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picture7 Jun 2004 @ 14:47, by John Ashbaugh

I first bumped into NewCiv.Org some two years ago on May 25, 2002, and hit the join button, having only the vaguest idea of what a newsblog is, or could be, or how such a thing functions. I bounced around inside for a month, making comments and engaging in exchanges, and finally got around to starting my own newslog on July 2. Decided to publish from a series of poems I had concocted during the previous several years, and Shawa (then Shakti-ma) and I did a collaboration in which the accompanying image for each poem was one of her collages or watercolors. It was a lot of fun, and quite refreshing to see my familiar words alongside Shawa’s sensitive and insightful visual creations

That whole series of sixty pages was done by November first. Then on November 12, I started publishing my series of sixty-one drawings, one at a time, no time line in mind, and that took almost seventeen months, the last in the series being posted on April 3.
I threw in some words of explanation alongside many of those images, although as originally conceived, the series of drawings is presented without accompanying words, as a visual poem. The series of poetic fragments and the series of pictures are parallel volumes, but not on a page-by-page basis.
I’ve been very pleased to be able to share this material with people whom I could get a sense for knowing through the NCN communication system. It’s been a real enriching experience meeting people here and engaging in various dialogues over various serious issues and artistic enlightenments, and the information generated through this site continues to be my most important source for perspective on the state of our world.
All of that being said, I’ve been pining for and thinking about how to get a web site going with my verse and pictures all up in one place. Then last weekend, I noticed this possible resource that’s been sitting in front of my face for I don’t know how long, a build-your-own webspace for dummies facility provided by my ISP. I started clicking some buttons, and lo-and-behold, it started falling together, and almost like presto, within a couple of days it was there. The whole line of verse and the whole series of pictures are together like they need to be.
So for those who have read and seen the whole series piece by piece during the last two years, and for those who have joined more recently, here is the whole set the way I originally designed it. Ultimately, these books are dedicated to every living person on this Earth. For today, during the time of the Venus Transit, it is dedicated to my brothers and sisters, and all my relations, at NCN.


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7 Jun 2004 @ 15:04 by swanny : Wow..... wonderful
Most impressive artwork good sir
Very nice
They have a resemblance of sorts
to Navajo Sand Paintings
athough they are more intricate.....
Are these traditional designs
mixed with modern colors?


7 Jun 2004 @ 15:29 by swan : Fabulous, John,
I know you have wanted to do this for a long time and it is exciting to see it finally happened. Next thing you know, you will be living in Taos :-)  

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