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 The Presence
picture1 Jun 2004 @ 07:56, by Scotty

( Scotty)


You have been borne into unbounded space and boundless
time -- with an Eternity ahead of you to explore a divine
Infinity. Your nativity is from the Womb of Love. Love
is your Mother, Love is your Father, Love is your
innermost essence.

Loved Ones will winkle out of this life (much as You
winkled in!) & on into the Next One. Their departure
(sometimes so sudden) may leave you in the embrace of
writhing shadows of loss, haunted by torn shreds of
nightmare... As with all other pain, you must GROW
thru it... This is the pain that grows you the furthest
-- if you allow it to -- & thus the Deeper Wisdom of

"Come from the non-appearing things to the completion
of those that are revealed, and She, the effluence of
thought, will reveal to you how the belief in those
things that are not revealed was found in those that
are revealed, those that belong to the Unbegotten
Father. Whoever has an ear to hear, let him hear."

~ Jesus Christ

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