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 Finding Our Way Home2 comments
picture 16 Apr 2003 @ 21:11, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Somerset Man wakes up in old home
"A man has been escorted home by police after waking up in a house he had lived in years before."
But wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to our old homes, and find the comfort, capture the essence of a place of safety? We are always trying to find safety in a world that isn't safe today, but was it ever safe yesterday? To find a benevolent Mother who makes us hot chocolate, and we have all the time in the world to dream of creating better tomorrows?....

(And, it's not at the expense of another's home being blown away?)

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17 Apr 2003 @ 15:14 by ming : Home
I used to have this recurring lucid dream that I was looking for my own bed. I would drive around on streets, find a house that looked vaguely familiar, walk in and fall asleep (in the dream), only to be woken up a little later when I realized it was actually somebody else's bed, and I couldn't sleep there. And I would wander around, trying beds in all sorts of houses, and none of them seemed to be one I could just safely stay in. I'm sure that means something or the other, heheh.  

17 Apr 2003 @ 18:33 by nemue : Lovely Desire....
I love your desire and yes we all cherish the thought of mothers - hot chocolate - warm fires and hugs. However the man in the story was drunk - funny but sad..  

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