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 homeland security threatens imprisonment for allowing sosbee to post11 comments
8 Jan 2005 @ 16:27, by Geral W. Sosbee

The message boards recently deleted most of my posts, but allowed numerous slanderous and vile verbal assaults against me to remain on the boards; I then responded with the statement seen below in paragraph 1 (one). Shortly thereafter homeland security weighed in and sent the moderators of the board into a cowardly retreat as shown in paragraph 2 (two) below. I must therefore conclude that homeland security is ,like the fbi, a fascist arm of the executive branch of government as it capriciously theatens imprisonment for allowing sosbee to post; at the same time those who obey the gestapo dictates of atlanta (the mouse that roared in the article seen below) are quite simply cowards as they surrender our country into the hands of totalitarians and torturers.
------------ ----------------- -------------
1)sosbee writes: To those who post the vile bestial messages in apparent effort to outdo each other's filth of mind, "it's never too late to come over to the side of the angels" (as Barbara Hartwell reminds us), yet don't wait too long , lest you stumble in the final moments (of toying with our Maker) and fall back into the dark abyss of misanthropy where you otherwise make your habitat from cradle to grave.
2)Philosopher (administrator of writes to geral sosbee:
"Hiren Desai"
Joined: 23 Jan 2002
Posts: 497
Location: England
Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 1:46 am Post subject:
Your account has been terminated

This morning, I recieved the following email from the United States Department of Homeland Security. Suspecting that it may be a hoax, I contacted the Department for confirmation. They replied promptly, verifying the email, and stating that "any further delaying tactics will be regarded as an attempt to undermine Homeland Security efforts." I have conferred with the forum staff, and we have concluded that we have no choice but to comply with their instructions.

"Dear Site Administrator,

Under the below provisions of the USAPATRIOT Act (2001) you must forthwith terminate any electronic communications from the source identified as "geral sosbee." Failure to do so may result in prosecution and imprisonment. Furthermore, you must immediately surrender any and all records that could assist the Department in identifying and locating the source, including (but not limited to) IP addresses, Internet Service Provider details and access logs. You have 24 hours to comply, or further action will be taken.

Relevant Sections: Title I Sec. 105; Title II Secs. 201, 202, 206, 210, 214, 215, 220; Title V Sec. 504; Title VIII Secs. 811, 814, 816; Title IX Sec. 901; Title X Sec. 1003.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Atlanta Hayes,
Department of Homeland Security"

geral sosbee writes an administrative note: recent assaults by fbi (now joined in spirit by homeland security ) apparently resuts from my recent resumption of work with Barbara Hartwell (see info on possible murder of Steve Kangas who reported a timeline of cia Barbara Hartwell button on my site).
Also: see March 7, 2005, entry below regarding's moderator apologizing to sosbee.sosbee accepts the apology.
On January 21, 2006, Sosbee sees the following data (in reference to at the site indicated:

Joined: 09 Oct 2005
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Dear all,

I guess this one has been milked as much as is humanly possible.

This ruse was brought to you courtesy of Atlanta Hayes and all other fictional characters created by the ILP Thinktank. Just a bit of fun at geral sosbee's expense.

Thanks for playing!


Sat Nov 19, 2005 1:26 am

minor deity

Joined: 07 Oct 2005
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i hope you realise the true theorists (tm) will never let this one go.

when you earnestly belive you can compensate for lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.

Sat Nov 19, 2005 1:36 am

Joined: 09 Oct 2005
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Yeah you're right, but in some ways it gives me a little bit of evidence against such conspiracy theories. I know 100% that there is no 'conspiracy' here because a friend of mine and I made it up! So people like geral who went on for months on his website about how the FBI/CIA/MCdonalds had banned him from a philosophy website and most probably tapped his phone, just show themselves to be complete and utter fruitcakes.

