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31 Jan 2005 @ 20:55, by Craig Lang

I just got done reading the article "A Death in New York by Peter Levenda" on Whitley Strieber's website, about the death of Nicole duFresne. I had briefly read about the death earlier, in the morning paper, but I had no idea that she was associated with writing which was related to CIA mind control experiments, etc. Apparently the circumstances of the "robbery attempt" associated with her death are quite strange.

So does Nicole duFresne join the growing ranks of those who have died working to pierce the veil? Does she join John Mack, Eugene Mallove, Sherry Adamak, etc... in the interlife, as one who left us all too early - and perhaps for all the wrong reasons? And is there a hidden danger facing those who dare to ask the wrong questions?

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31 Jan 2005 @ 21:16 by vibrani : Craig
I can't speak for everyone there, but Mack's death was caused by a drunk driver in an area that is known for its high accident rate.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 21:31 by craiglang : Indeed - you are correct
I just find it interesting.
John Mack died when hit by a drunk driver.
Sheri Adamak and Steven Schiff both died of melanoma.
Eugene Mallove was killed during a breakin of his flat.
And a number of others over the years have committed suicide (?).
etc. etc. etc...

None seem to be connected - all seem to be independent of eachother. Taken in isolation, each seems to be non-extraordinary. Yet, taken in aggregate one wonders. There are no coincidences.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 22:46 by vibrani : I guess
people can find a weirdness or conspiracy in anything, Craig. I don't feel one here that applies to all of them. Everyone dies from something - a break in, diseases, suicide, accidents with cars, and so on. I find the suicides more interesting, though.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 22:47 by bushman : Staged.
Ok, so this drunk drive drove over the side walk and hit Mack. Seems that if you wanted to take someone out with out raising eyebrows in the public. The drunk will only get manslaughter , right? I mean if whoever it is that would want these people dead, had something worse on the drunk guy, a deal could be struck, go get drunk and run this guy over, and do the manslauter time, and we wont tell anyone about the guy you murdered in cold blood. It's posable this is whats happening. I mean how did that Mr Web guy shoot himself in the head 2 times with a revolver? Cops are in on it too, they work directly with the judicial system, and its corrupt as hell. I dont know, looks pretty fishy to me.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:06 by craiglang : Nora,
I would agree with you, and perhaps you are indeed correct.
However, they generally seem to be untimely deaths - too young, too healthy, etc...
Each one may be explainable in itself - its only in aggregate that they raise eyebrows...

Not saying that they all were foul play, just that the coincidence is extremely interesting.
The statistics suggest that being a researcher into the anomalous seems to have a degree of danger to it.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:08 by vibrani : How do you give someone
Melanoma, Craig? To quote Maxwell Smart: Would you believe that two people were injected with cancer, intentionally?  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:09 by craiglang : They were apparently healthy
before they contracted it.
Steven Schiff, Steven Greer and Sherry Adamak all contracted it at approximately the same time. My understanding was that this was approximately the six months following a conference which all three attended - and conferred.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:13 by vibrani : Like energies?
If you feel there was a plot against them, to infect them with cancer, how would you go about finding that out and proving it? Craig, weren't there other people at that conference?  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:24 by craiglang : Sure
there were lots of folks there. But that is where all of the pricipals were "conveniently" congregated. Not sure if any others got sick, but that's an interesting question.

My understanding is that, prior to that point, none had any health problems - at least none that are commonly known.

Also, this is primarily what I've read from a number of sources - mostly associated with the Disclosure Project. This all occurred about the time of Project Starlight, which was the early stages of the disclosure effort. Greer and Adamak seemed to be tweaking some pretty sensitive noses.

Personally, I don't know what to think. But it all seems a bit spooky to me. Of course, it would be nearly impossible to prove. Also, I suspect that there are plenty of ways in which a person could be exposed to some svere carcinogen - or a biological agent. I don't have that much understanding of the microbiology involved, though.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:30 by vibrani : I think it might be
of value, if you're interested in looking more into this, to see who else got cancer after being at that event. Like people considered heavies - maybe more than these three? There are many people involved in this and they're still around.  

