many remote viewing experiments in the psi room for nearly two years. Some of the results were quite interesting.

Bushman- I do agree with your assessment of somehow using what we have learned to create a future to help others. I have glimpses of the future (like you do) and realize the laws of probability are in play. It is an odd experieince to know what will happen with a friend the next day or see the larger view of humanity. Sometimes I have to shrug off the heavy weight I feel as i see how easily people are manipulated and the path they follow and of course realizing it is their path not mine. Except that all of us are caught up in this power play.
I do know that the more one allows their spirit to expand, the more information one can recieve through the six sense that everyone has. I also know the quieter a life I lead the more information floods me. I'm writing a log right now about one such experience but have found it difficult because so many emotions are tied up with the experience.  

16 Oct 2004 @ 17:52 by swan : I was one of the original members too,
but I didn't stay too long as I had a lot going on at that time. I am very interested in the subject and have often thought it would be great to hear a summery of the results. Could the group do that, Craig?  

16 Oct 2004 @ 19:18 by skookum : well..
bushy... guess I am not cut out to do RV am I then lol  

16 Oct 2004 @ 21:51 by martha : Marissa
What do you mean by "well..bushy... guess I am not cut out to do RV am I then lol "?
I don't understand your comment.  

16 Oct 2004 @ 22:00 by bushman : Hmm, skook,
I think everyone is "cut out to RV", I also see that intuition is a subconcious form of RVing. I mean, there is no set way to RV, although some techniqui's work better than others for different people, some days your hot, other day your not. Also things play out different when people have given permission to see thru each others eyes as compared to just spying on someone you dont know. For that you have to have a target or should have a target. And intuision works by a target presenting itself to you. For me the hardest thing to do or practice doing is trying to find the target and then staying focused enough to get details of that target. But practice is what makes it easy to the point of trusting your own intuitsions enough as to not second guess or over anilize the target that has presented itself. I just think it's a different matter to see the object in the mind of the placer of the object, than it is to RV the accual object. :}  

16 Oct 2004 @ 22:37 by martha : given permission
Yes trust is the key in the experiments, both trusting one's impressions and also a bond of trust between the participants so everyone feels comfortable. While one can certainly RV someone you don't trust that is different from what we were trying to accomplish. We came together as a group, trusting each other to be honest and forthright. We also gave each other permission to RV each other. This lead to some interesting results like seeing images around the RV object or sometimes simply picking up the emotion that might have been felt by the sender.  

16 Oct 2004 @ 22:40 by vibrani : RV room
Craig, I think the rv room was a good experiment and many times we were picking up on the object in our own way - we did pretty well, but there is one thing that I found made a difference. For some reason, I felt that your energy (because you are the room's host) had a lot to do with whether or not we did well. If your energy wasn't in it, it was like a dead room. I felt that the energy and interest were leaving the place and therefore it was harder to be a unit or individual zeroing in on something. The cohesion wasn't there anymore. And maybe that shouldn't matter when doing an rv because it's an individual experience, but we were in a group and doing it as a group, therefore we had to have something that kept us together. When we were more interactive we did better, don't you think? I felt it might have done better if you had time to be there on a more regular basis, with less time in-between messages. I think lapsing time=energy draining out. We all have our schedules and live in different time zones, and sometimes people were away for work or vacation, and some people are here more often than others, and that does also shift the energy - so we did the best we could given the circumstances. I also got the feeling that recently you were losing interest and were too busy, so I lost interest. I would like to keep doing the rv, maybe with some new techniques, but it is a room that would need more interaction, and maybe some guidance, on a regular basis. Thanks.  

16 Oct 2004 @ 22:49 by scotty : Nora !!
I think you absolutely hit the head on the nail !!
At first it was hmmm quite intense and exciting (like a fun but actually quite serious game ) and sometimes it was just 'empty' !!
I must admit I began to lose interest and in the end trying to connect was more trouble(for me that is) than it was worth - so I decided that other things were more important for me and invested my time elswhere !

Criag - I enjoyed my experiance there enormously - it was sometimes uncanny just how close we got to things !!  

16 Oct 2004 @ 23:44 by bushman : Keeping the ball in play.
I agree, I felt more confident, when the action was quick, and had a regular flow of diolog. At the same time, the experiments were unique in that we were a virtual group, not on the same sceduals, not at the same table eye to eye.  

17 Oct 2004 @ 04:43 by skookum : synergy
varies the experience, being in sync... so to speak

Martha, I was just saying to bushy that I am not talented in that area.

ps.. re permissions to see thru someones eyes etc..I wouldn't intrude psychically on anyone,and I am pretty clueless as to what happens in my head as it is.  

17 Oct 2004 @ 12:29 by jmarc : found it fun and fascinating
while there. Nice group of participants. Stopped because it was going a bit fast for me at the particular time. Felt a need to rush to come up with RVs. Probably should have just taken a break rather than leaving. Also a great way of making people look at my entries, lol.  

17 Oct 2004 @ 19:56 by craiglang : Variations in intensity
Thanx all for your comments, and please feel free to keep them coming...

I think it is interesting that people have viewed me as the nucleus of the the group, though in some ways, I probably did fill the role of founder and moderator. Still, my intent has been for it to be a consensus organization, and that the momentum be there on it's own, independent of me.

You're right Nora - very perceptive comments on the level of intensity. With 20/20 hindsight I can say that I mostly got quite drained and distracted by the sudden uptick in the intensity of my day job, as well as my hypnosis practice. Believe me, it wasn't lack of interest, but simply a matter of not having enough mental energy to apply to all areas of life. I probably spread myself too thin.

Still, it is very hard to keep a high level of intensity going indefinitely. So, one lesson that I take from this is that in conducting experiments - or any similar activity, it is probably best to have an objective, and closure associated with them. One idea might be to do a finite number of runs of experiments - a few rounds, perhaps of RV or similar PSI modality, and then summarize the results. That's one thought, try it on for size. Let me know what you think.

Also, Ming and Swan are right in that it would be very good to come up with a summary of what we have done in the room. I have a few ideas about some ways to do this, but I am open to the best suggestions from others. I would like to hear views from others, first.

Thanx all for your comments. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks... :-)

20 Oct 2004 @ 21:37 by craiglang : Still waiting for comments
Hi All,
Still waiting for comments...  

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