I'm happy for the theorists to continue their search. I'll even give you Atlanta's email


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8 Jan 2005 @ 18:50 by vaxen : Par for the course...
Thankyou, Geral, for posting this. I doubt that it will mean much to most. I wish there was some way that I could encourage you during these times of onslaught. The Goliath will fall. I'm looking for just the right small stone that will penetrate the thick gargantuan skull of the fascist state.

In the meanwhile lots of love, light and encouragement and freedom to you. Interesting what the cowardly do when they fear someone isn't it? Please keep in touch as it pays to have friends.

It is very obvious, also, that i love philosophy dot com really doesn't and really has no idea whatsoever of what phileo sophia means. Like most of the pedants who 'teach' something that can not be taught. Good luck bro!  

8 Jan 2005 @ 19:04 by jstarrs : All things must change...
...their hearts will, too.  

8 Jan 2005 @ 20:39 by geral sosbee @ : encouraged...
...I am at each grand person I find who cowers not at the feet of the fascist tyrants whose hatred of liberty and contempt of law compel them to deviltries.  

8 Jan 2005 @ 21:24 by skookum : I read
I watch.. I learn..others will too

don't give up hope  

9 Jan 2005 @ 19:48 by geral sosbee @ : homeland security jurisdiction
geral sosbee writes:I just received the following response from a reliable source:It appears the site to which the request from Homeland Security was made is in England. Homeland Security has no jurisdiction in England.
geral sosbee writes : Therefore, possibly ilovephilosophy misrepresents the facts, or was otherwise duped; note: ilovephilosophy tried on a prior occasion to terminate my membership in ilovephilosophy, but other members objected.  

11 Jan 2005 @ 19:33 by vaxen : BrainWaveScience
'Black PR' is an Intelligence tool and so is 'Dead Agenting.' We know how they 'work,' Geral.

"Courage can be summed up an (1) being willing to cause something and (2) going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and all odds. There just doesn't happen to be any such thing as failure."

Wonder if 'Babs' could be encouraged to come to NCN? It would be another outlet for her and perhaps...

"For a group to be 'cause' it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause."

I hope you will check this out Geral:

Drew Richardson, PhD

Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc.
Vice President of Forensic Operations

As an agent of the FBI for 25 years and a scientist in the FBI Laboratory, Dr. Richardson has been involved with numerous major criminal and terrorist investigations, has examined evidence in some 2,000 cases, has conducted and published research, and has testified as an expert witness approximately 100 times in federal, state, local and various international courts.

Dr. Richardson joined Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories as Vice President for Forensic Operations and Senior Forensic Scientist. His responsibilities include investigating crimes, structuring Brain Fingerprinting® tests, counterterrorism applications and working with state, local, and national law enforcement to apply Brain Fingerprinting technology to their forensic investigations.

The specific article about Drew is found at "DrewBio.php" at the above site.
jstarrs turned me on to that interesting little bit of NAZI phantasmagoria.  

11 Jan 2005 @ 22:17 by geral sosbee @ : fbi lab
When I went through the fbi training (including studies in how to submit to the lab) and subsequently dealt with the fbi lab as an agent, I was certain that the lab was and perhaps is now corrupt. For example, all evidence submitted to the lab at the time was required to contain the submitting agent's suspicions and the conclusions that the agent expects the lab to find; this information has not yet come to light because those whistleblowers who are aware of such corruption and who have themselves worked in the lab have settled their claims as whistleblowers (some for millions of dollars); thus, I am skeptical of any former fbi agent who now claims , after 25 years of association with thugs and liars, to be honest and forthright in the analyses. Further, the duty to report fbi fraud rests with those in the lab who witnessed it , or who were in positions to know, yet remained quiet.

