New Civilization News: The Real face of love .....    
 The Real face of love .....
picture 2 Jun 2004 @ 05:51, by Scotty one that stays humble and discreet !

G'morning all !
only just after 7am and it is HOT !
One of my next door neighbours Emma ( not the hen-killer!) is an absolute doll!
This morning her gardener started work at 6.15am - now Emma is very able bodied - as is her daughter and son in law - they don't need a gardener !
But Emma knows that this old guy doesn't have any money and she wants to help him out - so rather than make him a 'charity case' she pays him to cut the grass and sweep up the leaves, there are never too many leaves 'cos she sweeps them up herself a day or two before he is due to arrive !LOL!
I know too that she drives round to his house a couple of days a week and asks him to 'help her out' by accepting the 'excess' of food that she had filling up her fridge !

She's always looking for 'discreet' ways to lend a helping hand or just simply make someone feel good - whether it's collecting clothes to give to people or simply just giving her presence and listening to someone who's lonely she does it all with the same vitality and joy !
She's always smiling - she wanders about humming quietly to herself all day long - she's an ACE !

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