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picture21 Nov 2002 @ 22:06, by John Ashbaugh

Another Image from ancient Gotland.
A cross section of the sphere of Life.
Beneath the surface of water,
All Aquatic Life.
Above the surface, the Global Forest,
And all that Lives within the sea of Air.
The roots of the Tree reach into the water,
With an echo on the far right
Tying the Land to the Water.

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22 Nov 2002 @ 02:02 by ashanti : Heritage
These pictures are gorgeous, thank you. They evoke memories of what lies deep within all of us, our heritage, and show how much they still apply today. You are right, there is nothing "new" about what we have known all along. I love your log!  

4 Dec 2002 @ 23:01 by koravya : Appreciation
I am grateful for the opportunity to publish these pictures on this website,
and I am especially grateful for the personal response they have evoked.  

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