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picture picture 14 Jun 2004 @ 19:28, by Alana Tobin

Alt Cancer. Com Site

Free download of movie, Know the truth! Movie!

Facts about Cancer Cures Suppression! A Huge Racket and Modern Day Witch Hunt!!!

Many people are putting up with archaic and primitive treatments instead of locating the real cures and support for detoxing and regenerating the body, mind and soul. Most don't even know that they have valid and potent alternative choices towards healing themselves. Many within the medical profession debunk the alternatives and discourage through fear tactics to go the medical route instead! When one is ill and vulnerable, they are so easily swayed by supposed 'experts in the field.'

Those who attack with accusations of quackery, must be stopped from persecuting and prosecuting healers and cures, as this is in truth is the continuation of modern day witch hunts and trials!!!

See previous article in my log Cancer Center Shutdown and Herbalist Jailed

Their Site Reads: An Update!

This is the first major change to our site since September 17, 2003. At this time the criminal defense attorney for Greg Caton, the founder of Alpha Omega Labs, whom many of you knew as "James Carr" (a pseudonym that Greg chose to keep AO separate from his work as the founder of Lumen Foods - also known as, has instructed everyone at Alpha Omega Labs to refrain from discussing the specifics of the case until after Mr. Caton's sentencing hearing in Lafayette, Louisiana on August 24, 2004.

Not only have we had to turn down requests from the media for "our side of the story," but we have had to refrain (and this is the painful part) from giving a full accounting to our customers -- most of whom already know our side of the situation, but have had to share our anguish, as well.

This salve has been known to remove entire tumors from people: Their site reads: Alpha Omega guarantees 100% success in the removal of dermal or epidermal malignant lesions, including basal cell, squamous cell epitheliomas and even melanomas -- regardless of type or size... or the treatment is free and payment is refunded. Cansema Salve Visit this page for Real Testimonies

History! Suppression of Cancer Treatments a Huge Agenda!
To Read more...and to locate book titles about this modern day witch hunt! See this page: Resources page
The World Needs us to come out of the Dark Ages and to educate ourselves so we can together bust through these oppressive conditions (hells) (and conditionings/spells)!


Dr. James Watson won a Nobel Prize for determining the shape of DNA. During the 1970's, he served two years on the National Cancer Advisory Board. In 1975, he was asked about the National Cancer Program. He declared, 'It's a bunch of shit.'

In 1953, a United States Senate Investigation reported that a conspiracy existed to suppress effective cancer treatments. The Senator in charge of the investigation conveniently died. The investigation was halted. It was neither the first nor the last of a number of strange deaths involving people in positions to do damage to those running the nation's cancer program.

In 1964, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spent millions of dollars to stop an alternative cancer treatment which had cured hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer patients according to documented records. It was later disclosed that the FDA had falsified the testimony of witnesses. The FDA lost the court case because the jury found the defendants innocent and recommended that the substance be objectively evaluated. It never was. Instead, it was totally suppressed.

In the early 1960's, two New York City doctors, one associated with the leading cancer center in America and the other the medical director of a Brooklyn hospital, decided to inject live cancer cells into 22 unknowing patients. When they were discovered, Dr. Chester M. Southam of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. E.E. Mandel of the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital of Brooklyn were put on "probation" for a year. The three physicians who "blew the whistle" on Dr. Southam and Dr. Mandel were dismissed.
"For many years, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) coordinated their "hit" lists of innovative cancer reseachers who were to be ostracized. One investigative reporter declared the AMA and ACS "for a network of vigilantes prepared to pounce on anyone who promotes a cancer therapy that runs against their substantial prejudices and profits.

In the late 1950's, it was learned that Dr. Henry Welch, head of the FDA's Division of Antibiotics, had secretly received $287,000 from the drug companies he was supposed to regulate. In 1975, an independent government evaluation of the FDA still found massive "conflicts of interest" among the agency's top personnel.

In 1977, an investigative team from the prominent Long Island newspaper Newsday found serious "conflicts of interest" at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In 1986, an organized cover-up of an effective alternative cancer therapy, orchestrated by NCI officials, was revealed during Congressional hearings.

"These examples are only the tip of a huge iceberg. The cancer establishment now has a 50-year history of vast corruption, incompetence and organized suppression of cancer therapies which actually work. Millions of people have suffered terrible torture and death because those in charge took payoffs, played it safe, had closed minds to the innovative, or simply were afraid to do what was obviously and morally right...

