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picture28 Jan 2003 @ 22:26, by John Ashbaugh

What we know as the American continents
are known as the twin turtles to the Native culture.
Globalizing the concept into the four turtles
of Eurasia including the Australian extension,
Africa, North Ollin and South Ollin,
the four quadrants of the Aztec calendar
each contain four circles.
In three of the quadrants, the arrangement is symmetrical,
while in the fourth, that of South Ollin,
the arrangement is asymmetrical.
All of this is just a meditation on
the nature of developing a consciousness
of the essential characteristics of the
design of the Aztec calendar stone.

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29 Jan 2003 @ 13:28 by sevenLamb @ : Turtles...
The turtle is no 'mere symbol', nor is it 'mythic' or mere's not merely 'an animal' either. The turtle is a riddle, so important and so central to the gifts of our planet, and even our minds, that no one I've met or heard speak has even begun the incredibly rewarding task of revealing the powers and relavence of this 'lifeForm' in our lineages - cognitive, historical, evolutionary, and even linguistic...  

4 Feb 2003 @ 00:06 by koravya : Wonderful
The Link is marvelous and will bear multiple visits.
The Turtle has long been one of my spirit guides.  

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