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24 Jan 2005 @ 01:43, by Bee

I edited this but most of the links point to on going technolgy created by the major powers to mass control minds and worse trap our souls at body death. A lot of it is disturbing reading because it is so horrible to contemplate
governmet machines issuing waves or rays used to mass manipulate our minds and our very existence here and now and in an afterlife.

Check out the links if you can stomach it. Haarp and GWEN actually exist.

The Pentagon has admitted that the U.S. intelligence agencies called the N.S.A, C.I.A., and Cointelpro has the technology to pick up the private thoughts given by individuals in the vibrations produced by the brains electrical impulses, and that these thoughts can be broadcast via satellites and any other form of technology which uses electromagnetic transfer, i.e. television, radio, the internet, and the telephone. The Pentagon calls this mind reading technology SYNTHETHIC TELEPATHY, although there is nothing paranormal about it. If you don't believe me, then see this internet link:
Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency at [link]
and GWEN: Ground Wave Emergency Network-Powerful Antennae Controlling Humanity, or CONTROL OF HUMANITY:CHEMTRALS, G.W.E.N., H.A.A.R.P in [link]

Another web site devoted to synthetic telepathy and subliminal, subconscious brainwashing, can be found at [link]
Look up under the Google Search Tool Box this heading:
OAK.: New Physics-Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars, or Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars, by Richard Allan Miller,
Search under the Google Search Box with the following heading :
Electrical Impulses of the Brain and Telepathy Radar.
Also, there is an interesting article called "Brain wave technology could change lives: Imagine controlling a computer using only your thoughts." This technology already exists in the civilian economy as a means of playing video games, for example. See this link: [link] The article was written by Robert Bazell, correspondent for NBC News, and was updated at 7:31p.m., December 6, 2004. Another web site concerned with gaining information on the electrical activity of brainwaves, and by means of wireless technology, can be found in the Sunday, 17 November, 2002, 00:41 GMT BBC NEWS World Edition article called Remote control brain sensor, at [link]

There are also particularly disturbing web sites concerning the use of electromagnetic weapons at these addresses: Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control: from CNN’S Special Assignment, about 1985, at [link] ,by Chuck DeCaro, CNN Special Assignments, and 2005 update: The convergence of the cold war history of mind control and electromagnetic weapons with new post cold war government neuroscience research programs, by Cheryl Welsh, Director, Mind Justice, January, 2005, at [link]
The synthetic telepathy operators working for the N.S.A, C.I.A, and F.B.I, should read the minds of near-death experience survivors who have been clinically dead for some time, that is, with no electrochemical brainwave activity and no heartbeat. Some near-death experience survivors, who have had the courage to confess and repent, have told of hellish or hellish-purgatorial like experiences. There are thousands of such accounts all around the world, and most of them have very close similarities. The synthetic telepathy, U
Several physicists have speculated that there is an incredibly small subatomic particle called a tachyon, which can travel faster than the speed of light. If the existence of this particle is confirmed, then it might be possible to actually travel faster than the speed of light. The Superconducting Super Collider [ S.S.C. ] particle accelerator, which was being constructed in Texas until construction stopped because of a funding withdrawal by the U.S. Congress in 1993, would have had the necessary length to accelerate atomic particles to such a high speed that the existence of subatomic particles like tachyons and gravitons would have been probably confirmed in the high energy collisions between atoms traveling at tremendous speeds. Such a form of communications and travel is known as Faster-Than-Light [ FTL ], or superluminal speed. If synthetic telepathy by means of highly advanced, top secret infrasound technology exists within the laboratories of the National Security Agency [ N.S.A. ] headquarters at Fort George Gordon Meade in the U.S. state of Maryland, then it might be possible to transmit information back into the past. For example, an N.S.A. secret agent, using infrasound synthetic telepathy technology, could transmit information to the person or persons in a recording of a once live broadcast, for example, the televised speech which President George Bush senior made when announcing to the American public that the first Iraq-American war of 1991 had begun, in order to liberate Kuwait. Ironically, Kuwait in ancient times was once a part of Mesopotamia or Babylonia, know largely a part of the modern -day nation state of Iraq. See these following web sites:
Faster-than-light, inWikipedia, the free encyclopedia, in [link]
and Speed of light broken with basic lab kit, by Charles Choi, in news service, in [link]