Book! Racketeering in Medicine:
The Suppression of Alternatives
by James P. Carter, M.D., Ph.D.
Hampton Roads Publishing, VA - 1992/93

A man with an impressive medical pedigree, Dr. Carter speaks out from his tenured position as head of the Nutrition Section at Tulane University's Department of Applied Health Sciences on everything that's ailing us. Evidence is massive in this monograph to which Dr. Carter refers as his Ghandi-like quest for "Right Against Might." Among the well-presented facts:

*Bona-fide therapies are being disparaged as quackery.
*Health-care givers who offer alternative treatments are being persecuted.
*Government agencies are participating in the harassment of alternative practitioners.
*Drug companies are unduly influencing medical professionals' actions.
*Kangaroo courts are convicting honorable men of trumped-up charges.
*The financial bottom line all too often determines what medicine or treatment is researched, tested and approved.

Book 2: The Medical Mafia:
How to get out of it alive and take back our health & wealth
by Guylaine Lanctôt, M.D. -pronounced Ghee-Lane' Lank-Toe'
Here's The Key, Inc. - 1995

Dr. Lanctôt is a living testimony to the thin veneer that is the West's commitment to freedom of speech. Not long after writing this book (1995) - which strongly advocated treating the whole person and even worse (gasp!) proposed putting more money into preventative and alternative medicines as well as improvement of the environment - she was sued. Indeed, the Canadian medical establishment went after Dr. Lanctôt like a tiger with all claws fully extended. So vicious were the attacks that Joachim Shafer wrote a follow-up book, "The Trials of The Medical Mafia" to document what measures were taken to ensure that Dr. Lanctot would never be able to practice medicine again. (p. 249)

Important link page to view videos - How Healing Becomes a Crime, Free download of movie!


Video page reads: Although we have come a long way since the early formulary work of Harry Hoxsey, every person living in the West who gets cancer - every person related to a cancer patient - every person who wants to know how the multi-billion dollar cancer industry really works, should see this movie at least once.

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15 Jun 2004 @ 00:37 by skookum : not a bit

I have had a feeling that the big business interests control everything.. including whether we live or die. I am glad that things are being brought out into the open.  

15 Jun 2004 @ 03:14 by magical_melody : The video must be temporarily,
unavailable. I will look into it! Thanks Nora.  

15 Jun 2004 @ 11:30 by ov : Debra
was a very good friend of mine, net only but still a very good friend, the only person I've known that died that makes me cry and still does. She was so aware and was such a good sould, knew communications, advertising and how are mind wash mass media works better than anybody I ever knew, and she didn't take any bullshit but was also a very nice person, yup this one had it all and the world lost one of the great ones when she died. That was a couple of months ago.

About two and a half years ago Debra was diagnosed with breast cancer by the doctors. (She thinks that the problem started a long time ago since she grew up downwind of a nuclear weapons plant in Washington St., the one that was later revealed to be the plant where the government intentionaly vented radioactive waste into the air because they wanted to have a satellite imprint of known radiation with which to calibrate the Russian radioactive releases. All in the sake of national security, and of course they didn't tell the people and it only came out much later. Down winders, but I forget the name of the plant)

They went in to remove a little lump in the breast but then when they were in there decided to remove half her lympth nodes as well. This wasn't the final cure. The doctors told her that she had to have chemotherapy and radical surgery. She looked at some other options and then told the doctors that she thought there were better methods. The doctors got hostile, told her that without the chemo she would be dead by Sept 2003, and went into great detail on what an ugly death it would be, and very hostile attitude about the whole thing, I mean she had the gaul to question there wisdom. She found a doctor that worked with vitamin injections and hydrogen peroxide (?) injections, it was some treatment that added oxygen to the body tissue. The tumor in her breast had been growing and got to the size of a softball, most of this occurred prior to finding the alternate doctor and then it took a while for the treatments to have any effect, but they did, and around the summer of 2003 it had reduced in size to smaller than a golf ball, was still shrinking and she was on the way to remission to the complete surprise of her conventional doctors, and they weren't really all that pleased about it she said. Sept rolls around and she was looking really good for a dead woman, mind was sharp has hell and I was in some conferences with her where she was seriously kicking some right wing butt.

