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29 Oct 2004 @ 12:47, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

I have had this general idea about the aftermath of the cold war that somehow there was a system that needed a climate of fear. Seeing the BBC programme The Power of Nightmares clarified my perception.

In order to gain power some people created a system of fear in order to reach their own personal ambitions for power. They will use all their energy in order to get them there.

They will even send people off to die for their political agenda. They would even perform treasonous acts in order to keep political enemies from speaking out.

One sure way to spread their fear around the world is through the most widely used media on this planet. The television.

In a perfect world you would not be scared of walking outside during nighttime or trying to speak out to make your voice heard. But the broadcasts and continued airing of shows and TV series about crime, police and a general distrust ~ between people is essential a part of a system of ~ fear.

A fear that has permeated democracies around the world and continues to keep people in place. This is keeping them from seeing everything from a broader perspective and only focus on the details right before them (Or the details that the newsanchors present to them). Today we all have so many ways of keeping ourselves from reaching our potential due a massive amount of possibilities and information.

You can, if you choose, loan a massive amount of money for material things that in the end will keep you from having a healthy perspective of the choices that stand before you. You can loan so much money that you essential can be bankrupt before the end of the month.

Or you can choose to support one activist group that only focus on 1 single issue in your society. Which in worst case can create an even more unbalanced kind of society - or in best cases can help even out the effects of another activist groups activities.

But the bottom line is that we all kind of suffer from the climate of fear. A climate that for over 50 years has been part of societies around the world.

One prominent spokesman for the climate of fear is Donald Rumsfeld. Other names are Paul Wolfowitz and Karl Rove (Campaign manager for George W Bush).

If you are an American reading this try to just for one evening to turn off your TV from early in the afternoon (2-3 pm). (Maybe even have a full weekend not seeing TV at all.)

And then make your choice on November 2nd.

It´s your choice.

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29 Oct 2004 @ 15:02 by jazzolog : I've Been Hearing
about this series from other sources in Europe and the UK as well. I certainly hope it makes its way over here somehow and soon!  

30 Oct 2004 @ 07:44 by fleer : Grab it on
The 2 episodes up til now are available in divx and realmedia formats at Use the search for `the power of nightmares´
You´ll need Bit torrent to download them. A guide is here

Azureus is one Bit torrent client (requires Java to run).
Original Bit Torrent client is found here:  

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