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16 Mar 2004 @ 19:53, by Julie Solheim-Roe

My friend and associate Palden Jenkins in Glastonbury forwarded this to me:
"Just in case you lost your way and need reminding, this is where you are!"


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22 Mar 2004 @ 20:16 by adam (=where@) veda (.dot.) is @ : from the edge of habitable realms
inspired by photo and the blue deep

Someone stole the website?
Or, to misinterpret Nyall almost entirely out of context...
"Every country involved in studying paranormal phenomena has thrown up at least one crank, who has put forward a comprehensive theory of everything. Iceland's contribution to this type was a geologist called Helgi Pjeturss. He published books with weird assertions that discarnate personalities lived on other stars or planets."

So... from the perspective of another planet, here we are on earth.
Are we discarnate people? Probably only by choice or necessity...  

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