So why doesn't this story have a happy ending? I think it could have but there were too many things going against Debra. The biggest one, other than the whole medical system which I'll get to, was the lymph nodes and she stressed over and over that losing them was the biggest mistake, don't cut out the cancer she told me, it simply causes it to disperse throughout the body, and don't cut out the lymph nodes because that is the bodies first defense against the cancer. But even after making the mistake of having those cut out she might have still be allright if she would have been allowed to get some rest. The welfare office told her that she wasn't eligible, she said she had cancer, they told her that if she wasn't sick enough to take chemo she was well enough to work, and between working and raising her daughter and healing it was a real drain. Fortunately she did have subsidized housing but unfortunately some keen clerk found a regulation that said the inside had to be painted every so many years and if she didn't have it done by such and such a date she would have to move out. So on top of everything else the cleaning, painting and not to mention the paint fumes put a real burden on her, but still she managed to survive. For a short while, but it was shortly after this that she got an infection in the breast that they had initally done surgery on and deteriated quickly. She went to the emergency room because she knew she needed to get antibotic drip(?) but she had to wait her turn which turned out to be close to nine hours. It goes without saying that she didn't have medical insurance and was relying on the poor person's version, whatever it is called in New Mexico. Finally there was one doctor that clued into what was happening and asked why she had been kept waiting so long and rushed her to treatment. The docotors that had known her were grumbling about how they were even helping her at all since she hadn't wanted to take their advice in the first place. Their attitude was that since she didn't take the knife and chemo she shouldn't have any of their help, even if the infection was something that was seperate from the cancer.

Debra put up a good fight, but in the end it was just too much for her. If all she had to deal with was the cancer she might have been all right, but it seemed that the whole system conspired to make it as difficult for her as possible. When she finally did die I think the doctors were happier than a half year earlier, on her designated death day, when it looked like she was on her way to remission. She didn't have to die and it makes me cry. I usually only cry when I'm very happy, tears of joy sort of thing, except in Debra's case and then I curse and foul thoughts run through my mind and there is no joy. In our society the only way to fight these bastards is to just not get sick in the first place.  

15 Jun 2004 @ 12:04 by spiritseek : My story
I now believe if I hadn't had it removed I too could of had it dissolve through other treatments. Removing it opened up a whole can of worms, the infection was gettin worse after 6 weeks of antibiotics that did nothing to help. IN time the infection would of killed me. They took many lymphnodes out that now my left arm is quit numb, I message it and got some feeling back. Their methods are wrong, hideous poisons injected to kill cancer as well as good cells is too dangerous of a cure for me. Damaging vital organs and ruining your immune system, wake up people can't you see the damage the treatment alone causes. Radiation would burn a hole into my lungs had I done them, its 8000x's the strength of a normal chest xray, doesn't that sound dangerous to you? I hear people speak about their chemo and radiation or their loved ones and they had wished they hadn't done it. Unless you read both sides very carefully you can't see the problem in this chemotherapy or radiationtherapy treatment.  

15 Jun 2004 @ 18:44 by magical_melody : Ov, Marie and Nora,
Thanks to you all for sharing what you have. I am specially touched by you Ov, and how difficult it must have been and continues to be, for you to not only have lost a good friend, but to recount this story and feel the profound sense of powerlessness and anger that goes along with it. It is so sad to see the oppressive nature of people who are ignorant and angry because of their own unacknowledged pain. I find that the judgement and the anger often comes in defense, because deep down, they know that they alone are not God. Many Docs often play as though they were though. Same with Priests, and Professors, and...

Many of the professions out there continue to be lost in the patriachal (mind) model of control/power over, along with the style of their treatment and protocols, rather than empowering the person (the patient, the church member, and the student), etc. Remnants of old traditions and systems often die hard as do the methods by which they practice. Again, how much pain and loss need there be before people wake up?

I feel for your loss Ov and how powerless Debra and those around her must have felt with all the oppressiveness of her life circumstance. I feel that God purposefully put you there OV to witness this experience and perhaps through your voice or writing, there will come healing for yourself and others.

Yes removing body parts and lymph nodes is so destructive, and when people do not realize other options are available and are scared into do this or die assaults, it hardly leaves room for one to really think straight much less do the best thing. I believe in most cases, cancer patients are not aware of the really effective options, because the system is set up to ensure this. That is what this article is really about, suppression. Cancer treatments within the medical model may lengthen a person's life, but at what cost? And the losses of body parts and quality of life, and... and what of the healing process that caused the cancer?

Marie, I am touched by your sharings as well, and I appreciate your courage and that you are doing all the research you can about this topic as it has so directly impacted your health and your life. It is sad to know that they took out many of your lymph-nodes, and were you advised of any other real options regards this choice? What are you doing for follow-up now? Your story is important Marie, and I encourage you to share it with others who are pushed into a corner regards these choices.

Our communities need our voices, regards this and other topics impacting the quality of all of our lives, so that this racket and the death oriented, survival models throughout our subsequent cultures, can be replaced with life oriented (humane) practices and thrival conditions!!  

16 Jun 2004 @ 21:27 by magical_melody : The Movie Link Now Works!!!!!
If you click on the movie link above it is now accessible!! Important information and people telling you how it really is and was!!!

