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picture 16 Mar 2005 @ 05:22, by Marissa A Spencer

Miracle Mile or Won Ton Soup Anyone?

Many of us have experienced strange things when we travel.

Members of my reiki group like to go to Mt. Shasta to enjoy the energy and beauty of the area. We live in Sacramento and it is usually around a 5-hour drive. Sometimes there occurs a strange time distortion. One friend of mine left Sacramento to drive up to Mt. Shasta to join other member’s of the group for an overnight stay. They were to go hiking the next day and enjoy the shops in the area. She headed out of Sacramento at a reasonable hour to reach there around 5 or 6 PM that day. She did not stop except for the usual breaks. There were no accidents or slowdowns, far as she could remember she was driving well into the speed limit if not faster. It took here well over 8 hours to arrive there. She said the trip did feel a bit strange, but cannot account for the lost time. Time weirdness has happened to others in the group as well.

I have also heard accounts of some kind of time warp between San Diego and Los Angeles. It appears to take a great deal longer to go one direction than to go back. That also seems to have no logical explanation. I am beginning to think logical explanations aren’t worth the time to worry about them. If I was a great deal smarter I am sure we could go into some amazing discussion of time, relativity and freeways. There was a trip to Sedona, Arizona that had some oddities occur. This is all second hand of course. In listening to their experiences.

I do recall some first hand experiences as well. Many years ago my Mother, brother Clark and myself were headed over Shasta Pass. It is a narrow, two-lane road that is often heavily traveled. We were in our camper on the big truck. My brother was blind in the left eye, but managed not to ever have an accident or major mishap. He had large mirrors on each side and was very cautious. We three could sit in the large front bench seat easily. He was about to pass a car that was sluggish in front of us, and started to move into the left lane. He always signaled and moved carefully. As he was about to enter the left lane, seeing there was no oncoming traffic, some force grabbed his arm and yanked the steering wheel to bring us back into our lane. As if from the air another car zoomed past us at that instant, passing several cars at breakneck speed. There is no way he could have seen that car moving quickly to pass us.

It was not long after that then our back left wheel disengaged itself and went rolling down the hill. Apparently the wheels were recalled shortly after our mishap. We were safe, kept from harm. I believe to this day that there was spiritually guided intervention on our behalf, and that my brother was a very special man. I believe there are angels among us.

I had not thought of a lot of these things for some years. It was 2000 and my next to the oldest son had to have his tonsils and adenoids out. He did not do very well for some time. He was 12 and developed double pneumonia on top of the difficulty swallowing. His tonsils were very large and toxic. He couldn’t eat hardly anything. There is a restaurant about 10 miles away that we go to that makes the best won ton soup. He asked for some so I called and arranged for myself to come with an insulated container to get a large amount of soup for Andrew.

It was a dark and stormy night…(well it WAS!), and the rain was coming down pretty heavily. I drove to the restaurant, urgent to get there so I could get some food into the boy. (He was a very large boy for his age and is now 6’5” and 350 pounds and yes he is going to play high school football this year.) I digress…anyway, I got to the restaurant and Dave the owner got my soup (they still talk of it today). I was heading home, the rain had gotten heavier and there was considerable traffic. I was driving in the second lane and there was a big white van to the left and ahead of me a bit. I didn’t like being in his blind spot so I was about to back away a bit. The car behind me was a bit close and I was unable to really maneuver well. In the lane to the right of me was a car a few lengths back. I started to slowly back off to give myself some safety room when suddenly the white van to my right started to move over. There came over me an odd feeling of suspended time as I watched it move. I was stunned, so tired from being up with a sick child that I my reflexes were slow. In an instant something grabbed the steering wheel and I was immediately in the lane to my right. Somehow there was room for me. The lane was clear at that moment. Just as instantly that I realized I was in the right lane, I was suddenly back in the lane I had come from. The van had moved over and was safely in front of me. Divine intervention? I think so. I believe there are wonders in this world that exist all around us. If I have an angel that walks beside me, it’s more than ok with me.

© March 15, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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16 Mar 2005 @ 20:14 by sprtskr : great stories
I'm willing to bet many people can recall situations similiar to yours. I let my gut instincts tell me when to move into another lane or not. Usually this works out great especially when a car is in my blind spot I start to feel edgy so I wait and sure enough I can see the car. I also have had time slow down until I got to my destination,knowing full well I wasn't going to make it but kept a positive thought I would and I did make on a couple of occasions. Have you ever told yourself to make sure you wake up at a certain time. This has worked many times for me because I can't seem to buy an alarm clock or they stop during that special night I really need it to work.  

17 Mar 2005 @ 04:50 by skookum : There are
serious speculations that there is a real part of our brain that has the ability to pick up on information that eludes our more conscious perceptions. I know this is true and it is more highly developed in our animal friends.

We are all connected...  

18 Mar 2005 @ 18:42 by celestial : Hello, U-2,
Animals with long straight whiskers, like that of a cat, pick up information
much more readily than those without long straight whiskers (people).

If you breathe air and have blood, then you are connected to OTHERS who have the same!  

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