31 Jan 2005 @ 23:33 by craiglang : The Statistics
would be very interesting - to compare various "negative event" rates of anomaly researchers with that of the general population.  

1 Feb 2005 @ 01:06 by vaxen : Palingenesis:
Dear Craig:
"Any fascist revolution is doomed to fail since it is the outstanding example of a palingenetic or regenerationist modern political movement with a small constituency seeking to operate as the exclusive truth system for the whole of a pluralistic society. When such an ideology becomes the basis of a regime it leads inevitably to systematic inhumanity and TOTALITARIANISM."

and for your further "enlightenment:"  

1 Feb 2005 @ 16:00 by craiglang : Again
my comment about discernment.
From reading your links [fascinating, by the way], it looks like the whole Nazi/Fascist dogma is essentially a seduction by the dark side. I see it as the difference between "occult" and "spirituality" - or between "black magic" and "psychic abilities".

Perhaps it is also an example of what happens when one worships power over unconditional love, service to self over service to God.  

2 Feb 2005 @ 04:37 by bushman : Hmm
UFO guy dies of cancer.

2 Feb 2005 @ 21:51 by vibrani : Craig
excellent comment, in my opinion, of the dark and light, black magic and psychic abilities or true spirituality, self-service over service to others (or being a channel of light).

Bushman, I know a couple of people who died last year from cancer - I guess they didn't know they must have been part of the UFO thing, hunh?  

2 Feb 2005 @ 22:30 by bushman : Don't know
but, there are lots of people into UFO stuff, but the ratios of famose or movers and shakers in the UFO business, seem to have a higher instance of cancers, as compaired with the average UFO persons like ourselves, it's like the bigger the trouble maker the higher the risk. Not just cancer either, its across the board. I'm sure theres other factors, that could somehow increase the risk to people like microbiologist, and disclosure people. Still again the ratio is much higher than just people you know on the street. Whats the stats? 1 in 10 average citizen compaired with maybe 3 in 10 with the trouble makers? Who knows, could just be higher because those people are always looking over thier shoulder for MIB, maybe just a strees issue. :}  

3 Feb 2005 @ 09:03 by vaxen : A few...
more links, Craig, for you if you are truly interested in the ongoing phenomena. There are forces that do wish to enslave human beings on this planet. That cannot be denied and there is a lot of material 'out there' which will delineate, and confirm, just exactly who they are. There is a battle going on here on this planet and only the dullest of cows can fail to miss its' evidence. Knowing who the enemy is is only half the equation. Knowing how to fight them and win is what we are working on. So they may not be of this dimentsion. So they may have a very advanced bioelectromagnetic technology. SO they may be able to wipe out huge factions of the populace. So, we are aware of them and know where they come from and we are not alone in the multidimensional multiverses spread throughout infinity and eternity. Have fun...'We' are 'NOT' alone!

- Brief yourself on three government recognitions that at least electronic anti-personnel technology exists, as these three bulletins can assist when dealing with hostile authorities including psychiatrists who want you to take medications you do not need:

One professional scientific journal also states that voice to skull technology exists - this is the single most important document in support of electronic mind weapon technology to date:

- Unclassified and commercial technology available to anyone these days,
...and the fact that there are no controls on owning or using these devices

- MKULTRA, the REAL story which is FAR MORE than a few hits of LSD and some drugging of patients for hypnosis in Montreal,

CONSTANTLY learn and review facts, over and over, and find ways to get them to above all the public, with some effort to the government and media people as well.
Rehearse your spiel constantly. Keep trying to think of ways to get the story told in fewer, bolder words and phrases.  

3 Feb 2005 @ 16:20 by craiglang : Vax, It looks like
you have done some homework.
Looks like some great bedtime reading... :-)

4 Feb 2005 @ 09:58 by vibrani : That is a long list
and while I don't feel that each and every one's death on that list is suspect, there are several that just don't make sense - accidents? I don't think so, and they need more investigations.  

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