For over 40 years in the US, Hoxsey helped to cure thousands of people. People do not need chemo and radiation and to be cut to pieces! This is a continuing myth and crime! Talk about death oriented treatments! Hoxsey was labeled as the worst quack in medical history, and suffered continuous incarceration - he was the focus of such wrath from the medical 'high priests.' Yet, he cured people for many years despite continual persecution and harassment!

A meeting took place where Hoxey demonstrated the treatment formula and its success in treating cancers. An AMA physician offered to buy the rights to Hoxsey's formula. Hoxsey stated only under the condition that no-one be turned away for lack of funds, a promise made to his father, that this remedy must be kept in reach to everyone. He declined to give the docs the formula because they demanded that they be at choice to make as much money as they wanted. Dr. Morris Fishbein and the AMA denied there ever was a meeting and the scientific proofs, and then the real battle started.

Hoxsey sued and won his case against the AMA. Because the testimonies of many patients helped to verify success! Morris Fishbein finally admitted in court that the medicine actually cured people! Then the federal government and FDA came after Hoxsey!

View this movie to find out more...  

16 Jun 2004 @ 23:17 by maxtobin : Much more info needed for a Healthy Life
**It just proves when cancer seeks a body to penetrate, it doesn't matter how healthy you are or how unhealthy you are. It just seeps in and there's nothing you can do." ***

I would have to say this is simply not true, cancer cells will not survive in an oxygen rich environment. Nor will they survive if the alkalinity of the body is put into appropriate balance. In fact most all degenerate disease is the result of the build up of acidic toxic waste in the cells and interstitial spaces. Even the most healthy of diets (and a healthy diet certainly would not include recreational drugs) will have this same phenomena occurring, it is the result of normal cellular metabolism. A "healthy" human body would get a great variety of exercise and lots of fresh spring water (and no chemical soup from agricultural, household or industrial process) in the course of a given day and this would ensure that the lymph system worked to take away these toxins. Take away exercise and fresh raw organic food (including sun ripened fruits) and "enjoy" the civilized western diet (add a healthy (???) amount of frustration and unresolved anger and see the inevitable decline in health and the dreaded cancers and diabetes will simply "seep" in. We are, in our civilized western world, suffering from an incredible "malnutrition" and this is not confined to our food alone!!! A rich diet of "information" which is extremely detrimental to the health and well being of sovereign humanity is just as impacting on the health as is the denatured preserved food stuff that forms the basic diet for the bulk of "civilized" humanity. The many degenerative and immuno diseases are the collective bodies way of telling us that something is seriously wrong with our way of life.

Much research has been conducted on human longevity and there seems to be a common thread, this led to the Japanese (remember that post war they were unable to spend money on weapons so invested in health instead) developing the Water Ionizer as a way of addressing this very issue.

Sang Wang (the original inventor of the modem) has developed his anti ageing theories following his dramatic health turnaround as a result of using these alkaline water machines. It forms the basis of a powerful healing process that we use to assist persons with often severe and debilitating disease. We are discerningly critical of the FDA and the AMA as they are responsible for a massively toxic diet which has many unneeded side effects (one of which is premature death).  

17 Jun 2004 @ 00:09 by magical_melody : It's been going on far too long now...
Do the research: and act as inspired, {link:|Fishbein and more barriers to real healing} The AMA, which started out as a legitimate organization, rapidly became crooked. And Fishbein was the main cause.

The worst of Fishbein's sins was his destruction of Royal Rife. Royal Raymond Rife!  

17 Jun 2004 @ 06:19 by spiritseek : thanks Alana
the truth of dis-eases need to be out there for the public, too many are dieing because they just don't know the truth. All to often we give away our power to those who should have our best interests at heart but rather suck us dry of money and health. To think some doctors know what their doing to their patients and watch them sometimes slowly die, how monstrous.

One of my favorite sites  

17 Jun 2004 @ 06:28 by spiritseek : Important to know
Hundreds of people make the wrong decisions because they were expecting their tumor to disappear. ( This is one of the things you have to know.) When it shrinks down that's it, start rejoicing and continue on your natural regimen. Do not stop eating the seeds. The tumor doesn't disappear. Most doctors will still see a tumor and continue to give a person chemotherapy (until they're dead) in attempts to make it disappear. Malignant (cancerous) tumors are only a small percent cancer and when the cancer part starts dying off, the tumor only shrinks down the percent that the tumor was cancerous. In other words, if a kidney tumor is 10 percent cancerous the tumor will shrink down only 10 percent.  

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