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24 Jan 2005 @ 08:41 by vaxen : Yup...
Thankyou, bee. Of course LRH talks about this very stuff. Oh, it's only sci fi, eh? I've been telling people about this for years, even right here at NCN, but all I get is...

Thanks again.  

24 Jan 2005 @ 09:48 by jstarrs : I guess most of us...
...have been hooked on external objects of desire since birth & have been wandering mind-controlled sex slaves since beginningless time.
Thanks goodness my belief system doesn't posit a soul that can be trapped!!
I'm also a believer in that we 'create our own manadalas' - it seems the scientologists mandala these days is one of living in fear of 'losing their minds & souls' ??
Mind you, I always thought Ron was on the paranoid side...
Thanks for the article, anyway, B....  

24 Jan 2005 @ 19:43 by b : OK then
The governing powers have created this technology and it is real as you have been saying vax.

Jeff, Scientologists are not living in fear. The Scientology technolgy discovered and developed by LRH addresses the Human Spirit directly and with auditing a person learns to control themself and not be the effect of others without agreement. I believe that it is the only spiritual technology on the planet that arms one against evil by curing before prevention.  

24 Jan 2005 @ 19:54 by jstarrs : Thanks B... arm is that I believe that evil is neither inherent nor instrinsic in human nature.
Can you only 'not' be the effect of people that you're in agreement with?
Does that mean all those people you can't 'agree' with will effect you?  

25 Jan 2005 @ 21:01 by b : Man is basicly good
Jeff, Scientology auditing works. Try some, you might like it. Most people do like to be audited.  

25 Jan 2005 @ 23:25 by jstarrs : I'm ok on my path, B... medicine for all doesn't work.
You know that.  

28 Jan 2005 @ 13:50 by b : We are all Human Beings
here on Earth. There is so much to experience and to enjoy. Time is the primary source of aberation, says: LRH  

16 Nov 2005 @ 23:40 by Paul R Bolger @ : Mind and Soul Control
I think your article descibes how political forces are attempting to achieve a unity of a new world order. How can a person defend or combat such a cpver operation with no faces or no names? I gather millions of people have been compromised using these mind control techniques because it is done without consent. Does anyone have any comments?  

17 Nov 2005 @ 12:34 by b : well, Paul
There is an awful lot of information on these subjects on the net and also elsewhere on this site. There are even names and faces to be had with some research. If you have a subjective concern or wish to alliviate others suffering I suggest you also investigate creations of personal body, mind, spirit, armor. As with any sort of suppression the solution is to fight back to avoid succumbing. Tyranny can have many names.  

1 Jan 2007 @ 18:36 by Deidre @ : Victim
They have been testing these weapons on me for 3 years. IT IS TORTURE!! Pure and simple. If you try to tell anyone, it makes you look schizophrenic! Try living life like that!!  

26 Aug 2009 @ 12:15 by RosiTa CHANG @ : With regard to the spirit of arms contro
Dear Sirs:
I know you for the spirit of arms control efforts, so I want to tell you your co-operation or support to assist this work, the pilot only to distinguish the victims of the mentally ill, or chips, are invited to experiment to find one of the victims, their theory you know.
You know in the spirit of arms control efforts, I want you to know I found the crack。
This is my test results over the years, but I also need your help and assistance on human rights and freedoms. The following are my test paranoia, mental illness is the victim of a different point, if the victim is usually relieve the symptoms of the chip.
If you are a victim of mind control weapons, please look closely at the meaning of my text,
Test One:
Please contact with patients with bare ground (not plastic, wood, etc.) the principle of the grounding line as a lightning rod.

