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6 Nov 2007 @ 10:41, by swanny

A Modern Parable

It was on around 1963. I was around 7 years old walking with a similar aged neighbour to the mall of the day. As we approached the drugstore,
I happened to look down and to the left on the ground lay a twenty dollar bill, sitting still in the windless day. With great excitement,
I exclaimed my find out loud, where upon the neighbour looked down, strode forward, picked the bill up and confidently put it in his pocket.
The story or lesson would have ended there perhaps but later in the day I, feeling somewhat cheated or confused sought to approach an authority
on the matter, so went to the neighbours house and explained the situation to the acquaintances parents. I was calmly shown the
door and told something to the effect of "Get a Life".
Alrighty then so what does such a lesson or what could such a lesson teach. "Every human for themselves" perhaps or "Possession 10/10ths of the Law"
or "We're all in this alone". Yes perhaps but I suppose I found such lessons somewhat counterintuitive and zero sum gameish and despite the
rude awakening still maintain perhaps a some what modified Golden Rule approach. I suppose I realized that my acquaintance was not particularly
fair quality company and perhaps refrained from acquaintancing simply because why hang around those who are unbent to sharing, as perhaps
I suppose I stubbornly still insisted that we have a duty somewhat to share despite the fact that our fellows are somewhat ingratious and undeserving.
To share in the bounties and lessons and yes misfortunes perhaps of this world as I share this with you now.
Now I realize I may be alone in this philosophy or in its actual practice as many espose such but fail to act and by sharing thus mark myself as a fool perhaps
but well I put it out there as it were to see what the court of the spirit will do with it. And I suppose it is the court of the spirit that has the final say.
Is there any mutual profit in this tale for the benefit of the perhaps the future? Perhaps and perhaps not. We take our chances I suppose with the winds of fortune.

A. G. Jonas
(c) 2007
Nov. 6, 2007

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7 Nov 2007 @ 15:38 by jmarc : Age 12
My foster bro, now long passed into the great beyond, are walking to the hardware store to buy corks to use as bobbers to go catfishing with. He looks down into a grate covered storm drain, and spots a twenty. He points it out, and we stand there trying to figure how to get at it. I came up with the idea of using a piece of Hubba Bubba Bubble gum and a stick to retrieve it. The idea works, we split the twenty, and both buy more bobbers than we thought we'd get, plus some hooks, and later, a pack of marlboros each. We had a pretty good summer.
We used to tell our parents we were going to camp out on the lawn, and when we saw their bedroom light go out, we'd book it down to the local fishing hole, and catch some cat fish.

Found another 20, by myself on a cold winters day when I went for a long walk, looking for some adventure, in my mid twenties.
I was by myself that day, so I kept it and probably bought some m7uch needed food that night.

Your friend, if he'd shared, would probably had much more fun, I think.  

7 Nov 2007 @ 20:17 by swanny : My point exactly
well couldn't have said it better Jm
if you can't share good fortune then whats the point of it.

carry on


10 Nov 2007 @ 09:58 by jazzolog : I Had The Same Thing Happen
around the same age. My father and I were in a flower shop, and I spotted a twenty dollar bill on the floor. I showed it to Dad and he offered me the option to turn it in at the front desk. Wanting to be a "good boy" that's what I did. I left my name and phone number in case no one claimed it.

When my father told the story to relatives, he made a joke out of it saying the clerk promised to call me if the money could be mine---as the clerk smugly put the bill in his own wallet. I still feel cheated all around about that incident.  

10 Nov 2007 @ 12:34 by swanny : Yea money
Yea money is a odd thing...
still don't always grasp the concept.  

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