New Civilization News: The Strange Circumstances of the Jade Phoenix Medallion    
 The Strange Circumstances of the Jade Phoenix Medallion3 comments
6 Feb 2006 @ 06:58, by Marissa A Spencer

I have no pic yet.


I had been searching for a Jade medallion with a phoenix carved in it for almost six months with no success. I am not sure why I had it so fixed in my mind to have one, but it was just one of those things you know. It was out there waiting for me…somewhere.

The Story:

It was the 4th of July 2004 and our adorable family went on a trip. I call them adorable to try to talk myself into it. We had my husband, my 18-year-old daughter and the two youngest sons with us; ages 12 and 9. We had gone to Rohnert Park north of Santa Rosa to visit the beach and enjoy the fireworks in Petaluma that weekend. We had arrived on a Friday night and Sunday was the 4th. We went to the beach on that Saturday and had a wonderful time. When Sunday came we dutifully went to Petaluma only to discover that they had the fireworks the night before. Crestfallen and woebegone we were almost ready to give up.

I got the bright idea; which was later on not considered very bright; to go to San Francisco for the 4th. We hopped in our car and headed out. We arrived late in the day at Sausalito, which is across the bay. One of our favorite things to do is to travel the ferry across. It is a real hassle to drive in San Francisco and the buses make it easy to commute within the city. The trip over was great and the kids enjoyed it. San Francisco was mild and sunny that afternoon.

We walked along the boardwalk enjoying the street performers and vendors selling things. As we went along I would peruse the merchandise. I just knew somewhere here was my Jade Phoenix medallion. After inspecting what seemed like endless stalls with vendors selling everything from shark teeth to magic supplies we finally got to Ghirardelli Square. If you go up some steps you can get to the front of this imposing building. There were people selling things every few feet, their portable shops only a few feet wide.

Seller after seller lined the street and nothing was seen that was even remotely what I knew I wanted. I gazed up at the endless corridor of sparkling whatnots and doodads. Sighing heavily, I started up that hill looking at each vendor’s wares. In a glance I could size them up. The kids wanted shark teeth necklaces… how charming!

We got them their stuff at a stall almost right smack in front of the chocolate factory. A small jolly looking Asian man ran the stall. He stood there smiling at us. I got the necklaces for the kids and then looked at the cheap stuff he had in front to sell to the less particular buyer. It was absolute junk. Fake Italian picture bracelets and other imitation this or that. Except for the shark teeth necklaces it didn’t look like he had much to offer. That was when I glanced up and looked behind where he was standing. I saw a row of pendants and medallions hanging on a bar in the back of his small cart. I couldn’t see what they were from where I was standing. I went directly past him to the back of his cart and reached out for one. I held it in my hands. It was my Phoenix Medallion. Made of a lovely soft green with a disk above it, tied with fancy knotted black cording. The phoenix is flying and blowing out smoke, on the back is various Chinese astrology and I Ching symbols. I looked at that old smiling face gazing at me and I said, “How much?”

I got it for $20.

After all…it was made for me.

© February 5, 2006 Marissa A Spencer

Just a footnote...

In all the investigation of jewelry online and elsewhere, I have discovered the Yang symbol of the dragon is much more common to find in jewelry. Finding a Yin symbol, the Phoenix, is particularly challenging.

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12 Feb 2006 @ 18:20 by swanny : Movie..
Did you ever see the movie flight of the Phoenix
with jimmy stewart? One of the best movies ever made
I'd say made even more poignant as someone died
in its filming. I like the imagery of it though...
that out of an old dying and dead bird arise a new
smaller though a transfigured and ? one.


13 Feb 2006 @ 05:59 by skookum : The symbolism
of the phoenix is one of an eternal being that is reborn of it's own destruction's ashes. Some cultures have it live for one year, other it's hundreds of years. It is the symbol of the feminine; mystical, dark and unpredictable. Ever the counterpoint to the male symbol; the dragon.

The phoenix has been revered in more cultures than I was aware of.. for centuries.  

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