If patients do not have to feel the same, please indicate whether patients with reduced noise reduced auditory hallucinations.

If this situation is that the patients are not mentally ill victims of the chip.
Ask him (her) contact me, if not do not have the above-mentioned situation.

Experiment was to test whether you are mentally ill or victims of the chip, when you are a victim of the chip, this method allows you to reduce symptoms of the brain.

When the normal brain when there is abnormal, this method can be used to alleviate the symptoms.

If you have questions ask me a letter from .

The restoration of brain free
Please contact me
This is true
RosiTa chang in Taiwan  

28 Aug 2009 @ 05:00 by b : The collective and the individual
The individual can only unite to increase power to remain free. Only when all individuals are equal will there be no collective that creates an elite. No one is superior. Not governmen or centers of collective power. To be free means to stay free. The price of freedom is eternal vigelence. Move on or Act Up? Tge ubduvudyak ir tge cikkectuve> Freedon and the individual who is not owned by the State. The collective will tax the indivjdha,  

26 Feb 2011 @ 00:11 by SATISH @ : synthetic telepathy

19 Nov 2011 @ 13:25 by DErek snyder @ : victim of cia
please call me at 585 465 9018 on my cell phone i have been a victim of mind control to eh current and have a strong grasp on what they are trying to accomplish i seek vengeance not cash. I believe they have stopped circulation to certain areas of the body especially noticable in the brain using magnetic interference.  

12 Mar 2013 @ 23:15 by Misty Goodrick @ : Victim of Electromagnetic Control
My creative being questioned, I was so numbed as if I was a corps tranced by this overpowering shadow of doubt of control. Am I hearing voices? All these questions clouded my room. I was in jail when I was targeted, not knowing any better I ponded it off as a mental disorder. The voices sounding so distict playing off in my reality. I was haunted by names, my past regrets, the feeling of humiliation, mocked, and played with emotionally. I can't even explain it in detail, but my whole world has been turned upside down. My innosence stripped, being tormented by my past. Crying out to God, clinging to my bible for help. Than the voices presenting blasphemy, internally I may have accepted. Who knows but the man above. With regret I still love the Lord and I can't control the outcome of that. Who would do such a thing, to throw the kingdom of heaven and rape you of that. I'm tired the torment still continues...My life is not a game, I can't emphasize that enough!  

24 Feb 2015 @ 09:47 by @ : I really think that one of the best arti
I really think that one of the best articles is this one. It has everything. I needed this information to prove wrong my teacher. I knew this was happening. But my teacher did not agree with me. Now, he'll know I was right! Thank you!  

6 Mar 2015 @ 05:45 by  @ : I've just decided to create a blog, whic
I've just decided to create a blog, which I have been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for this post, it's really useful!  

23 Mar 2015 @ 11:07 by truckdriverwireless @ : A very good and informative article inde
A very good and informative article indeed . It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge, I really like the way the writer presented his views. I hope to see more informative and useful articles in future.  

20 May 2015 @ 04:51 by Les Graphi Quant @ : Very good stuff with good ideas and conc
Very good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.  

11 Oct 2015 @ 04:48 by John Hall @ : Synthetic Telepathy
I found this interesting article on the world wide web called "Synthetic Telepathy and Thought Broadcasting is Demonic Possession" which can be found using Google Search. It's author claims that those people who have their thoughts and/or feelings broadcast telepathically to other people against their informed consent might be suffering from demonic possession or torment, since those persons who have had a hellish near death experience before being resuscitated back to life from clinical death have reported conversing telepathically with Satan's fallen angels or demons (Revelation 12) during the experience. The New Testament mentions that the demons in possessed persons knew who Jesus Christ was before they met him, with Jesus telling them sharply to be quiet. Jesus Himself also knew what the Sadducees, Pharisees, rabbis, and scribes were secretly thinking, and in heavenly near death experiences God's loyal angels speak telepathically.  

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