The above statement from Richardson presents almost no data to me for determining when he was at the lab and what standards were used by himself and others in connection with protocol for handling specimens.
----------- ------------ ---------------
sosbee writes: Dr. R- tell us about the questionable goings on in the lab, when you were there , and the specific names of the cases that you were involved in.If you have no critical remarks to make about the fbi lab, then tell us that too.
-------------- ---------------------
P.S.:I have no computer and therefore have to use the public library computer, and I am limited as to time and access to a computer; the fbi destroys any computer that I buy.Re : Barbara Hartwell- she is aware of my great respect for and she is free to apply for membership. Thanks again Vaxen for your continued keen interest and work for the cause of Liberty.Best Wishes.geral

Confirmation on March 8, 2005 :FBI Work Challenged, Conviction Negated
AP via Yahoo! News - Mar 08 1:10 AM
An FBI crime lab technique used for decades to match bullets to crimes — and relied on by prosecutors in hundreds of criminal trials — is based on "erroneous scientific foundations," a New Jersey appeals court has ruled.  

11 Jan 2005 @ 23:28 by hgoodgame : You may find
this an interesting link  

13 Jan 2005 @ 19:15 by vaxen : Good for...
Jelaila. However I think tyranny understands one thing alone and that is 'force.' If people are afraid to handle 'force' then there are others around who aren't. Being effect is just that...

Compassion is not wishy washy new age turn the other cheek and forgive these tyrants for they know not what they do! Constant alertness and a willingness to "FIGHT" back is the cost of freedom. I will be compassionate by blowing them away, releasing their spirits to meditate on what they've become.

The Fourth 'Reich' is just that. The Bush NAZI's supported Hitler and without their machinations financial Hitler never would have come to power. The fight is on, for the absolute control of your mind, may the force be with you.  

7 Mar 2005 @ 16:46 by geral sosbee @ :
I just received the following message from

From: "Hiren Desai" Add to Address Book
Subject: I want to help you
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 22:15:57 +0000

Hello Geral,

You may remember me as the forums administrator
from I
must firstly apologise for the way we treated
you. Please understand that
we had no choice in the matter. Although I am
living in England where
Homeland Security has no power, the fact that
ICANN (the Internet's
governing body) is based in the US combined with
the fact that Britain has
an extradition agreement with the US meant that
we had to take the threat

I believe that there has now been a sufficient
"cooling-off period" so that
Homeland Security is no longer monitoring my
communications with you. I
agree with many of the things you say, Geral.
However, I was not able to
express them on a public forum for fear of
prosecution. Your country and
mine are being sold down the river into the hands
of craven torturers and
fascist dictators. we can no longer stand idly
by and let it happen.

I want to help you Geral. I want to join your
cause. Tell me, what can I
do? How can I help you? together, we can fight
the future.

