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 Laughter of Kids and a Tapestry of Hope1 comment
picture3 Nov 2002 @ 18:54, by Craig Lang

Yesterday, as I was working outside my house, I got to meet and chat with our new neighbors. This family, who moved into our neighborhood only a few months ago, are immigrants from Southeast Asia. These folks are some of the nicest people you will ever meet - a delight to know.

Since I have not yet learned much of their language, my communication with the older family members has been somewhat sparse. But yesterday as I was working, the kids came over to talk with me and play in our yard. They are a delightful lot - aged 2 to 10 - and talkative as the dickens. They alternated between english with me, and their family's language to eachother. But their laughs and smiles were universal.

I thought to myself how adaptable these folks must be. I can only guess what their life experiences must have been, a collective life path which eventually brought them to the house next door.

The family living on the other side of us has several kids of their own. Since our driveway and sidewalk have quite a bit of space, we often let the kids from both families rollerblade and play games there. The kids from these two families - from such different backgrounds - get along as if their families had been together for generations. Their world cares little for the differences that adults notice. All they cared about was laughing and playing.

I realized that the biggest light of all, and the greatest hope for the future, are children like these. As kids from such diverse backgrounds grow up, they bring the threads of human history together. As they play together they are unknowingly weaving a tapestry of understanding and peace.

I believe that this is how humanity will heal the wounds of war. With their big eyes, big smiles and wonderful imaginations, to me these kids represent the future of Earth. They are the hope of humanity.

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1 comment

7 Nov 2002 @ 07:38 by spiritseek : Tapestry
Thank you for submiting a positive outlook on life. Children shall lead us.  

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