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picture4 Feb 2003 @ 00:08, by John Ashbaugh

The Great Inland Sea of North Ollin.
Below are the faces in profile
Of the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness,
Face to Face,
Obsidian knife tongue to obsidian knife tongue.
Interpret that as you please.
Speak words of Wisdom,
For my Life and Ours
Depends upon the Truth of our speech.
Each twin emerges from the mouth of a serpent,
The serpent of time as reflected in the movements of our planets,
Meeting tail to tail, at the keystone date, thirteen reed.
*_*_*_ _*_*_*
From my days in Madison, Wisconsin,
I recall visiting the pyramid earth mounds
At a place the western settlers called Aztalan,
For the people who had occupied the place had long gone,
And the mounds were reminiscent of the Mexican pyramids.
_*_*_* *_*_*_

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1 comment

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