Yours Ever,
Hiren Desai  

5 May 2005 @ 06:35 by Sharon Hilliard @ : the fascist dictatorship of America
I would like to leave the U.S. as soon as possible. I have not received any help whatsoever from the hundreds of people/organizations I have written to. My troubles began in 1998 when I finished my dissertation and left the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to help out my mother in Key West after the death of my father. Over the next two years I received only cryptic messages from the English Department and members of my dissertation committee. I was told that "women who demand the right to their own opinions end up in a place colder than Siberia," that "rebels never get what they claim they want--a teaching job," that I was "overly confident and too opinionated"--all ad hominem attacks having nothing to do with my dissertation or anything else that had ever transpired. My dissertation director went insane. He told me that he could not respond to me becasue he was helping a real student of his deal with his schizophrenic mother. In fact, his own mother was schizophrenic. In December of 1999 he died from a brain aneurysm and the chairwoman of the department ended my academic career, as though I were to blame for the death. In 2000, I wrote to the Louisiana Board of Regents and a dozen professors were fired, but nothing was ever said to me--nothing.
From 1998 until the present, I was repeatedly fired or harassed until I quit various minimum wage jobs. Before 1998, I had never been fired. From 1998 on, I was never hired to perform a middle-class job. Sometimes, I was hired during the interview but never called back and angrily rejected when I called them. I filed discrimination lawsuits with the EEOC that were handled by insane bureaucrats. Since 1998, I have not talked to one member of the managerial/administrative class that I did not regard as completely insane. When I wrote to my senator, Bob Graham, he responded by giving a hysterical press conference in which he stated that terrorists were still lurking inside the U.S. Then he had a heart attack. The ACLU and every group like it has rejected my case.
Beginning in December 2001, black helicopters began flying over my home in rural Arcadia, Florida. For three months, I just waved at them, like an imbecile. I was working at a bookstore (Books-a-Million) then in Port Charlotte. At the bookstore, all of my book orders were cancelled, I was forbidden to touch a computer or discuss books, I was forced to run a register, clean the bathrooms every night, and mop the entire store every Sunday. I quit under extreme pressure in 2002. The bookstore was destroyed in the 2004 hurricane, as was the town of Arcadia.
My next job was delivering pizzas in Arcadia. The harassment was constant. My boss kept in constant contact with the Sheriff's office via police radio. Any incident going on throughout the nation brought about hysterics from my boss. In November of 2002, I was on a delivery when a local police officer attempted to arrest me. I was driving 5 mph behind a black SUV when an Arcadia policeman turned on his siren once. I thought he must be after the SUV, so I honked at the vehicle until it moved on, then I pulled over when there was an open field. The local officer began screaming at me, demanding to know why I had not immediately pulled over. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and completely out-of-control, so I got out of my car to flag down a witness, because I feared for my life. Eventually, I had two other officers there, and the sting operation was over. It was much later that I learned these black SUV's are standard CIA black op crap. Apparently, the cop thought I was one wiley terrorist to honk at the thing until it moved on. I threatened the town with the ACLU, but the predominately Jewish/fascistic organization refused to even consider my case, so I fled. The helicopter surveillance was only a minor part of the problem. White, unmarked patrol cars were constantly staked out around my house. Jeb Bush even flew into Arcadia and Port Charlotte to meet with hysterical rednecks. My place was broken into, etc.
I lived in the St. Petersburg area for the next two years. I was living with people and working at call centers. When the space shuttle incinerated, a black helicopter was flying over my home within half an hour.
Everywhere I lived helicopters passed overhead 3-9 times a day and ominous-looking X marks (chemtrails) appeared in the sky. It was always hell, no matter how many times I moved or changed jobs.
I moved back to Arcadia in February of 2005 to live with my mother and save enough money to emigrate. In March chemtrails began obscuring the skies of this town every Sunday. I was nearly arrested again on March 26th for having an expired tag of six days. My birthday is March 19th, a date which marks the beginning of the war against Iraq and protests against the war as well.
I was also in Sarasota on September 11th 2001 when the selected President was there reading a goat story. I was scheduled to take as postal exam, which was cancelled by hysterical workers in the parking lot.
I have been a Marxist since birth. I cannot help what I am. I actually learned a lot during my time on earth that only brought me back to what I had always been. I have a 600 page book that explains everything in detail. Unforunately, only crap is published by the American/Zionist media, so I will have to emigrate, like all the very best before me, to bypass the censors and get published. Whatever. I can't believe I am still alive and sane after all that has happened to me. I hate America more than anything you can possibly imagine, yet hate does not control me. I am going to get out of this gulag. I am not going to die here, no way. Todd Brendan Fahey was a fellow student of mine at the university of hell. He published the only piece that horrific university ever published of mine, and he was a right wing CIA asset.
The chemtrails cover the sky here every clear day and nearly everyone is sick with horrible respiratory illnesses. Elderly peple are dying. I am fairly sure this is because of me, so I am doing everything possible to leave this country forever. Of course, I know the U.S. controls the world and will do everything possible to make sure I never actually live free, but I want to try. I have never been free for even a second because freedom to me is everything guaranteed in the Constitution, not consumer freedom. There is nothing I want that money can buy. I tried my best here, I really did, but I just don't care anymore. I want out by any means necessary. If the U.S. kills me, I won't stop trying to bring about justice.  

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